Enter the world of thing2: minecraft obsession

Hello, its thing two here. Mom had fell down last night and wailed right next to my sisters room (and never heard a thing somehow) while i was working my way to the matrix of sleeping.Then i heard a big wail and had a sigh of greif  “gosh darn thing1, not another nightmare of being at grandmas.” i stumbled out of my bunk and fell on the second step to find mom on the floor covered in laundry. She turned out to have a broken toe and fractured wrist,so no typing for her.  So she decided I should write a post today cause of all my 100’s i got in writing. So here it goes.


Ever since my friend had showed me the awesomeness that could happen in a survial game i am now in a objective i like to call “minecraftian slave” i watch minecraft videos every single day. if you don’t know what minecraft is then let me simply explain it to you



minecraft is a real life based game where you have to survive in the wild to live, you can build, craft and mine (duh its called MINEcraft). there are also mobs to avoid such as spiders,zombies,creepers,enderman,skeletons, and also cute animals that roam around and you kill for food and villagers that you can trade.

minecraft is an amazing game advalibile on xbox, pc and tablet that lets just say MOST AWESOME ADICTING GAME EVER X3!!!!!!!!! adventaly i don’t have the game, so i just watch lots of videos here are some minecraft youtubers i watch


2. stampylonghead



5.The diamond minecart

6. Minecraftuniverse

7. team crafted

Do you get it now? just in case RANDOM POPULARMMOS VIDEO ABOUT BLOWING THINGS UP!!!! (link drop!)

24 responses

  1. So, your reward for writing this is your mom is going to buy the game for you?

  2. My daughter is obsessed with minecraft. Thanks for explaining it for me 😉

  3. Hope your mom feels better! 😀

  4. Oh, sorry to hear about your mom’s accident. She’s got enough going on; she doesn’t need that, too. 😦 But you covered well for her!

  5. Hi thing 2. You’re as funny as your mom. Hope she feels better!

  6. So wait, have you actually played the game? Because if not, what if it’s like a Hollywood movie where all the best stuff is in the trailer?

    1. well mabe , i have played the game on my freinds xbox and a guy that is in luv with me (that shares the same taste in minecraft youtubes and starwars and lots more) always lets me play on his tablet. Also the guy that called me princess leia for 4 years lets me play it

      share the fame thing 2 , share the fame

  7. I’m not sure about the killing of cute animals, but otherwise Minecraft sounds dope. I know by using the word “dope” I have inadvertently labeled myself as one of the olds.

  8. I know nothing about Minecraft other than it seems to be a much more advanced version of our beloved Oregon Trail game that was popular when I was a kid. But I’m happy to see the quality of writing on this blog has gone way up! You go, Thing Two!

    1. It’s pretty much Oregon Trail with Lego people.

      Thankfully, you can’t die of Dysentery.

      At least, not with vanilla Minecraft. I’m sure someone has made a mod that lets you add that in, and if they haven’t, someone eventually will.

      1. well they do have a lego mod… and they have a JOHN mod:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVB29qRGjZ0 and the most scaryest one of all …. NICOLAS CAGE!!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgevPbVjHR4

  9. seems minecraft is a game like real life :o) just with more lifes than one…

    1. and you have to worry about food too and you can also wear armor and it would show up on your health bar as long as food. OH AND I FORGOT to add the dimensions in minecraft!

      1. that’s a game for me!

  10. Yay for zombies and cute animals…give your mama a hug for me.

    1. i gave her a hug and now her arm is felling better 🙂 and if you thought that was all with cute animals and zombiez wait till you see a ZOMBIEPIGMAN!! X3

  11. Oh, no, Alice! That sounds even worse than my slipping on wet pavement and kissing it. Hurt my lip and a tooth, but I’m still quite functional.

    Thing Two! This was a nice post, I should say. You’ve got your mom’s humor 🙂

    1. i have to agree, well at least her arm wasn’t like when i scraped my hand while doing parcore at a shoe place, THEN burning my hand on the running microwave and then deciding to cut tomatos for my tortose with a BIG knife 0.o .

      1. Youch…sounds like “fun” stuff…LOL!!! Wow, you do Parkour? Props to you, Thing Two! (This is me trying to sound cool)

  12. Now at last I know what this Minecraft thing is everyone’s always talking about! I’m not sure about the killing of the cute animals though. Can’t you take them home as pets instead?
    I hope your mum gets better soon, but in the mean time, you’re doing a great job filling in for her 🙂

  13. Thing Two, awesome job on the post! Your mom should totally buy Mine craft for you. She might like it too, especially in Creative mode. Though I’m glad Princess Fartypants hasn’t gotten sucked in. Lots of her friends play it too.

    1. thank you, also tell miss”princess fartypants” that i said hi and that my stuffed yoda read the lord of the rings to my freind that i call “kittylonghead” (kitty was the first one to get me upsesed to minecraft

  14. LOL my kid is obsessed with Minecreaft and Stampylonghead. I told him Stampy was at the San Diego Comic Con and he just about clawed my eyes out for not getting us there…yeah….because Comic Con tix are SOOO easy to get…right? HAH!

    1. i would realy love to meet stampy too , i had a freind who got to see skydoesminecraft sing his song “new world” live and got a picture that i helped him draw but it didnt get sinned fROM sky himself but, insted it was sinned by minecraft universe, witch ment TOTAL FAIL or as my freind likes to call it….. the glitch in my server lol

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