Broken, but still good

My friend Merry wrote this when I couldn’t. Please read.

Merbear's World

I was chatting with my amazing friend Alice yesterday, as we usually do on a mostly daily basis. I never dreamed that blogging would gift me with another best friend to add to my short list of the two other people who have qualified as “best friend” material in my 40 some years on this planet.

Let’s face it, not everyone we meet is destined to be a real friend, someone who needs you as much as you need them to get through this thing called life. My mom told me years ago that if you have one good friend, you’re lucky.

I think that I must be extra lucky.

Someday I will find a way to fly to Texas so that I can give her a hug and we will laugh and cry together.

“Did you ever see the movie “Lilo and Stitch?” she asked.

I said yes, of…

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6 responses

  1. I will have the words for you, as long as I am able.

  2. Fabulous Merry and Alice. Staying positive is a big part of the battle – as are friends.

  3. I had a brain fart and was unable to figure out how to comment on her post…..I’m blaming the weather! but I truly loved this post! not least because you two have found friends through blogging and support each other but also the description she gave about knowing her meds by shape and colour it made me snort with laughter as it’s one of my little joys too hehehe. Thanks for sharing this Alice 🙂

  4. Love you both, and love how you’ve found each other and support each other. Xxxx

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