Buy it All, Buy it All!

I have developed a slight spending problem, which is really interesting since only a month ago I could hardly spend at all.  I wouldn’t let myself buy anything, especially not anything possibly considered “frivolous”.  There were times I’d leave entire carts of (non-perishable) items because I couldn’t bear to spend money on them, no matter what it was, and was too depressed to go return the items where they belonged.  (Sorry Mecca employees.)

Spend money.  Live poorer.

Spend money. Live poorer.

Now I get my best exercise going to big chain stores like Mecca, grabbing items on clearance (they often mark things down but don’t reflect it on the sticker) and running them over to the price checker.  Total thrill when it comes up cheaper.   If not, or I still don’t want to buy it, I return it right where it belongs, then grab something else.  Rinse, repeat.  When the price checkers aren’t working, I really don’t know what to do.  I don’t like having an employee scan it, because they tend to not want to stay by a pole until you return with three more items.  Did I mention the Abilify med I’m on makes me restless but also extremely active?  To a somewhat psychotic point?

It beats being down, though, and I love it.  But there is another issue.  Seems my extreme self-control has been loosened, which is not that bad, except that I really have to watch it now when I add up the amount I spent on NEEDED merchandise for my online doll series that is watched by at least three people.  Or my Disney / Barbie collection in general.  I used to collect expensive dolls, so spending 100 and then nothing else for a long time was no big deal.  But when you do it in increments of 10, 20, 30, etc, it’s like just eating one slice of cake.  Then going back for another slice.  And just one more.



On the plus side, not everything I want is in the stores, or at least, not at the right price.  Unfortunately, there is INTERNETZ.  And it’s even easier to just use your card and go CLICK and buy more stuff.  Then you get packages in the mail and it’s totally like Christmas except after a while you sort of have to run home and hide the stuff so the others in your family don’t realize quite how much Christmas you are giving yourself in October and November.

But most of it I was saving for Christmas presents for my children.  No, seriously, except that after a while there wasn’t much more storage space, and I had to admit that they hadn’t actually asked for a lot of it, though they’d of course like playing with it.  So I’ve just started opening some of them so we could play with them now.  That way Christmas is not so overwhelming.  And what are toys for, but to play with?  (Don’t keep them in the box!  They suffocate!  Have you not seen Toy Story???)

But even though I’ve never gotten us in the red, still I needed to curb the spending every day and I figured, what better way than a sticker chart?  I got some stickers (Guess which kind?  You will never guess.) and made it three whole days before I cracked this morning and bought this thing that had been out of stock for weeks but now it was in and if I didn’t buy it’d be gone in no time because everyone knows Mickey and Amazon have no soul.

I bet these guys would hold me accountable.  I think I'd be dead.

I bet these guys would hold me accountable. I’m sorry I bought all the stuff don’t kill meeee!

My ten-year-old accountability partner will be so ashamed.  I bet she gets her sticker for not having her bad habit today.  Oh, well.  I’m not sure why I feel worse about buying collectibles (even that sounds better than “toys”).  I mean, aren’t most electronics technically toys, only with higher price tags?  And who doesn’t have a smart phone or a tablet or an Xbox or something of that nature by now?  Huh?

Do you guys have spending issues?  If so, what is your weak spot?

I’ll get back on the spending sobriety wagon tomorrow I guess.  I came up with a little ditty appropriately to the tune of “Let it Go”.

Buy it now, buy it now!!!

Buy it now, buy it now!!!

Let it go, Let it go

Don’t hold onto it anymore

Go ahead, spend your dough

You know you want to, oh!


Why do you care

What they’re going to say

The bank won’t foreclose

At least not until you miss some more payments . . .


I know I have medical bills

But those things are so dull

And the collectors they can’t do too much

If my wallet is now not full


It’s time for me  to slow it down

To stop the spend merry-go-round

It’s okay to buy but not so much

I’m brooooke!


Only guilt, only guilt!

You spent too much you git

Oh but hey, it’s okay

Perfection’s never possible anyway . . .

