United Airlines Kills the Easter Bunny

Hide yo kids! Hide yo bunnies!  United is at it again.  I mean first they kicked tween girls off a plane for wearing inappropriate leggings (what else do these girls wear?), then they bashed the head of that kindly old doctor and dragged him off the plane, but now they have gone too far.  They killed a giant bunny.  A giant bunny bred by a former playboy bunny, who had surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit.


No, I’m not making any of this up.  This has to be the best news day of all time.

Er, um, except for the bunny.  RIP Simon.

When they say “giant bunny” they aren’t kidding here.  This rabbit weighed 33 pounds and was 3 feet long.  News sources say “That was one big freaking rabbit.”   It doesn’t help that United has the worst record again this year for animal deaths, including eight dogs and a little baby kitten.  (Have you no shame, United?) But the real stories come from the following dear friends of the giant rabbit, who express their condolences.

“Simon was a little weird, always hiding those eggs every year “for Jesus”, as he said, but he was a great guy.  I think the pilot must have been Mr. McGregor.” – Peter Rabbit.

“No one had a bad word for Simon.  He was just so real, ya know.  And huge.” – The Velveteen Rabbit

“Roger thinks this is a really messed up deal for Simon.  And he’s married to me.” – Jessica Rabbit

“Even the Mad Hatter won’t ride United now.  Oh, crap, I’m late for my flight!” – The White Rabbit

“Yeah, that’s all folks,” – Bugs Bunny

No one knows how to break the news to the kids.  What are they going to do without all those eggs and giant chocolate bunnies and, bizarrely, giant chocolate crosses?  Hyperglycemia does not cause itself.  One thing is for sure – I am not flying United Airlines anytime soon. Because you know they’re probably going to start shoving overbooked passengers, or doctors, or tweens (you know some people would cheer for this) into the cargo holds next, and even Simon didn’t make it out of that alive.   But don’t worry, United is “deeply saddened” by this, just like they were about the incident with the doctor.  I mean after first ignoring it, then smearing his name through the mud, then, after stocks plummeted, finally “apologizing” with all the sincerity of a politician.  They also plan to address this issue with their wronged party.  By Ouija board apparently.

Luckily all the news outlets are on this case.

“Now United’s Killing Fluffy Bunnies!” – The Daily Mail.

“United Airlines Investigates Giant Bunny Death” – Wazobia Journal

“World’s Biggest Rabbit Dies in Mysterious Circumstances on Flight in New PR Disaster United Airlines” – The Sun

I’m not sure what the weirdest thing about this case is – that there can be as much outcry over a bunny death as there is over a human getting beaten and dragged from a flight or that there is a bunny that is 33 POUNDS.  One things is for sure – bunnies get peoples’ attention.  Your raving reporter Alice promises to keep a close eye on any developing news.  What do you think will happen next with United?  What kind of settlement will Jessica Rabbit get?  What about the children?  Let me know in the comments below.


26 responses

  1. Did they explain what killed the rabbit?
    Kill the rabbit, kill the rabbit!

    1. They are saying “mysterious circumstances”. I suspect fowl play.

      1. So it wasn’t Elmer Fudd?

        1. He remains on the “no fly” list for questioning. Boy is he relieved.

          1. I bet he is.
            It could have been Marvin the Martian, he always seemed sort of sketchy to me.

  2. yes… I ponder about the most annoying thing too… not only good things come in three…. wonder what UA has in petto next… killing santa? or playing bingo who has to leave the plane?

    1. Not Santa!!!

    2. At least the tooth fairy can fly on her own.

      1. and robert pattinson… what a relief for all the girls :O)

      2. That doesn’t bar the possibility of aerial collision.

        1. These days, I could totally see the fairy splattered on their windshields as the pilots update their resumes.

  3. “United Kicks Coffin Out of Cargo Hold In Order To Make Room for Toilet Seat Covers”

    1. I could see this happening – wait is that a real article?

  4. That rabbit is the stuff of nightmares.

  5. When my sister was all of about three, one of our neighbors told her Easter was cancelled because someone shot the Easter Bunny. That trauma lasts! 😉

    1. Oh, wow, that’s cruel but so like a kid. I’m shocked my brother didn’t do that.

      1. Oh no no, it was a grown man who told her, which just make it even more sick! We got out of that neighborhood while the getting was good!

        1. That’s awful. You did indeed.

  6. Think of all of that meat wasted. Rabbit tastes a lot like chicken or so I have heard.

  7. Giant bunnies are an actual proper breed. Weird, yes, giant, yes, but not odd. Not when you think about things like giraffes, ostritches, duck-billed platipii, homo sapiens, etc.

    Seriously, who lets the airline put their pet in the hold?

    1. I think she would have had to buy him a seat if he’s 33 pounds . . . I can picture him in a seat belt. Who wants next to the bunny?

  8. *Gasp* more evidence for my theory that people are stupid jerks! (Particularly air lines)

    1. Good thing they are too overpriced for me now. No chance of ending up squished in the overhead compartment.

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