Funny Blog Friday (Free Stuff!)

I have just been invited to a bloghop.  I think this might be the equivalent of being invited to a blog prom.  I mean, I don’t (yet) know the other bloggers that well, but one of them said I was funny, and so naturally I agreed to this hop thing, even though I don’t really know what it is.  Like I usually do.

You will see in my sidebar and right below the link to the lady who started this thing, Victoria of the blog Angst, who I think is maybe Satan’s girlfriend.  (Being Satan’s girlfriend would be totally cool – I bet she’d get ALL the good stuff).  Or maybe she just likes wearing devil horns.  Anyway, here is the neat-o badge that she made. I chose the pink one, of course.

On Fridays we wear pink.

On Fridays we wear pink.

So if you click on the link you’ll see my funny blog listed!  On October 31st, we are supposed to write a post and give something away.  You may remember how last time I had a contest I gave away a glitter dunked pony, so I’m sure you are all salivating at the prospect of another of my prizes.

Sparklepony has gone on to marry a Rainbow donkey and have sponkicorns on this blog.  We are all adults here.

It doesn’t get any better than this.  She even found a mate and had little mixed race sparkle-rainbow-pony-donkeys on the winning blog.  No, really.

This year I’ve decided to give away autographed pictures of me, Alice, that the girls and I drew our very selves.  Without glitter, though we could always add this if needed.  Thing One has a great reproduction of Alice she drew just from looking at a picture.  Thing Two drew me as an anime my little pony.  And I drew myself – as Alice – with a 50 shades book in my pocket (what good is a book without any sense?)  These pics will be on real paper that we’ll scan so it will actually look like something besides a flying turtle (unless you prefer the flying turtle).  I’ll show them as soon as they are ready.

Paint art skilz at work

Paint art skilz at work

Did I mention I just spent several minutes doing nothing but unraveling a scarf?

Oh wait, I am supposed to mention a contest for these fab prizes.  Lately my latest obsession seems to be buying Disney dolls for the sole purpose of torturing them with families and jobs and stuff.  It’s a great mother-daughter bonding experience.

Anyway, I want YOU to write me a caption for this picture (created by the Things and me with my Disney crew).  Pictured is Pocahontas talking to Merida from the movie Brave.  If you don’t know who these ladies are (seriously, you don’t know who Pocahontas is?) then Google it.  It might make it funnier.  Or it might be funnier if you have no idea who they are.  Either way, go for it.


I know you guys can come up with twisted, bizarre, er I mean totally Disney friendly captions for this picture.  I’ll post the winning caption with the picture on my Halloweeny post.

This is also your chance to tell me what to write about in my Halloween post.  Let me know in the comments below.  And remember, you gotta put this picture and your caption on your blog and link to ME so that I get hits so all in this hop thing may see your proud work.  Good luck!


10 responses

  1. The first thing that caught my attention as I saw the ping-back come up was that I am the devil’s girlfriend. I love that. It’s true. I’m his mistress. And I DO get all the good stuff. Maybe I should write about that for my post?! hmmm.

  2. Merida: I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.
    Pocahontas: Look, all men exaggerate. He said the fish was this big that he caught, when actually it was probably only two inches. Same with the penis. It’s an ego thing.

    Alice, I hope you’ll forgive me for not linking directly to my own blog on this – I doubt the Sisters would appreciate it! 😉

    1. Ha! In this case, my secret 50 shades lovin’ sister, I forgive thee. 🙂 Also you’re my first captioner!

  3. Pocahontas: Tell me, does the carpet match the drapes?

    1. I almost spat out my drink there. Such an innocent sounding comment if you are sick puppies like us!

  4. P: I like your hair!
    M: Nah-uh! I like your hair!

    1. I’m not sure what Merida uses (she needs some of that anti-frizz stuff though) but it’s clear that Pokey has some sort of Pert Plus going, because her hair is so silky. Or, wait, I’m sure it’s only water just around the riverbend . . . near that talking tree. Or something.

      1. I must find that riverbend…. 😉

        1. I hear it’s just around . . .

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