Day 4 (just pretend): Highway to Hell

Okay, so I missed yesterday of the Neverending Song Story because of the Mucus from Hell.  If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s making that crap.  I’m sure you’re delighted I filled you in there.

Anyway, I was supposed to list a song that calms me down AND WHY.  Yeah, if there was one, I might have posted yesterday whilst all mellow on my song choice.  But Mellow  Yellow tends to make me twitch, so maybe not.  Instead I will go with my original idea of the comforting little ballad “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC.  Sometimes screaming songs are nice when you need to shout, shout, let it all out.

Hello, welcome to Hell.  Elmo will be your server today.

Hello, welcome to Hell. Elmo will be your server today.

The best thing about this song is the inspirational lyrics.  Observe:

I’m on the highway to hell
On the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I’m on the highway to hell
(highway to hell) I’m on the highway to hell
(highway to hell) highway to hell
(highway to hell) highway to hell
(highway to hell)

If only I could understand what he’s trying to SAY here.  Any guesses?  Oh, and one other reason I love this song.  It’s especially funny when a four-year-old sings it as Thing One once did.  “Hiiiiiwaaaay to Heyelllll!”  Laughter and screaming are the best medicine, are they not?

25 responses

  1. Love! I once gave high school students the assignment to discuss a favorite song like it was a poem. One kid picked Highway To Hell. I’m not one for crushing a kid’s dreams but I was like, “WTF? Seriously?”
    I love loud obnoxious music when I am in need of inspiration.

    1. Oh, yeah. I tried to play music for a college class I was teaching. It was for a description paper. I wanted them to tell me what they thought of when they heard several types of music. They said “It’s old. it sucks.” I was like 22 to their 18 – like, what, my music isn’t THAT old!

  2. Loud and thumping is good when you need to calm down. 😀

    1. Stomping to it is fun too.

  3. That’s one of the BESTEST car driving songs. (except you land in a traffic jam) And loud songs will blow all bad things away and you will be calm and relaxed.

    1. Yet they never play this song in nursing homes. I wonder why? I’d love to see a granny jam to this.

  4. I always think of this motorcycle bar I was at once when I hear this song.

    1. There has to be more of a story behind this.

  5. Oh my gosh! I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

    1. Thanks! I love it when I make people laugh. I mean, on purpose that is.

  6. You’re killing me here… ! haha ! My foxling used to run around when she young singing “papa don’t preach”… blame my sister for that little ditty. =) Hysterical post… thanks for the laughs. =)

    1. Oh yeah, Madonna! Thing One came home from kindergarten singing “I’m not that innocent”. Yes, you are. You are five.

  7. Whenever I hear this song I have a sneaking suspicion it was written solely for me.

    1. Me too. Psst, Alice, guess what road you’re on?

      1. Indeed. Bahaha! We know where you’re going!

        1. At least all our friends will be there. 🙂

          1. I know! I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Funny post! Love AC/DC, probably more to watch than to listen to.

    1. Aren’t they freaks? Love it.

  9. There are definitely some songs written purely to allow you to blow off steam.

    1. Oh, yeah. I need to find more of those and make a playlist.

  10. I used to fall asleep to metal.

    1. You must have been really sleepy.

      1. Actually it helped when I had insomnia.

        1. I am off to play highway to hell for a lullaby.

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