Come baaaaaaaaaack!

I was reading this article about President Obama taking a selfie with an Alaskan woman and her baby.  It was super weird, see, cause he held this baby, took the picture, and never once told either her mother or her that they were too fat or had bad plastic surgery jobs.  And all I could think was of how sweet it was and how jealous I was of that baby.

That might have come out wrong.  Anyway, while I was reading my husband walked by and said, “Reading about Obama?”  I said yes and that I was sad that some people called him a “monkey” online.  He said, “I know you and the girls make fun of Trump.  But he should be given respect as the president.”  This surprised me, as he rarely talks about politics.  I said, “I wouldn’t be racist about him.”  Which is true – that is one thing I wouldn’t do.  Even orange people should have rights.

Now my husband is a good man.  If I’d known he was going to end up voting Republican, I highly doubt we’d have gotten past the second date.  He said he wasn’t into politics when I asked him about his.  My translation: I can convert him.  Young single people – don’t ever think this.  He votes Republican primarily because of gun rights.  He was raised in the country, where he was taught to respect guns and use them properly.  So he thinks other people do.  I don’t try to argue about this with him anymore.  In fact, we usually do not discuss politics with each other.  This is a good thing because we balance each others’ strengths quite well.  With politics he doesn’t care and I care way too much.  But his statement got me thinking.

Think like the POTUS!

Do we need to have respect for the president because of his office alone?  When Obama was president, I can remember being deeply bothered that people said such horrible things about him.  My Thing One was just eight when he was elected the first time, and it bothered her that people did not show respect for the president since she was taught to respect her elders.  I felt the same way.  Even if they didn’t care for his positions on issues, there was no reason to be so nasty about him as a person.  Then came Trump.

I tried to have basic respect for him at first, honestly I did.  But it wasn’t long, definitely by the time he somehow, inexplicably, became the Republican nominee for POTUS that I lost even a semblance of respect.  Was I biased about Obama?  Well, yes, of course I was.  I am a very passionate Democrat.  I stand with the views of that party.  But that wasn’t the only reason I liked Obama.  He also, in my opinion, earned respect.  He wasn’t perfect, no one is, but he made an effort.  You looked at him and you saw a decent human being.  At least I did.  I never could understand why some people had so much hatred for him.  The Democrat before him, Clinton, was a successful president, even if he had issues with keeping a basic item of clothing on around interns.  Obama, as far as anyone knows, had no issues with this.  I think it was the whole “Michelle was awesome and he was a good guy” bit.  But girl had muscle and could probably bench press him, so ultimately it was in his best interest.

The episode where Michelle put Elmo in a headlock was the best one EVER.

Moving onto Donald Trump.  What can I say?  I have not cared for the last few Republican presidents, especially George W. Bush, for very good reasons.  Yes, I have bias toward my party of choice.  I believe the government should take care of ALL people, not just the wealthy.  Everyone should have healthcare.  Everyone should be able to make choices about their own lives.  And so on.  Still, I would never have advocated for wild hyenas to chase after either Bush, or Reagan, or any of the other Republicans before them.  But Trump?  Oh, yes, yes I would.

I don’t dislike him.  I loathe him.  And I have reasons, so many reasons, all of which can be backed up with written, audio, or video proof.  Almost every time he opens his mouth, something hateful, offensive, sexist, racist, or just idiotic comes out. Or any time he types on a keyboard, which he does way too often for any office holder.  We need a new law barring people holding office from Twitter.  Unless you are a under 18 years old you really do not need to be spending that much time on a form of social media that spits out idiocy 140 characters at a time.  Good grief, my children do not spend that much time on Twitter.  They are smarter and have more important things to do with their time.

Even I write more intelligent tweets.

I do expect my kids to show basic respect for authority, even if they don’t like them.  But this is unlike anything I have ever experienced when it comes to authority.  George W. Bush was not the brightest light on the porch, but he did know how to listen to his advisors.  Trump is so arrogant he won’t even listen to his own staff.  And he needs to, because he knows nothing about his job.  You should understand your job and if you don’t, you darn sure better lean on someone who does get it.  This is true at a KFC, and it is certainly true in the highest office in the U.S.A.  Have your own views on the issues, views I detest, but at least do some basic things like:

A: Live in the White House – full time – with your wife.  Or

B: Prepare for meetings with presidents of other countries, especially if those presidents are extremely dangerous. Or

C: If you can’t say something nice, shut up.

Crazy ideas, I know, but come on!  It’s not just me, some crazy “libtard” as Internet Trump supporters like to say.  Other world leaders dislike him too.  Watch the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel roll her eyes and imagine getting to spend the day sandwiched between Putin and Trump.