Pocahontas: Alice spends too much. Merida: Yes, but maybe she'll buy you that hunky boyfriend.

Pocahontas: Alice spends too much.
Merida: Yes, but maybe she’ll buy you that hunky boyfriend.

24 responses

  1. I won’t joke around with this one, WT. I am a skinflint and always have been myself…I am concerned for you, honestly.

    1. I will be okay. I am checking my bank account and really – I’m reaching a point where it’s not really giving me the high thing anymore. I’ve never actually skipped mortgage payments, that was just a song.

  2. Hmm, sounds like the abilify is working a little too well for you…
    Glad to hear you are feeling better though 🙂

    1. thank you. Yes I need to slow the overdrive a bit. working on it.

  3. That’s what my mom did, she hid all the “illegal” things she bought as a christmas present (for herself)… but I found it … and for being literally the best friend, I alarmed my dad :o)

    1. Yeah. I guess I just got tired of NEVER spending so I went the other way . . .

  4. Balance. Like the Karate Kid. Or…looking for a Disney metaphor. Fail.

    1. Yeah, I got nothing. Uh, let’s get down to business – to defeat . . . . THE HUNS.

  5. Did they send me daughters when I asked for son’s? I found a cool metal cover of this song on YouTube yesterday.

    1. A metal cover? Does it feature Li Shang with his shirt off at any point? Otherwise it can’t be as good as the Disney video.

  6. You’d go nuts in my Mecca… we have one price scanner… and it located in one of the corners of the store. We were supposed to get four of them when we expanded three years ago, but that didn’t happen. Funny thing is… the “Don’t Know The Price? Scan Here!” signs that were hanging over where the new scanners were supposed to go stayed up for a long time. In fact, the one in grocery is still there…. pointing to a pole with a non-existent scanner. When one customer got snippy with me when I told him we had just the one scanner and said he was going to call upper management…. I cheerfully told him, “Please do!” I am too sarcastic to ever survive working the day shift…

    BTW, we usually keep an empty cart near our lone scanner knowing it’s going to fill up with returns. And some people just can’t break the habit and still throw the crap on one of the nearby shelves!

    1. Oh, that is funny – we had the same thing for a while. Every price scanner was out but one and even the employees didn’t know it until they showed up for work and one which also acted as a way to clock in was torn from the pole. We have most of them back now, and yeah I often see stuff stacked beside the scanner. I guess at least it’s not at the register where you have to bother voiding it?

      I have a story of one kid I knew who worked at Wal-Mart. He was the only one working the register one busy night while the others just stood around (no manager). So as each angry customer got to him, he pointed over to a phone around the corner, and gave them the number of Wal-Mart management. Haha.

  7. And THAT is how you end up $50k in debt with nothing of value to show for it. True story. I’m still digging out from that shit and it happened more than 10 years ago.

    1. Wow. I am really sorry about that. Thank goodness I do not own any credit cards.

  8. Noxema Queen's Mom! | Reply

    I Think you will be ok. In the almost decade I have known you, you have never ever been stupid with money. Acknowledging that your med makes you more carefree in that department is healthy. You have taken steps to ensure the monetary safety of your family henceforth and given yourself a yourself a tongue lashing. Nobody went hungry, the bills got paid and you still have your house the things are clothed.Forgive yourself and move forward.


  9. Have a grage sale, selling all your husband and childrens stuff and then go buy NEW stuff! YAY everybody wins!

    1. I LIKE this plan! My husband has like a hundred tools in the bottom kitchen cabinets alone (I’m not kidding – I put them there when he leaves them on the table). Ooooh the possibilities! Now to get rid of them for a weekend . . .

  10. Some good suggestions here. At least you know that your meds are part of the problem and that you need them. Hope you get a balance worked out – I mean a personal, mental balance, not just the bank balance. Xxx

    1. Thanks, I hope so too. I’ve just not known what it’s like to feel normal so I don’t know what that is. And I’ve deprived myself a very long time.

      1. I can understand that feeling. Just don’t try to make up for it in one month, OK? 😉 xxxx

          1. Sounds much more reasonable. 🙂

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