Lucy in the Sky. With Diamonds!

Merbear has a contest, and we’re supposed to take one of the Beatles songs she listed, and make a picture or a story or something.  Well, DJ did some story but it was totes long and probably included something about a kingdom and jesters and queens and flatulent ponies.  I don’t actually know about the flatulent ponies, but I think that actually sounds cool.  He should throw that into his next story.  I would maybe read it then, if I can keep my mind on one thing at a

That wasn't me, it was Squirrel.

That wasn’t me, it was Squirrel.

Anyway, I hast entered yon contest!  I have a picture.  Well, two pictures.  You see, the only Beatles song I recognized out of the ones listed was “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”  But when I first heard it, I thought they were singing “Lucy in Disguise.  With Diamonds.”  It went something like this:

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Something something something add more words here.  A picture tells a thousand words, so that should more than finish off the lyrics to the song.

lucy disguise diamonds

Note that Lucy is wearing a disguise here (she is disguised as the Hamburglar from those old Mcdonald’s commercials.  And she’s with some diamonds.  And blue lines.  I don’t know what they are.  Maybe Lucy is on drugs.  I sort of thought that the Beatles were when they wrote this song.  Then later I learned the real name of the song was “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and it made so much more sense.  So I composed a more accurate drawing.

lucy sky diamondsSee now Lucy is in the sky.  With some diamonds.  And fluffy clouds.  I labeled everything in case you couldn’t figure out what was what.

So what do you think?  I’m wondering how Lucy got in the sky, especially with diamonds.  Did she steal the diamonds and then achieve 0 gravity?  Was Lucy raptured, but got to take along her jewels?  Is Lucy just stoned?  One could look up the song and find out the meaning behind it, but that would take time and Googling, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t already, go check out merbear’s contest.  You’ll be glad you did!

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    1. Thanks, MM! My art skilz are totes awesomesauce, eh?

  1. HAHAHA ! Raptured or soned… killing me here ! =)

    1. I’m glad you liked it! So is Lucy, wherever she is now. I think she’s made it to the outer rim.

  2. You picked the right song :o) They said the song is inspired by Alice in Wonderland :o) The Hamburglar is priceless, I love it! and I think you’re right, Lucy was stoned :o)

    1. Really? By Alice in Wonderland? Was the person smoking the hookah like the Caterpillar? Oh, and the Hamburglar just seemed to fit. I hope ES sees it!

  3. I think Lucy was on the popular hallucinogenic LSD, which maybe explains the song title (urban myth? you decide).

    1. Yes, the song title says it all L- Lucy, S- Sky, – D- Diamonds. Coincidence? I think not.

    2. The Beatles took a lot of heat for the LSD allusion when the song came out.

  4. Actually, my story had a murderous pig… no Jesters or Queens or even flatulent ponies. The pig may have been flatulent, I don’t know. That might explain the rampage though…
    Lucy, in disguise? With Diamonds? You think your silly drawings are going to win? You think Paul is going to take time out of his busy schedule to look at your drawings? Muahahahahahaha, victory is mine!

    1. Ohhh, I guess I’ll have to go back and read it or something. Not. Paul loves me best, because I promoted him when he was being that pervy Holiday Paul. Nanner.

      1. You think he remembers that? So very long ago.

        1. Holiday Paul is omnipotent and um whatever it is that makes you remember stuff, like, forever.

          1. Interesting…
            You aren’t worried that he might take offense to you only recognizing one of the five songs?

  5. I thought it was, “Lucy in the sky, with glasses.” I’m so confused.

    1. You’re thinking of that song by Strawberry Alarm Clock.

      1. Ohhhh…..What a weird name that is.

        1. That I know it doesn’t so much date me as expose what a big nerd I am. Confessing I used to have it on cassette tape dates me.

          1. So you’re the same age as me then, give or take a few years. I used to have quite the cassette collection myself.

      2. Why is the alarm clock strawberry? Does it belong to Strawberry Shortcake?

      3. Any Strawberry Alarm Clock references automatically wins.

    2. Hey, TD . . . know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em.

      1. I know when to drink, and when to stop. Most of the time.

      2. LMFAO

  6. You should listen to William Shatner sing it. The lyrics are clearer because he can’t really sing.

    1. OMG, I remember that record. I couldn’t listen to more than one lyric. Didn’t the Spock guy do one too?

  7. Were you perhaps thinking of this? (Let the ear-bleeding begin!)

  8. The profound ecstasy of your art, coupled with it’s deep commentary on the state of mankind vis-a-vis conceptual dynamicism through the use of metaphor and visualistic imagery moved me to the core of my being.

    (Thanks for labeling the sky. Sometimes I miss stuff while in the orgiastic throws of Art.)

    1. Finally someone who appreciates my genius. I might have to hit up the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or just submit another post to @freshlypressed. They’re gonna love me!

      1. Embed the Bilbo tune and you’re a shoo-in!

  9. OMG, I was totes laughing my ass off here!! I love it Wonder Twin, and so does Paul…I might have to do a bonus winner somehow, there are so many awesome entries!
    Guapo was right, people tweaked when they saw it spelled LSD. The Beatles were like, outraged.

    1. That’s so funny – I just noticed that it spelled out LSD. People will really try to reach when it comes to meanings of things. Like, maybe it’s just a goofy song, lol. I have to see the other entries now . . .

  10. gentlestitches | Reply

    Another great entry! Very “uplifting” to look at. What ever Lucy is “on” or upto she looks like she is having a very fun time.

    1. She does. Good old Lucy. Lucy hangin’ on. Wait, that’s another song.

  11. Hahaha! This is hilarious, cute, and utterly relatable. There are so many songs like this, where I’m not even sure of the real words anymore because I’m so accustomed to singing my misguided interpretations.
    I think that I’d like to be Lucy if my disguise were actually made out of diamonds. OooLaLa!

    1. I could see Lady Gaga do that once her meat costume goes rancid.

  12. I always think if she’s in the sky, then the stars are the diamonds.

    What happened to your booger post? I just tried to go to it from the email notification and it’s no longer there!! I wanted to read it, Miss Alice!!

    1. It isn’t? I’ll look. Oh nooo.

      1. Got the whole “sorry this page can’t be found” thing

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