Burning the Rabbit at Both Ends

Just a little note to let you guys know I’m taking a break.  I believe I have a little something known as BURNOUT.  This is why I haven’t gotten to comments, and why I just decided to stop the song challenge.  Also the song challenge was way too long.  I already have some reviews of Game of Thrones done, so maybe I’ll post those?  I dunno.  I’m just all around TIRED – body and brain.  Hope no one else is going through this, but if you are, got any tips?  I can always reserve a seat in my handbasket for ya.


No burning bunnies, but here is a burning squirrel.  Best I can do.

No burning bunnies, but here is a burning squirrel. Best I can do.

15 responses

  1. Everyone needs a break from things, including social media. Rest up and recharge. We’ll be here when you get back. 🙂

  2. Must be something going around – I’m right there with you.

  3. We all need a bit of personal time… no worries, have fun relaxing and re-energizing… =)

    We will be here when you return. =)

  4. I’ll be missing you but thinking of you in a warm part of the warren taking time out to recharge. Be cyper-hugged 🙂

  5. I hear ya sweetie. If I hadn’t done all of those damn song posts on one day and then scheduled them, I never would have done that challenge.

    I hope you get some shit sorted out and start feeling better. You know how to find me if you need me. *hugz*

  6. Needing a break is no reason to commit squirrel arson! That really messes up your fur…

  7. gentlestitches | Reply

    have a great break. 😀

  8. Me tooo!!! So tired I’ve been reduced to asking my readers what I should write about. LAME!! Have a good break, there’s nothing wrong with that x

  9. Sorry you are feeling burned out… Definitely understand feeling tired right now. I hope you find a spark to get you going again, but, in the meantime, enjoy any time off you do take.

  10. Enjoy your break. I’m just coming back from my own burnout break.

    1. There seems to be a lot of that going around. Hi Laura, haven’t seen your smiling avatar in ages!

  11. Get yourself all rested, Alice my sweet. See you when you return! Xx

  12. Get plenty of rest and watch plenty of Disney movies (the ones you haven’t covered).

  13. Rest up. Sabbaticals are good.
    Burn some squirrels.
    Now, that’s funny.

  14. I’m taking some time off from blogging as well. Enjoying my second foray into the world of Skyrim and bunches of garden projects! I’m also getting ready to make a bunch more bird feeders. Meanwhile, I recommend sunshine! 🙂

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