21 Days of Gratitude and Stuff: the ABCs

I have been involved in some GROUP therapy work which is supposed to make me less Sad Pony and Squirrel and more like my usual sarcastic self.


Pfft, whatever.


Yayyyy this will be fun I am grateful for nuts and sad pony and Alice and nuts!  I just pooped on the keyboard!

Day 1 was just signing a pledge that I would do it.  Here is my pledge.

I, Alice, pledge to do this gratitude thing because why the heck not.

Today is Day 2.  I was instructed to make an alphabetical list of things I am grateful for, so I sought help from my Things and whatever came up off the top of my head.

We want to eat your souuuul!

We want to eat your souuuul!

A: Asphalt – we drive on it and it beats dirt

B: Birth control – I only have two kids! Yay!

C: Calculator – because I am bad at Math

D: Dragon Tales – the show that got me lots of hits from angry crazed fans.

What is WRONG with some people?

The show still sucks.

E: Elevator – cause I’m too lazy for stairs

F: That word I cannot say

G: Garage – where my husband goes

H: Hatahs – cause they gonna hate hate hate but I’ll shake ’em off, shake ’em off

I: Internetz!!!!

J: Jesus – cause I’m afraid not to list Him



K: Kmart – low low prices!

L: Lunatic – which I am not hurray!

M: Money – I likes it

N: Nice people – cause I can take advantage of them, I mean, cause they’re nice!

O: Organs – Cause livers and spleens are good things to have.

P: Pee!: Always a relief

Q: Quasimodo – Reminds me I do NOT have a hump!



R: Radio – even if it was killed by video

S: Spammers – Who are like half my readers!  Much to the thanks, guys!

T: My Things (or children, whatever)

U: Ugly people – they make me feel pretty

V: Victory – I like beating people.

W: Words – they go in the sentences (please tell E.L. James)

X: Xanax!  Woooooot!

Y: Yeti – they are all white and fluffy and eat people

Z: Zantac – beats acid indigestion


What do you think?  Do you have an alphabetical grateful list?  Could you make one and put it in my comments section?  The weirder the better.  The best one I’ll list in a future post with a link back to their blog so spammers can find them!  Or you can NOT do it, see if I care.



21 responses

  1. A is for apple.
    B is for batshit cray.
    C is for cookie!
    D is for douches.
    E is for eggs, over easy please.
    F is for fuck.
    G is for gangsta.
    H is for hello, I am high.
    I is for Igloo, outside my door.
    J is for joints.
    K is for Kraft macaroni and cheese.
    L is for lazy, which I am today.
    M is for marijuana, which makes me giggle.
    N is for naps, which I take often.
    O is for Oreo, yum.
    P is for poop.
    Q is for….um, I got nothin’.
    R is for redrum.
    S is for shit that tastes good.
    T is for thank you for being my WT.
    U is for underwear.
    V is for victory! yay!
    W is for wicked awesome anything, like a new blanket.
    X is for xanax, yay!
    Y is for YOLO
    Z is for zebra, because they are pretty nifty.

    1. Fucking overachiever… 😉

      1. Hatahs gonna hate hate hate arghhh make it stop, make it stop!!!!

    2. I love your alphabet! T is the most awesomest one, but it is hard to deny that underwear is really essential. Someone should tell that twit Ana on 50 Shades.

  2. Wonderful! Think I only saw Dragon tails once or twice. D and J are my my favorites because your reasons are honestly perfect!

    1. Thanks! I really want to know what Jesus is holding in that picture. Is it a muffin? If so, which kind? If not, what the heck IS it?

      1. Probably best to keep with the muffin thought along with the generic corn kind. Now I have the song in my head, “… Do you know the muffin man…”

      2. After your 50 shades post, I only get the 50 shades-related ideas about what it could be.

  3. Apparently you haven’t lost your funny yet, and that’s all that really matters. Much love to you sweetie. ❤

    1. Aw, thanks MM. I just couldn’t do something like this seriously. Partly because it would take too much thought, and partly because I’m a smart alack.

  4. I won’t make a whole list, but I will say my ‘C’ would be chocolate and my ‘E’ would be exercise. I don’t suppose I can have the C without the E…

    Hope you’re doing okay. Humor is always a wellness booster, so good on you. 🙂

    1. Chocolate definitely deserves a space, along with Cookie (or chocolate cookie). Exercise I should fit in there some more. Maybe if I hired someone’s Doberman to chase me.

  5. Noxema Queen's Mum | Reply


    1. I liked N for Nerds. Also Yellow is important cause it makes the other colors feel better (cause they aren’t yellow).

  6. I really loved this post. I’m afraid I won’t make it through the entire alphabet, but for right now:

    S – is for sleep

    W – is for Will return.

    1. I forgot sleep – it’s one of my favorite things! And I do hope you return. 🙂

  7. I don’t know, starting lists with letters instead of numbers, that just seems wrong for some reason…

  8. I think my brain is currently only good for holding up the top of my skull… I’ve forgotten what the alphabet is.

    Although D would possibly be for Donkeys, simply because they don’t talk back and mostly do what I ask them to do these days. 😀

    1. When donkeys are the least stubborn beings, it says something eh?

      1. Yes, but is it saying something about the donkeys or the people? Possibly both, I think.

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