Elsa vs Hans: The 2016 Arendelle Presidential Race

What, another election?  Don’t worry, this one will be blessedly short, which is great.  It also involves fictional people, which makes it even better.  Also it gives me something to do cause I’m bored.

As with all monumental decisions, it started with a Facebook post.


Hans wasted no time getting his press coverage in.  On Facebook.  Of course.


Rapunzel had a good idea there.  Popcorn makes almost everything better.  I’m stocked in it for early next month.  Next came the search for campaign managers and running mates.  Yes, in this election the primaries were skipped because most Disney royalty are not stupid enough to run in an election.  They stayed with Facebook for candidates, because I kept losing my camera.  I mean it’s more efficient.  Better than Twitter anyway.  #twitterisforlosers


After whacking her head against some ice a few times, Elsa tries again.


Oh, if only it were so easy, Elsa.  So many questions.  How DID Hans get out of prison this time?  Who is helping his campaign?  How many scandals will surface?  Will I find my camera or just have the whole thing done on Faceboook?  Shouldn’t we consider that for the next election?

Stay tuned.


12 responses

  1. I would like to hear about the prison break… we never know when we will need some clever tricks…

    1. True! Our actual candidates might need to know as well . . .

  2. Elsa! Elsa!

    1. Who wouldn’t vote Elsa? Oh, yeah, there are Disney villains. And some of the Disney peeps are kinda dumb. hmm

  3. Hans needs to hire some lawyers. I’m sure he could think of a way of disqualifying Eric as running mate since he’s presumptive heir to another kingdom and all.

    1. Good point. Granted, when you see the ones on his campaign, there’s lots of room for disqualification. Like possible lack of life.

      Also, so many scandals. Ice covered kingdom, attempted murder – Hans used to date his opponent’s sister . . .

  4. I think accidentally freezing the whole country should really disqualify Elsa. We don’t want a president who may bring another nuclear winter. And I bet Elsa hasn’t made public her Facebook messages.
    Vote Hans! Make Arendelle Great Again!

    1. LOL. Yes, there is sure to be controversy here. Pretty much every Disney character’s story is a little messed up, just like politicians.

  5. I’m gonna need Cliff’s Notes for every Disney movie from the past two decades….

    1. Yup. It’s all up in my head, where the location of my glasses should be.

  6. Haha, way too funny. Sadly, I wish this campaign was the real one.

  7. If Elsa can kill the awful heat that lasts for about six months in SC, she’s got my vote 😉

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