On the First Day of Christmas Olaf gave to us

A dead anime in a popcorn machine!

It was Thing Two’s turn to hide Olaf first.  Thing One and I walked in to find this.

Olaf in the popcorn machine with the knife . . .

Olaf in the popcorn machine with the knife . . .

Expect more Olaf pictures (It’s Thing One’s turn next) and other Christmas posts.  I’m working on a Best Toys for Christmas list (I always find the most disturbing appropriate educational items for your little yard apes).  Expect information from the front about how Reeces peanut butter Christmas trees are clearly a plot of left wing commies (and Obama!) to destroy Christmas, and other hot political news, like whether Santa is still snowy white.  I’m also willing to take ideas if you have some.  Or leave me links to your posts – as long as they are on the “light” side because I’m not sure if I can go much deeper than peanut butter cups.  Stay tuned, and remember to say your prayers cause Santa is coming, and he knows what you’ve done.


4 responses

  1. So Olaf’s gonna get a little homicidal?

    1. Or was he always that way . . . ?

  2. I fully expect to find Olaf hanging from a rope at some point during the next few days, knowing your Things! I think he is secretly rather homicidal.

    1. I told them they couldn’t paint him with red cause who wants to wash that crap? Wait – he might be found IN the washer . . . I gotta watch myself.

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