21 Days of Gratitude: Are we done yet?

Nope, I’m on day . . . 6.  That just leaves – carry the two – there’s several days left.  So I skipped a bit again and I’m gonna have to throw a few on here, which is better than bothering you with several short pointless posts, right?  Sure.

Day 6: Take a few minutes to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Tell them how much you appreciate them.

Elmo says "Leave a message at the beep, butthead.  Hee hee hee."

Elmo says “Leave a message at the beep, butthead. Hee hee hee.”

Wait, what?  Call someone? They mean, like, text, right?  Cause calling is such a pain.  Also, who is there to call?  No one ever picks up cause, well, since no one calls anymore  it must be one of them there telemarketer types.  Or bill collectors.  Avoid, avoid.

But I signed the fake pledge so – I guess I could call my husband.  Haven’t talked to that guy in a while.  Wonder what he’s up to – besides the insides of a car.  Must find out.

Voicemail.  That figures.  I told his voicemail about my appreciation for him, and also my appreciation for voicemail.  I should get a “k” text any minute now.

Day 7: Take a picture of one thing, person, place or specific moment that makes you feel grateful. Share it with your social network.

My daughter lost my camera bag with the battery charger for a while, so no chance to take a picture.  Yes I have an actual camera that isn’t my phone.  Anyway, I just read this post today complete with picture.  I am grateful that I do not live in this specific moment.  The 1950s, otherwise known as the age of Lysol.

One word: ouchie

One word: ouchie

The ad is kind of small, so best to view it on That Retro Blog, a blog created by my pal Merbear, which occasionally also stars my own sarcastic commentary.  For more info on this fabulous lysol douche – yes I said douche and lysol in the same sentence – see here.

Day 8: Send thank you notes to five people who deserve a little recognition.

Thank you notes?  Phone calls?  Was this gratitude journal written in the 1950s?  Do they expect me to be a wizard?  Cause my hand cramps.  And I have no idea where any official thank you notes are located.  And I’m lazy.  Gratefulness is HARRRD.

Native Americans You're welcome - Christopher Columbus

Native Americans
   You’re welcome.                                           Christopher Columbus

Fine, okay, I will list some people, but no one be upset if I don’t mention you cause it’s not that I don’t like you (probably), it’s that I have the memory of a gerbil.

1. Merbear: My Wonder Twin who listens to me whine for free, even with her own issues.

2. Noxema Mom: We’ve been friends for almost a decade, but it feels like we were switched at birth at times.  She has no blog, but she knows who she is.

3. Ravinj: We’ve known each other since we were eleven and twelve.  There are no secrets.  She knows about every stupid thing I’ve ever done.  Best to keep these people close.

4. Mental Mama: Also listens to me whine and has been where I’ve been (crazyville).

5. Every one else who is special and I can’t remember cause gerbil brain: Thanks.  You guys are the greatest.  Kiss kiss, Alice.

I just remembered I didn’t add in my Things.  Or that husband person.  Whoops.  They get it.

Okay, so done with the gratitude for now.  I would like to thank the Academy that I missed the Oscars last night, though I hear there were some decent dresses worn.

Requests for Alice!!!

P.S. I’m wondering if there was anything you’d like to see me write about.  For instance, I was just watching TLC the other day, and there was Sexy Times in the ER where a guy used hot sauce where he really shouldn’t and all sorts of shenanigans took place ending up at the hospital!  And TLC just keeps crankin’ out the weirdo shows like “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” in spite of the hot sauce incident and “Strange Addictions”.  Latest one was a guy addicted to eating ONLY French Fries (way too edible there), and another dude who liked dressing up as a rubbery, cross-dressing doll.  Also, there are several children’s shows I haven’t tackled to the ground yet, like Maisy Mouse, and Cailou, and who knows what other demon filled creations are out there to entertain our kids.  There is also a certain population that never comments but really, really likes my posts about torturing virtual people.  So anyhoo, let me know in the comments below if there’s something you’d like to see.  Grats to all.

Alice (cause I’m so bold)



16 responses

  1. I always think it’s funny to hear how you describe crazyville. Apparently the hospital where you live is a LOT more interesting than the one here. 🙂

    Oh, thanks sweetstuff. I’m grateful for you, too. ❤

    1. You know how Pocahontas says you never step in the same river twice cause it’s always changing and flowing and I have to go the bathroom . . . anyway, you never enter the same crazyville twice. It’s different, and somehow worse, each time. Wheee!

  2. Half of my TV knowledge of reality TV probably comes from your blog anyway. So anything you choose to cover is fine by me. (I’m commenting so that you wouldn’t think that I am into torturing virtual people).

    1. We all know your dirty secrets, X, and how you’ve got Sim burning going on right in your backyard computer! I have seen some recent TLC offerings and oh wow golly gee just what can you say? In my case, a lot.

  3. I like this gratitude list. Well, all except the phone call one. In this day and age, I’m not so sure they’d want to take the call any more than I’d want to make it!

    1. Yeah, I know. On phone calls people might ask you questions or tell you things you aren’t prepared for like “Hey I’m naming my baby Crisco, what do you think?” and you would not have time for a kind response there.

  4. Do Caillou! Snort had been watching that and boy, the kid is whiny–Caillou, not my own blonde angel, who yes is demanding and melts down over stupid stuff…wait. Caillou is a normal four year old. Except for the lack of hair. No wonder he’s so annoying

    1. Cailou is seriously overdue, although he is nothing like your four-year-old because Cailou would never say “Here is a fly. Kill it.” I would like Cailou better if he did.

      1. ” You have to make it die!” He did make me crack up. And apparently scared away the offending insect.

  5. Love ya Wonder Twin.

    1. You too, girlfriend, woot, go woman, fist bump, etc.

  6. I love it. If I could commit to doing anything for anyone at anytime ever, and weren’t the worst ever for completing tasks, I’d totally do a gratitude list. That lysol thing deserves to be published everywhere.

    1. It does. For more on lysol and strange places to put it, you should check out the Retro Blog and search for lysol. Actually you could search here too or on merbear’s blog – we did a few of those. Also try “listerine” as a search.

  7. I do think you should continue with the posts torturing virtual people.

    You were also writing about Game of Thrones at one point. I’ve finally read all the books currently available and am thinking that a) it’s one freaking long series b) George Martin nicked Tolkien’s middle names and c) he should really hurry up and get the next book published. Also that d) Tyrion is one of the best characters with Danys as a close 2nd, because, well, dragons. And e) if you were to create a GoT drinking game, you could get incredibly drunk very quickly if you were to take a drink whenever any of the following happens: (i) Tyrion or Jaime call Cersei “my sweet sister”; (ii) someone who is a main character dies; (iii) someone who you thought had dies turns out not to have died; (iv) someone refers to someone else as being a bastard (even though it is being used in the correct form of the word).

    1. Ha, excellent drinking game. I need to get into Season 4 when I can (I hear the little twit dies) but it might be okay to go back over the others and do some more posts. I didn’t have much interest from readers then, but now that I’ve been gone a while, I’m not sure how much interest I have in anything but oh well. I still have faith!

      1. Yes, you’ve still got me. 😉

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