The Princesses of Disneyland County – Caption Contest Results!

First off, a thank you to all of you who entered my Disney caption contest during our Funny Friday blog hop.  I think it was fairly successful because I totally won like two things so far (I’ll put them down when I have a grand total, in case I get lucky again) and I never win anything.  So awesome.

Anyway, as I said before, the girls and I have had fun (perhaps a little too much) posing dolls and taking pictures, though I assure you this is nowhere near as bizarre as the games we play with them.  “Boyfriend in a box” comes to mind.

But this time it’s our fairy tale characters.  We wanted to know what happens when the honeymoon’s over, and reality hits that no one paid the mortgage on the castle in 100 years.  I’ll show you the contest pic (Pocohontas and Merida) and its winning caption in a bit, (go ahead and scroll down, I’ll wait) but first I’d like to show you what happened after the Disney princes babysat the kids.  In case you forgot that post (or tried to, here’s the LINK DROP and the pic since you won’t follow the LINK DROP). Turns out they were paying more attention to football than the kids.

Oh oh.

Dreamworks and Pixar are tied 20 to 20!

Then Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel come home to find the terrible mess.  Belle yells at hubby, Ariel comforts her beaten up daughter, and Cinderella smacks Charming on top of the head.

The ladies were less than pleased.

The ladies were less than pleased.

Next time, the couples decide to hire a babysitter to watch the kids.  Skipper comes highly recommended.  Unfortunately, her boyfriend and best friend did not.


Seemed like a good idea . . .

So the kids went a wee bit wild.  Yes, that IS a child sitting on the stovetop, and another encouraging a friend to crawl inside.  Two of the toddlers are being pushed in the infant’s crib, while said infant crawls right out of her diaper, headed for the potty, and another kid is trapped in a high chair.  One of the pre-teens gets a lesson in Dating Ed watching her babysitter, or something like that.

What will happen when Kristoff and Anna (from Frozen – if you haven’t heard of that movie by now, I really don’t know where you come from) come home to see their house a wreck?  Find out next time, on The Princesses of Disneyland County.

Now on to the winning caption.  It was difficult – I had many good entries.  But none could beat this one, done by ravinj.


“Sorry about the hunting mishap. When you said the bears were your little brothers, I thought you meant metaphorically.”

This one made me both laugh out loud and directly related to the movies.  You guys really need to get caught up on your G rated stuff.  This coming from me, the one who reviewed 50 Shades.  Anyway, congrats Ravin, and I’ll be sending you that fabulous signed artwork soon.

What do YOU think is going to happen next on The Princesses of Disneyland County?

18 responses

  1. That is hilarious Alice. You should be the director of toy maketing somewhere. The customers would never figure out that it is your imagination and would buy your toys by the truckload – and you and your daughter could make millions just making up scenarios for the dolls.

    1. That would be so awesome. Yes, my job is playing with toys, I’m working HARD here. There’s actually a lady on youtube who films stuff similar to this and she just got her millionth viewer – millionth. So good to know we’re all immature!

      1. OMG! My daughter watches her– we call it toy porn.

  2. th caption is great, I can see this talk with my minds eye…and I would like to know his it ends :o)

    1. Which one? Merida and Pokey or the others? I have a feeling Merida may be working on a bear curse for Pokey.

      1. Merida and Pokey, it’s the perfect topic what leads to a funny catfight or a dispute where the words are replaced with “beeps”:o)

  3. What cable channel is this reality show on? I think I’d actually watch this…

    1. I’m sure I can get it on TLC right after Honey Boo Boo. Or at least Lifetime.

      1. Heck, it can replace Honey Boo Boo now that it’s become Honey Bye Bye…

        1. Is it really off? So, her mom messing around with a child molester was what did it. Who knew. I figured parading your toddler daughter around like a prostitute for money would do it, but that’s what got it on to begin with . . .

          1. I don’t know if the plug’s permanently pulled or not… just going by what I’ve heard. It’s not like I’ve watched TLC since they totally dropped the L from their name a while back…

          2. TSC (the stupid / slutty channel) doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. Very funny. People should do more with Barbie. She’s due for some comeuppance.

  5. You’d have thought that they’d know by now to not trust teenagers!!

  6. It could be worse. The teens aren’t making out and no one has raided the booze.

    1. Well, not yet, but you’ll notice Skipper is on boyfriend’s lap. Bet you can’t guess what doll plays the boyfriend.

  7. Hey, where’s the gay influence? – you have to do something about that Alice.You’ve got what looks like Blacks and First Nations and Latino and, of course, Caucasian – but no gays. Just put one of the boyfriends in another’s lap and you’ll have it made.

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