Funny Blog Friday: Jekyll and Hoff

On Halloween we wear pink too.

So it’s finally here!  Halloween?  No, the Funny Blog Friday Thing!  You know, the thing!   I’ll just use the face I give when I’m pretending I have some idea of what I’m talking about.


I am completely clueless.

Fortunately I have never let this stop me before.  What we have here is a Funny Blog Hop with funny bloggers and prizes, lots of prizes (not that you need incentive to visit a blog.  Prizes.)  I did realize (maybe?) that I’m to show you my contest TODAY, so those of you who read before totes got a heads up!  Yay for you!  I think!  I’ve already had some funny entries, but I can’t wait for more.  The winner(s) will get three pictures of the fictional Alice drawn by the real Alice and her real Things (14 and 10 year old daughters for the uninitiated).

Thing One is still procrastinating on hers (she claims stomach flu, bah!) but here are the others:

Here's my artwork - wooot.  Notice the 50 shades book.  For shame, Alice, go back to books with pictures.  Same to you, James.

Here’s my artwork – wooot. Notice the 50 shades book. For shame, Alice, go back to books with pictures. Same to you, James.

This is so weird, yet adorable somehow.

And Thing Two’s.  This is so weird, yet adorable somehow.

Now for the caption contest!  Simply ignore everything I’ve said in any post so far, if you read them, and give me a caption for this picture of Pocahontas (from Disney’s er Pocahontas) and Merida (from Disney/ Pixar’s Brave).  You can write it in the comments section.

Have you not seen these movies?  Then Wiki them, or don’t, it could be funny either way.  Anyway, have fun with it.  I can’t wait to read some more.  I’ll choose a winner based on how far the coke squirts from my nose when I read it.  Oh, right, here’s the picture, performed by my the girls’ Disney dolls.


After my post, be sure to check out the rest of this crazy blog hop. They might even know what’s going on.

But for now, my latest scary Halloween post.

I thought a while about what would make a good Halloween post – something scarily funny, and the first thing I came up with was Jekyll and Hyde.  If you haven’t heard of these guys (guy?), it’s one of those classics they often make you read in English class.  I somehow escaped it – maybe cause they made me cover MacBeth like at least three times (seriously).  If you know the Incredible Hulk, you pretty much have this story down, though.  Jekyll angry.  Hyde smash.

But that’s not the scary part.

Nooo, see they also made it into a musical.

Still not the scary part.

One version of this musical starred him.

This guy.

Helloooo ladies!

Yup, that’s right.   Our hero / villain is “the Hoff”, the man best known for Knight Rider, a show about a man dumber than his  talking car, and Bay Watch, a show about men and women in skimpy swimsuits that are also dumber than a talking car.  Which sadly does not make an appearance on the show.  He’s gonna star in a Broadway musical.

But, hey, maybe we misjudged the guy. Let’s look at the cover of the DVD.


That – that face . . .

Wow, that was truly horrifying.  But it’s just a picture, right?  Here’s a clip from the musical, performed live on Broadway in front of I’m sure dozens of people.  This is a normally very passionate song in the play.  Then Hoff gets a hold of it and . . . just watch.

After watching this my first reaction was:

wtf cat

Then I burst into laughter.  Actually I laughed the entire way through, from his first appearance looking like a cross between the lead singer from Smells Like Teen Spirit and Mrs Howell from Gilligan’s Island.  The way he chews on her neck, and creeps around and makes this, this face:

hoff hyde

Boogah, boogah!

Hoff goes from one hammy, overdramatic look to another, clawing the girl while jutting out his chin, throwing his head back and shouting his lines.  And that he’s trying to be serious just makes it even funnier.

That poor actress he works with – she looks truly disturbed by him, and not for reasons having to do with his playing a psychopath in a play.  I think she’s mentally planning her resume, and how to leave this one off the list.


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I invite you to check all these guys out, and possibly try to forget this post.  I may scratch it off my resume myself.  Happy Halloween!  Don’t let the Hoff bite!

One more note: This is my 500th post.  Scaaaryyyyyyyy!

27 responses

  1. Happy 500th post! I find that “The Hoff” is far more frightening in everyday mode. Now, onto the caption:

    Pocahontas to Merida: “Is that thing about yeast infections true?”

