Update: Suspect Olaf Found!

We found him trying to scale the wall – or, um cabinet.

Busted, Olaf.

Busted, Olaf.

This actually happened after Olaf was found the first time.   Thing Two found him squashed in a corner of the entertainment center.  She swears she didn’t put him there.  But neither did Thing One, Mr. Alice, or me.  So either one of us is lying, or Olaf really did make it from the freezer to the entertainment center a few feet away BY HIMSELF.

I’m not going to think about this further.

After this incident, my husband decided he wanted to help hide Olaf as well.  That’s how he ended up so high up.  We think.  But one of the Things spotted him anyway, before he could make his grand escape over the cabinet door – which left him squashed as that was not, in fact, an exit point.  Olaf may be a bit psycho, but he’s not all that bright.

Speaking of psychos, Prince Hans has still decided to carry out his presidential ruler campaign, certain he can unseat the reigning ruler of Arendelle, Elsa, who is rather unstable herself.  But he’s not the only one.  There’s more.  The Mad Hatter was feeling bored, and figured this was a perfect time to run because why not?  Then we got more Republican candidates: Ursula (they’ve got to have one crazy woman), Jafar (Former crooked Vizier to Jasmine’s Dad), that freaky Voodoo guy from the Princess and the Frog who is possibly Satan, the pug from the movie Pocahontas, etc.  Speaking of Pocahontas, she is currently running for the Green Party, because someone must stand up for the rocks, and trees, the creatures and the wind.  Aladdin is running on the Democratic ticket and stands a good chance because he grew up poor, is really cute, and lies a lot.

Pocahontas: She speaks for the trees.

Pocahontas: She speaks for the trees.

Think Ann Coulter, with tentacles

Ursula:  Think Ann Coulter, with tentacles

Aladdin: Identifies with the common street rat.

Aladdin: Identifies with the common street rat.

This reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what.

One of you might have remembered that some of these guys were taking part in the Hunger Games earlier.  Well, it got cancelled, which is a good thing for everyone but Snow White, who remains headless.

If you have any suggestions for write-in candidates, do let us know.  And we’ll continue to hide Olaf, for he – has already escaped again.  They never did repair that cell Elsa busted open earlier.  Oops.





8 responses

  1. I sent you a link via Facebook where someone had frozen the elf-on-a-shelf thing. Have you seen it? Maybe Olaf could hide with your tortoise? (It is you who has a tortoise, isn’t it?)

    1. Is my Alice account still on there? Lol I should delete it – I can give you my new one cause I don’t think you have it. Is your email on your blog?

      1. Yes it is still there. I don’t have my email on display on my blog, but it should show up if you go into your WP comment editor thingie, unless WP have messed that around too.

        1. I found it and I tried to friend myself, but I don’t think that’s working since I can’t get into my Alice account now. Blimey. This is more interesting / ridiculous than my post.

          1. Facebook is pretty ridiculous though, when you think about it.

  2. In the movie there’s no reason why Olaf should have gained sentience, so I guess it makes sense for it to happen in real life too.

    1. Yeah I liked how they sort of glossed over that whole “Elsa is some sort of goddess she creates life” thing.

  3. I am reading your blog backwards, in case you were wondering. How about Merlin? He should totally run, since he already knows who won.

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