25 Days of the Gambler

Well, Twindaddy is doing this challenge where you talk about songs and what they meant to you and crap like that.  Or something.  All I know is that it means prompts for like 25 days so everyone cheer.  Oh woot.

My happy message for the day.

My happy message for the day.

I figure I can crank out 25 songs based on that, and every one will be the Gambler.  Know when to hold ’em.  Right, so here are the prompts if you’re stupid enough to play along.

Because I care.

Because I care.

Oh yeah prompts.

Gambler, Gambler, Gambler, Cats in the Cradle, Gambler, If You Like Pina Coladas, Gambler.

Gambler, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Cats in the Cradle, Highway to Hell, Gambler, If You Like Pina Coladas, Gambler.

Go to Twindaddy’s blog for more information. Cause I really can’t be bothered.  Oh, look, another random Grumpy Cat gif.

He has a point.

He has a point.

So get ready for . . . whatever.  If you want to join in for some strange reason, go to his blog and you can get more details that might actually matter.  Here’s another old friend.

I can kick Grumpy Cat's ass.  I'm just too tired today.

I can kick Grumpy Cat’s butt. I’m just too tired today.

There should be some way to end this post . . .

27 responses

  1. Go ahead and post The Gambler all 25 days and watching your following evaporate like a puddle of alcohol in the Sahara.

    And I see your tags, douchemonster. You shall rue that.


    1. My tags are AWESOME. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

      1. You won’t be capable of counting when the “dealin'” is done.

  2. I just did the happy dance. You’re welcome.

    1. At least you know the song I’m talking about. 🙂 Yay this will be fun until we lose our minds. Oh, wait, too late.

      1. We have more mind left than TD, at any rate. 🙂

  3. Whoo hoo…and boo cuz now I have the gambler in my head. Looking forward to seeing your songs.

    1. And bahahaha at the douchemonster tag.

      1. I have like 25 more days of insults heading his way. 🙂

        1. Yay, yay and effin yay.

  4. You can end the post, but you’ve got to know when,/em> to fold it.

    1. Also when to walk away. And when to run. I might have to run soon. Totally worth it.

      1. Just don’t count your money til you do…

  5. Gah! You need to close my botched italic code, or the rest of your comments will be in italics.

    1. Apparently not. Never mind.

      1. You mean my comments haven’t been in italics all this time?

  6. Great prompt idea, but I’d be no good at a daily post challenge. I’m lucky to get a weekly one up. My version would be a list of all 25 songs in one post, with nothing else written. That would require the least amount of work for me. Oops, my laziness is showing…

    1. This idea occurred to me too – 25 in one day. Instead I’ll just try to post something each day. By something I mean it might literally be the word “something” or possibly the words “Kenny Rogers” and nothing else.

  7. hahah today the fish song is in my head, can’t wait till tomorrow when it is gone :o) btw: I agree with Grumpy Cat

    1. One pound fiiiiiiish! Never thought I’d dance to a song about fish. Well, besides the ones in The Little Mermaid.

      1. Under the sea, under the sea
        Darlin’ it’s better down where it’s wetter
        Take it from me……
        great. next day with a fish-song in my head…hahahahaha

  8. Awesome! Its genuinely amazing piece of writing, I have got much
    clear idea concerning from this paragraph.

    1. You got a clear idea? Please enlighten me!

  9. […] if you’ll remember, we’re doing this 25 songs, 25 days challenge – cause no way can any of us make an entire month here – in which we discuss songs.  […]

  10. […] Stealing this challenge from TwinDaddy just sounds like a good thing (Thanks for the idea Alice). […]

  11. Ok, that was a little crazy… I was reading the next post, remembered that you were once shocked that I’ve never heard The Gambler, so I found it on Youtube, turned it on, and then clicked on this post.
    P.S. And no, I’ve never heard it until today – or it’s just a totally forgettable song.

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