Merry and Alice talk Cockle-Bread

Merry and I discuss an bizarre old medieval tradition

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The other day, Merry and I were chatting and she sent me a link cause we like to share philosophical ideas and shit.  And this link was from  And we were INSPIRED.  Check it out right here.  In case you’re wondering which X-rated tradition really caught our eye, it was the bread women made with their vaginas.  Of course it was. You didn’t read the article did you? We are NOT making this crap up.  Cracked did it’s research (unlike most news media) and here is what they found from, no kidding, the Oxford freaking Index which is from like OXFORD, guys.

oxford indexAnyone else feel like some bread right now?

Yeah, that’s right.  Women would mold bread dough with their va-jay-jays and butts and then bake it.  And here Miley Cyrus thinks she’s innovative.  Not only would these women do bizarre things with their grain products, they would…

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10 responses

  1. that was interesting to read!!! they could take a pen is to public court? medieval wasn’t a bad time I think… :o)

    1. Can you imagine what they would do with politicians?

      1. Oh I saw a documentation once, where they brought an unpopular king to a swamp and cut off his head… and just because of bad weather what ruined the harvest… if this would be still common I think all swamps would contain more headless kings than frogs :o)

    1. Giftbasket coming up, Paul.

  2. My vagina bread brings all the boys to the yard…damn right.

    1. Hell, yeah. Boys go crazy for the great taste of cockle bread!

    1. That was my response. And Cake Boss thinks he’s innovative.

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