Cover Songs or post I stole from another blogger!

Okay, so I haven’t been writing lately cause of the bloody pony and squirrel.  If you’re new, you may not have been introduced.  First there is Sad Pony.  He might look like a picture, but he’s very real.  He enjoys sitting on me and acting sarcastic to hide his deep, dark pain.

Deep dark pain.  Check it.

Next up is Squirrel.  He is also not just a picture, but a real anxiety attack in fuzzy form.

Oh woooowwww omg you haven’t used me in forever I’m here I’m still here what are you doing will you do something now omg I think the world is gonna end better take hold of my nuts wait did that sound bad hey where are you going?

So right, as Merbear, whose post I just stole, said, music can help tame these bad boys here, at least for a little while.  At the moment I am looking into new treatments for them because they’re cute and all but I want them kept at bay.  I want an actual life.  When you can look at your blog posts, giggle a little cause gosh you’re funny, but then realize that crap, you’ve sort of gone downhill over the years, it’s time to do something.  Anything.  But before I take up drunk hunting, I figured I’d try to write a few posts.  Just to say I did.  And why music?  Cause I can’t think of anything else right now!  Awesome!

So I had a record player when I was really little.  It was a Winnie the Pooh record player.  And I played it quite a bit.  I also used the record player in the living room.  Sometimes you had to put one of those little circular things inside the single disks, cause they had a bigger hole.  I don’t know why they had a bigger hole, they just did.  Also you had to play them on a higher speed.  This was also a fun thing to do to regular records, so they would song like Chipmunks.  Where was I?  Right, so I played records, like Ghostbusters.  I remember that one, especially on high speed.   Also “Bad Boys” by Miami Sound Machine now known as Gloria Estefan.  I am dating myself.  I’m a great date.

This brings back memories. I was so cool as a kid.

I also had cassette tapes (all you cute little millennials – google this stuff) and the first one I remember was Hall and Oates.  My brother gave it to me, because back then he gave me stuff he wanted.  Come to think of it, he still kind of does this.  I was around eight I think?  That was also when my parents gave me my first phone in my room (pink!), so they wouldn’t have to hear me yammer any longer.  My parents were progressive that way.   My brother and I both got Sony Walkmans, because my parents liked us also shutting up on trips.  I would often listen to my player, especially when I needed to cover up my father’s twang Country music.  I was pleased to find out that Thing Two was trying to drown out Hakuna Matata the other day while Thing One and I sang at the tops of our lungs.  Apparently Disney doesn’t go well with My Chemical Romance.  We felt sads about this – haha, no we didn’t.

I can remember thinking I was sooo much older listening to music.  I walked home one day and the speakers at the baseball field were playing Cyndi Lauper’s She-Bop and I danced and sang like the bad nine-year-old I was, having blissfully no idea what Cyndi was actually singing about (thank you Cracked for clearing up that mystery).  There are other songs that bring back memories of roller skating rinks (look it up) and amusement parks (ours was called Wonderland, for reals).  Now that I’m older, I listen to other music, but I still love the 80s.  They are the best.  I like some of today’s music – some of which I will embarrassingly admit to later, and the oldies too, though not as much as Merbear.  We still have this weird ability to finish songs the other one starts, no matter what the time or genre.  Sometimes we don’t both like a song and we have to take a breather and say, it’s okay, everyone has faults.  But mostly we enjoy the same stuff.  While there are songs that you love, there are also songs you hate with equal passion.  I’ll talk about that too, maybe.

For example, here is a song I hate. I HATE IT.

Music has a magical ability to change your mood. It doesn’t work on everyone – I had tone deaf English students.  I asked them how all different genres of music felt, what it made them think of, from classical to modern day, from fast to slow.  They said “your music sucks.”.  I was 22, they were at least 18.  I really don’t think four years should have made a difference.  But wow, it can.  For me, though, music is powerful.  I can feel my heart swell when I hear it, and my soul soar.  Like movies, music can take you places.  It can actually heal you, and slow down your anxiety (lots of youtube videos are good for this).  I even saw a video about this old man with Alzheimer’s who was non responsive – until they put headphones on him with his favorite music from his younger years.  He literally came alive.

So yeah, I think I’ll talk about music.  Here’s hoping, anyway.


9 responses

  1. I love that video of the man who comes alive after listening to his music.
    My record player was plastic, blue and white. And yes, I messed around with the speed too. Chipmunks are way cool when they talk.

  2. Great post and love the video. They should do this more with people. Wonder if they do? Think it works for most people? In the future the people’s iPods or whatever will have heavy metal, punk, grunge, dance music, pop and (shiver) disco! ? Mine and Mers will have the Beatles of course!

    1. There is hope! My Thing Two (12) loves the Beatles too now! Which is good since a lot of the stuff she likes is – well not Beatles lol.

  3. I was lucky, as I grew up a musician’s daughter, so I literally cannot remember a time when there was not music in my life. And he’s a cool electric bassist, not like a classical musician I would have to wait until I was older to appreciate. He has always had *taste* in music. I probably new who Jaco Pastorius was before I knew who Madonna was. (No offense intended, but she’s much more a performer than a musician. And regardless, if you’re going to compare someone to Jaco, that someone had better be like Beethoven.)

    1. I have not heard Jaco. He have a youtube video? 😀

      1. OMG! Just Google. He was the greatest bass player of all time, bar none. He played songs with the bass that no bass ever created. Sadly, he’s not with us anymore. Let’s say complications from mental illness. But there’s a Netflix documentary that is amazing. Seriously. He made the bass sing like every instrument there is. Not that I’m obsessed or anything.

  4. You left out when you really, really became cool: When you got a CD player. I remember because you wouldn’t let me touch the discs!

  5. Music is so important and profound. I love it when my 4 and 6 yos holler at me to “turn it up” in the car, especially when it’s Radiohead, the Ramones, Jane’s Addiction…

    1. Oh, yeah, my kids learned to love my music. I can remember my oldest singing “Gonna hawden my hawt, gonna swawow my te-ares” and “Ooh Heaben is a pwace on earf.” The youngest liked ABBA and Lady Gaga. “I want your laundry and I want your Depends . . .”

      Now they are 16 and 12 – they let me sing along because I drive. But 12 year old will not let 16 year old sing if she can help it. And she puts on her headphones and slumps down if we, say, sing “Let it go” extremely loud with the windows rolled down. No idea why.

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