    1. Thanks. He is pretty frightening. Just be happy I didn’t show the full picture with the speedo.

      And you know we girls talk about that sort of thing ALL the time. I don’t want to think what Pokey’s remedy would be for that – special berries?

  2. Well, you already have my entry.

    I’m too scared to click on that youtube link.

    1. It’s sooo funny though. Nothing inappropriate for sisters – just – stupidity. And hilarity.

  3. I refuse to click on the link. The Hoff terrifies me in anything he’s in. Especially in that Adam Sandler movie Click, and then I ask myself why this guy is famous haha Famous for being Creepy!

    1. The Hoff was in Click? Then again, I try to forget most Adam Sandler movies too.

  4. Whoa 500 posts! You blogging Maniac! I thought I was a glutton for punishment for having 198 posts! Also the Hoff is hilarious. HILARIOUS!! You know what your post reminds me of? That weird show from the 90’s, beauty and the beast? Where that guy is dressed up as a beast of sorts and has a romance with a normal woman and he lives in a sewer or something. Seriously, that show was on for a while. But what I want to know is…who was watching it? WHO?! Who are these people who would watch that ridiculousness!?!!! And what normal woman would have a romance with a guy who lives in a sewer and is clearly part animal or something?!!! Also I wish I could come up with a funny pity conversation between those two Disney Characters, but I haven’t seen Brave. Man…I need to see more animated content, clearly. It’s gotta be better than the reruns I’ve been watching of Beauty and the Beast.

    1. I DO remember that show! Wow, it was weird, but it got weirder as the series went on. Toward the end she got pregnant from him by his uh spirit or . . . something? And then the government came in with needles and I swear I’m not making this up. I didn’t watch it that regularly, but I remember that part. It won’t ever leave.

      You should watch Brave. She’s fun and independent and turns her mother into a bear. Actually the story’s kind of whack, but I love her character.

    2. Hey, don’t knock that Beauty and the Beast show! He was hot in that makeup. Though the writing did go down the sewers the third season. That happens when your lead actress ditches to make more terminator movies, or whatever.

  5. So funny on so many levels… of Hasselhoffiness… and I hate to be a pest… but I am also taking part in this funny blog thing, but my name was added late… any way you could edit your post and add my link… please…
    thanks so much

  6. Congrats on 500! I have nothing hilarious for your caption contest. I’m terrible at captions.

    1. Thanks, GF! I can’t believe you’re terrible at captions. You’re great at Mad Libs – oh yeah those are asking for captions kind of . . .

      1. We all have our weaknesses, dear. I’ve been trying to come up with something for a couple days and failed. If I have a moment of inspired brilliance, I’ll let you know.

        1. You have many moments of inspired brilliantness. Like Sad Pony and Squirrel – hey where do you get those like clothes and pillows with your stuff on it again?

          1. Besides, there’s no way I could top Mer’s caption. 😉

            I’ll just leave this lying here:

          2. OMG, a Sad Pony pillow to hug? I WANT IT!

  7. You deemed the HOFF special enough as your 500th? That truly is Halloween scary. Well, I must say that you have 2 amazing artist on your hands, one has a future in japanamation for sure.

    1. Oh, yes, Thing Two is very into the anime stuff. I don’t understand half of it, but she does. She also knows too much about computers. I don’t let her near the bank cards.

      The other picture is mine. I haven’t gotten Thing One to finish hers . . . but so far it looks nice. It may be a black and white one . . .

      You don’t think THE HOFF is speshul? BLASPHEMER! Actually it just turned out to be my 500th. I had no idea. Probably most of them are about 50 Shades, sadly.

  8. Pocahontas to Merida: “And then Elsa was all ‘I’ll freeze you, Bitch’, and I said ‘Bring it’.”

    1. Haha! I love it, love it. Oh no you did-n’t!

  9. Holy Mother of Broadway, who let that man onstage?! I am dismayed, “Dangerous Game” is one of my favorite tunes to sing in the shower…


    Pocahontas to Merida: “And, that’s how you get a green card…”

  10. “Hey, Merida, you look pretty pale. Did you just watch that Hasselhoff video?”

  11. I have to admit I love that musical lol *Hangs head in shame* I saw it when I was in my teens and I loved the songs and the story and pretty much everything about it, but even I thought the Hoff was a bit much LOL. 😀

  12. Wow, what hair…what stare…WTF!

    1. I know! Just realized I missed several comments here. Should I answer after a year? Would that be weird?

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