Elsa vs. Hans: The campaign continues

With the election season underway, Hans and Elsa got prepared the typical way.  With parties from campaign donors.

Hans Bond

Why, thank you, ladies. I deeply respect . . . your money.

Party conventions

disney hunger games 1

This year’s Elsa convention held in my backyard.

TV interviews

The Belle Show

The Belle Show

And of course, lots of political ads.

I love it when I find just what I need on Google images.

I love it when I find just what I need on Google images.

But that’s just preparation for the big debate.  Elsa leaves a quick thank you for her supporters.

elsa-thanks-supporters-1elsa-thanks-supporters-2After a careful Twitter search . . .

disneypresident-fb-hans-gets-snows-voteOh oh.  Elsa better keep hold of her supporters, especially the easily persuaded.  Not that there are many of those . . . yeah.  So we finally hear from the campaign managers of both campaigns.

Mother Gothel here to promote the Hans campaign. Arendelle needs a strong leader like Hans who does not freeze countries. Or shoot icicles at people. Etc.

Mother Gothel here to promote the Hans campaign. Arendelle needs a strong leader like Hans who does not freeze countries. Or shoot icicles at people. Etc.

Ah, Mother Gothel?  Now why would she promote Hans?  What is their connection?  How did she come back from the dead?  Questions, questions.

Shang spoke for his candidate, Elsa.

Elsa is clearly the superior talent. She isn't a sociopath, she's never been in prison - well just once, and she's a strong, loving ruler. Also - check out my pectorals.

Elsa is clearly the superior candidate. She isn’t a sociopath, she’s never been in prison – well just once, and she’s a strong, loving ruler. Also – check out my pectorals.

So now they are ready for the first debate.  Later their VP candidates will debate too.  Hans tried to choose himself, but needed someone else.  You’ll soon find out, but any guesses would be fun.  Stay tuned for coverage of this ridiculous, historic event.


22 responses

  1. I love the convention outside! I’m glad there were enough comments on the candidates since I don’t know who Hans is and only know Elsa’s name and I think she ice skates. Anyway, looking forward to your next update.

    1. Hans tried to take over Elsa’s kingdom by attempting to marry her sister Anna and acting like the typical handsome prince. But then that didn’t go so well when Elsa froze the country with her powers, etc etc, so he just tried to murder them both. Grade A jerk basically.

      Like some people we know, these issues will not effect his campaign much.

      1. Well! That does sound familiar! How deplorable!

        1. Hahaha! Yes, this whole thing is gonna be Yuge, trust me.

  2. Can I have some Mother Willow? Please?

    1. Totally. Just vote for Pocahontas.

      1. Will do!!

  3. on one hand Hans is honest, he only wants the money… but to tell the truth is not really helpful for a politician :O) … and the gifts should be better than just a banana… how about a smartphone or a posh car?

    1. Doesn’t take much to win Snow over. She took a poisoned apple from the creepiest woman on earth in her movie. But good point, he needs to up his ante a little lol.

  4. I just want to point out that any accusations that Hans has sexually assaulted women is absolutely 100% false. As you can see from the first photo, women are coming on to him completely voluntarily, because he’s such a huge star.
    It’s Shang who us the real sexual predator. Also, people say that Aladdin and Jasmine are agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, so we need to deport them until we figure out what’s going on.

    1. Aladdin and Jasmine are refugees. It’s Jafar the local authorities should be monitoring!

      1. Dontcha know all Muslims are terrorists, Jafar, Jasmine, Aladdin, and even his monkey Abu? We gotta carefully vet them, big league, and then send them all back to Syria which is a disaster.

        1. The monkey might also be carrying that Zika virus or something. Never can be too careful.

      2. Lol. I’m sure Hans will find a way to put his buddy Jafar in the clear. For a small donation of a million gold dinars.

    2. Haha! All very good points! I’m sure Hans would be thrilled to point all of this out. Muslim brotherhood. Of course.

  5. Has Pocohantas gotten arrested for protesting anything yet? That’s a great way for Green Party candidates to get votes, just ask Jill Stein!

    1. She’s probably chained herself to a few rocks and trees and creatures before.

  6. I predict Hans will choose Maleficent as his running mate. Or, possibly, Cruella DeVille. She would make a great politician.

    1. Definitely. If you’re missing Dalmatians, you know it’s her. Reminds me of this meme I saw – Cruella on Hillary’s side, and the bad guy from Pocahontas (wearing glittery gold) on the other.

  7. So not to bug you about something unrelated, but did you get my comments on that matter we discussed for Canvas in progress? I’m sorry if I’m being a pain, but it really got me. If you’ve changed your mind on going forward, I’ll still love you with all of my heart. And you’ll still find me at [ acanvasoftheminds@gmail.com ]. Even to say hi. I’d like to say hi. Here from you that you’re hanging in there. 🙂

    By the way, I have to say my ultimate choice to represent Trump in this would have been Scar. He was nuts, he had no real plan, he wanted power for power’s sake, and never really thought past that, and then there were the hyenas. Don’t they seem like deplorables?

    1. Oh – you know I think I must have been checking the wrong email or something because I didn’t see them. I will check again. I was going to ask about that . . .

      And yes, good choice. The goose stepping hyenas are a dead giveaway there.

  8. Will the fact that she’s not a sociopath help or hurt Elsa? My votes..err vote is waiting to be cast.

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