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  1. Dear Lord Alice – you have once again risked life and limb reporting this astounding news to us – your ever eager reading public. Occasionally TLC will follow one of those spoiled brats (i.e. brides) through to their wedding day. I saw one rich b**ch recently who sent to Italy for the glassware for her wedding. When it arrived she didn’t like it and there wasn’t time to re-order, so she went to Italy and shopped and returned with her glassware. This same girl wore – get this – $10,000 diamond eyelash clips. She was complaining because they were too heavy to leave on for the reception. Her mother found a reception hall that was big enough but she didn’t like he color of the carpet, so she paid to have the carpet changed.

    As for the pregnant 65 year old – blech!

    1. Holy batcrap, Batman. How did you make it through that episode without vomiting? Who cares about glassware? I got some in my wedding, and it sits in my mother’s china cabinet cause like who is coming to my house, the Pope? And it was like just plain old American glass. And 10,000 diamond eyelash clips? Just – damn lady, have you heard of mascara? Then just sprinkle some diamond dust on yourself. Or something. It’d have to be cheaper. And changing the color of the reception hall carpet . . . it would have been hilarious if someone had spilled a lot of wine on the floor. Just imagine when THIS woman has a baby. There will be a planned C-section with 20 attendants ready to wrap baby in a blanket made of golden thread. And just imagine if someone took HER breastmilk, that she bought from a famous actress. Alyssa Milano, move over! Oh, what am I saying. She’ll probably pay someone else to have the baby, then hound the poor person till she flees the country.

      The pregnant grandma seems kinda tame now. Maybe I should check out that wedding show. I do remember one where the brides all checked out each others’ weddings and bitched about how awful they were. Also there’s gypsy brides, so you can insult an entire culture while playing with gaudy, Vegas style gowns. Thank goodness for Facebook and TLC. Amen.

      1. Yeah, there are some sad stories out there – i forgot t mention that the B**ch had 2 wedding dresses and spent over $20 K (She had this super huge ornate main dress and then another for the reception – no way she could dance in the main dress.)

        1. Two wedding dresses? (facepalm) I guess the first one had a 20 foot train like Princess Diana’s. Are you sure they weren’t talking about Kim Kardashian?

          Watch the marriage last like 1 year and they go through the entire process again. The groom is, after all, just an accessory.

  2. I’m just impressed that as a schoolteacher, she’s not yet sick enough of children to have four more.
    And hopefully those 4 children don’t grow up to demand their mother to pay for their $10,000 wedding dresses.

    1. Yeah, no kidding. I was actually an Education major for a while before I realized I didn’t like most children. Yet she’s still teaching – why??? Can you really afford that many procedures on a teacher’s salary?

      I hope, personally, they all expect 10,000 dollar wedding dresses, especially if Mom / Grandma gets a reality show for this.

  3. Holy hell, what the everloving FUCK??? I didn’t want any babies and I made that decision at 35, I cannot even begin to fathom being pregnant at 65, let alone pregnant with a damn litter of babies! Dammit, I need a nap now. I’m tired just thinking about it.

    1. I know! What the hell? Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out to be an actual litter of real puppies? That I’d tune in for, cause it’d be awesome.

      1. I might pay to see that, but only $1.

  4. Having twins at age 37 was harrowing. That woman is beyond nuts.

  5. She must have had IVF to get pregnant in the first place. What fool medic gave the OK on that? Sheesh… Not forgetting that there are oodles of kids out there in the world who need good homes because their parents aren’t able to cope for whatever reason (there’s a serious shortage of adoptive parents here in the UK) and then all the kids in the developing countries who will be lucky to make it past their first birthday, never mind their 5th. Some people really don’t have any brains at all, do they?

    1. Her brain is in her uterus. Which someone remove for crying out loud!

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