Breaking News in the Olaf case

You might have thought (or hoped) that we’d forgotten about Olaf (a snowman from the Disney movie Frozen) and all the wackos who have shown up to claim Elsa’s throne, seeing as how none of them are (supposedly) real at all and we are (in theory) way too big to be playing with this stuff.  Except maybe Thing Two, she’s eleven.  When does the statute of limitations run out on doll playing?  No matter.

Queen Elsa decided on the best course of action in this dire situation.  Ask her friends on Facebook.

facebook disney posts 1

Hans took to his Facebook page to express his opinions.

facebook disney posts 2Plenty of squabbling, but no results.  Just like Congress!  The Things and I made a search and found this in Thing Two’s room.

An Elsa voodoo doll? (I did not put her up to this one.)

An Elsa voodoo doll? (I did not put her up to this one.)

And later this image popped up on Anna’s Facebook page.

Elsa's feeling really bad! Those are NOT the lyrics to "Let it Go."

Elsa’s feeling really bad! Those are NOT the lyrics to “Let it Go.”

Along with this status.

facebook disney posts 3Some more investigation finally turned up our wayward snowman.

What is that nose?

What is that nose?

OMG it's Olaf!

Okay this one even freaked ME out.

A little more investigation, though . . .

Hans: Keep quiet and no one gets hurt, snowman!

Hans: Keep quiet and no one gets hurt, snowman!

Hans: Oh oh.

Hans: Oh oh.

Anna posted one more status.

facebook disney posts 4

So ends our Olaf caper for those of you who were on the edge of your seats there.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone could get a shot of, I don’t know, one of our politicians advocating crazy criminal activity?  And if that were to make this politician sink in the polls instead of get more popular?  Wouldn’t it???

I’m gonna go play with my toys.



11 responses

  1. As long as there is imagination, play with the dolls.

    1. Yay! I like them better because I can control everything they say and do. I might be a good dictator, but I think there’s someone already running for that.

  2. Nothing criminal about carpet-bombing several countries as your senator suggests.
    Speaking of Ted Cruz, do you still have that voodoo doll?

    1. We’d have to get a doll of Ted Cruz – one with that cute little bewildered look he always has on his face. Also one of the Donald. Anyone have a dead hamster we could use as his hair?

      1. I don’t know about a hamster, but there is a caterpillar that looks exactly like Donald Trump’s hair. Google “Donald Trump caterpillar”.

    1. MUCH, thanks. 🙂 Off to religiously read your blog!

      1. You can agnostically read it if you prefer

  3. Oh, wonderful. I’m very glad to be on my own in the scriptorium (office) because there has been serious sniggering going on on my part.

    Love your facebook updates – did you really make them all accounts, or is that some fancy photoshopping?

    You are never too old to play. I mean, look at all the people who write scripts. The only difference is, they have human beings to act out the story, instead of dolls. I would imagine that the dolls are easier to work with. Marginally.

    1. Oh, I wish I had the time to make everyone accounts (Sad Pony and Squirrel were fun) but I found this generator that makes it much easier. You can make fake Facebook posts, phone texts, tweets, and more.

      And thanks for saying it made you laugh! I was starting to think maybe I was just entertaining myself and the Things (not that this is bad) but I love to hear that someone else enjoyed it too. And dolls are easier to work with – they never ask me what their motivation is.

      1. Oh, I must save that link. It may come in useful.

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