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I just found out from Faith that my Alice Facebook page is still up, and possibly getting more action than my current page under my real name.  This is not all that surprising considering I think I had more fans when I was also a squirrel and a sad pony on Facebook.  Yes, I did these things.  Shut up.

Anyway, I wanted to shut down the Alice page, but then I wasn’t sure HOW to, since I no longer remembered either my user name or my password and they want one of those.  They also asked for names of friends (as collateral?) and I put some in, but they didn’t recognize them, so I guess you guys who know my secret identity do not exist?  Or maybe you are in the Contact Security Program.

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

What AM I sharing with friends?

So I got desperate, found my page, and decided to Friend myself.  Cause I could totally gain access to myself that way if Alice and I were friends.

what cat

Yeah that’s not how it works.  That’s now how any of this works.

So for now Alice is still out there, should you care to visit.  I no longer have any control over what she says, though, so try at your own risk.

Any ideas on how to get rid of an account you don’t know how to get into anymore?


P.S. Alice hasn’t friended me back.  What a jerk.

9 responses

  1. Is this just a fancy way of absolving yourself from blame?

    1. Anything I do that’s bad now is HER fault. I’ll be sure and let Santa and Holiday Paul know.

  2. I have no frickin’ clue.

    1. For verily, we art soul sistahs and deficient in mad computer skilz.

  3. Facebook remains as confusing to me as the day I opened an account and set up a page. Over three years ago. Twitter and WordPress? No problem. My learning curve has been great. Facebook? No learning curve whatsoever. So it appears I’m just as lost as you are.

    1. Oh man, I don’t understand any of them. I mostly use Facebook to chat with people far away (and occasionally find news I didn’t want to find). I don’t understand Twitter at all. I think I have two accounts on there, and don’t remember usernames or passwords for either, which means I can only bar myself from my accounts. For safety. So of course now public schools communicate with parents via freaking Twitter which is supposed to tweet to my smart phone. Which I don’t have because cave person. I’m not even sure how I manage to type on here.

      1. The Twitter support site is great. Short articles on the different topics. You’d pick it up in no time! It’s far more consistent than Facebook.

  4. My best friend is having this issue…i couldn’t help her either…apologies.

  5. And stupidly, I’ve just de-friended that account. *facepalm*

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