21 Days of Gratitude: I’m too sexy

We are now on week 3 of the Gratitude Challenge.  Let me say I am grateful to have just one more week of this fun, fun game.

Day 15:  Take time to focus on yourself.  Appreciate and give thanks for for your unique personality, skills and talents.

The blogger creed.

The blogger creed.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got focusing on myself down pretty well.  It’s called a blog, peeps.  I have been told I have a unique personality (nice way of saying good golly, Alice, you’re weird), and mad skillz (I wroted this here post all by myself!), and talents, so many talents.  Once the Things and I put a smurf through the scientific method – a plastic one, not a real one.  Anyway, we now know that smurfs can’t be destroyed by running them over by a car, freezing them in water, or boiling them in water.  If that’s not sciency talent, I don’t know what is.

Day 16: Stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and focus on at least five things that you love about yourself. Write them down in your journal.

If I sit here long enough I will become a frog princess.

Wait, is that another wart?

They’re kidding right?  Since I’m in front of a mirror, I guess I’m supposed to talk about physical stuff.  Okay, five things.

1. I was going to say I was too sexy for my cat, but I think the outdoor kitty Hazel has me beat.  She can slink around and twist into all sorts of shapes I can’t, just like real models.  I can say I’m too sexy for your party, cause no way am I disco dancing.

2. I do not have a hunchback like Quasi.  I can stand upright.  Most of the time.  Sometimes you have to lean me against a wall.

3. I have fair skin.  People have told me I am the whitest person they know.  Talk about a compliment!

4. The lines on my forehead and the faint mustache are probably not visible to people who aren’t looking at me from a few inches away.

5. I am grateful that my head faces forward instead of backward.  I’m not keen on looking at my behind all day.

Poor demented Anna.

Poor Demented Anna.

Day 17: Write about something you feel grateful for in your life today

I am grateful that someone out there is probably reading this.  Thanks, spambot and sexy cat!

Okay only 4 more to go!  Woot.


22 responses

  1. “The whitest person I know” sounds like a huge compliment in Texas.

    1. You would think, wouldn’t you? Except you aren’t supposed to be white; you’re supposed to be a “healthy tan” which I don’t see as being all that far from being a “healthy Hispanic” but people are kind of stupid.

      1. A healthy tan? You mean like a red neck? 🙂

  2. It looks like Ana is taking a whiz outside and the cops just snuck up on her….of course it also looks like she’s taking a whiz with a penis. So many questions! I’m curious what her hands are doing in the front?? Is Disney trying to tell us she’s transgender? That would be so cool!

    Anyway, I’m glad your head faces forward and you don’t have a hunchback!

    1. Me too! And you’re not the first person to comment that it looks like she is peeing – and against my computer too! Bad Anna. Hope Kristoff isn’t too surprised with her added talent there – both the peeing upright AND the ability to spin her head 360 degrees.

  3. We should totally start a mustache club. I’m trying to work up the nerve to have my hair stylist wax it for me, but given that I always cry when she does my eyebrows I’m just a tiny bit petrified. Which is odd given the 13 tattoos, but whatevs.

    1. I’m afraid if I waxed it the thing would grow back black and I’d be like Hitler the Librarian.

      1. “No books for you!” 😀

  4. Not sure I’d be down with that stand-in-front-of-the-mirror thing. I prefer quick glimpses. I figure if I don’t see a new spot or wrinkle, no one else will, right? 😉

    1. I like the way you think.

    2. This is a good way to (not) look at things. Also, for God’s sake avoid three-way-mirrors. I stood in front of one while six-months pregnant and it was not pleasant.

  5. I still love you even with your fuzzy lip.

    1. And I with yours, WT. We can go out all fuzzy together and maybe get into the muppets movie for free.

  6. Too funny! I like the head facing behind you. At least it’s all about the bass – and you get to see it along with everyone else – how cool is that?

    1. Very cool – unless you have gas. Then maybe not so much.

  7. Waxing doesn’t make it change color. And Frozen is all about being transgender. Though maybe she’s just using a stand-to-pee device. I know people in places with dubious plumbing who do just to avoid public toilet seats.

    1. Frozen is about being transgender? And of course you know people with dubious plumbing. I learn so much from you, pal!

  8. I too sometimes require a wall to prop me up. All the best people do, you know.

    1. Totally. Often I’m leaning on the elevator when it stops and then it’s like man, I gotta get up?

  9. Sorry – I came here looking for information on National Grammar Day and all I see is this self-love-fest. Some people be so narcissistic.

    1. You be dissin’ me? Oh no you did-n’t.

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