Or check out the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

He is now one of my new heroes.

Unlike my president.  Yes, though I hate it, he is the president, but he is a lousy president and a pretty lousy human being.  He could change, but I highly doubt he will.  As Vicente says, he would be much happier back in his old life as jerk CEO.  There’s no pressure there, and best of all, no tempting buttons to push.  There was a time, back when he was first elected, when I thought people were going overboard with worry.  Surely he wasn’t going to be that bad.

I was wrong.  So wrong.  There are scary things happening out there.  Other countries with weapons that could destroy what is left of the promise of this great nation.  The United States and her people deserve more than this.  The world, of which the United States is one of the wealthiest, most influential nations, deserves more than this.

It deserves respect.


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  1. He’d be hard to respect even if he was doing a good job. But like Theresa May who I despise for the ignorant, money grabbing, elitist that she is we seem to be stuck with them….I nearly cried when I realised that (especially in order to ensure it she joined forces with the trumps of Ireland). They’re not doing a good job, either of them, the world has gone crazy in its leadership and we’ll be lucky to make it to 2020 without fallout :/

    1. I totally agree! I was so shocked and upset when he was elected, I couldn’t get out of bed for a day. It’s still unbelievable, like we all got stuck in the Big Brother house. Can we change the channel?

  2. Dang! I had just finished a long comment for this through FB but now, poof, it’s gone. Oh well.

    Basically, hopefully in short, it talked about the terrible things 45 (I rarely if ever use his name) has done to our country, that he has lost the respect of the world, alienated our allies while praising tyrant, murdering dictators and lost our status as leader of the free world.

    I respect the office of the president which is why I despise this man using it to tear down America and as a vendetta against President Obama.

    We have faced terrible things as a nation before and survived. I hope the same with the terrible thing of 45.

    I love and respect the office of the presidency, but whoever occupies it has to earn the respect of the office. 45 obviously has not!!

    1. I hate it when my essay comments disappear! If it helps, I think the short version is very apt. Whoever occupies the office has to earn the respect. Obama did. Heck even many of the Republicans I disagree with at least had the decency not to be so nasty and immature. I didn’t think they’d actually drop the bomb because their pancakes came out burned. This guy is so bonkers I honestly don’t know sometimes.

      I have to remember “this too shall pass”. Not fast enough for my taste, though.

      1. I’m hoping it will pass before it’s too late. It’s going to take a long time to fix all this damage.

        I have lived through more Republican presidents than Democratic. My list of, shall we say, least liked used to be:
        1. Reagan
        2. G W Bush

        I pretty much only had those two, of all the Republicans during my life. Nixon was a given so I didn’t bother with him.

        Then 45 was helped in by the Russians and Electoral College. Of course now the list is revised. I never, ever thought Reagan would come off the top spot. Obviously I was wrong.

        So, now I have a list of 3 with 45 at the top with the other 2 moving down a rung.

        If anyone ever tops this guy we won’t be here to talk about it. Let’s hope this passes sooner than later!

  3. SickChristine | Reply

    In the face of torrents of racism Obama remained measured and eloquent. He deserved respect. Trump has the temperament, vocabulary, and emotional restraint of a toddler. He deserves nothing.

  4. I think the office of the President deserves respect. But there’s the position, and there’s the man occupying it, and it’s not the office of the President who’s getting into Twitter spats with journalists, who lets his kids run things, who pushes other world leaders to get to a front row of a photo op, who brags out classified information just to impress foreign – and not allied – diplomats. If Trump himself pays no respect to the office of the President, why should we?

    1. Well put. I didn’t know about shoving himself past world leaders to the front row of the photo op. It doesn’t surprise me at all of course, but somehow I missed that one.

  5. Angela Merkel is now the unofficial Leader of the Free World. I can’t move to Canada for another eight years at least. Boo.

    1. By that time our cooties may leak over there and infect them. Look what we did to the U.K.!

  6. Angela Merkel is definitely the woman to watch. Not Teresa May and not any of the women who are associated to POTUS45. The only positive thing I can say about Teresa May is that at least she’s not Boris “BoJo” Johnson, which really isn’t saying much.

    For supposedly committed Christians, these people aren’t doing very well at listening to the message of the Gospel. Which is depressing. If you want me, I’ll be helping run the foodbank, to feed all the poor people who have been screwed over by countless governments putting caps on benefits and big businesses moving jobs overseas meaning they can’t get work to get off the damn benefits. It’s really not right at all.

    1. All they really have to do is try reading the stuff highlighted in red – it’s not that long. Of course they would also have to comprehend it and they aren’t that bright. I am very thankful for those churches who reach out to the community. If not for all of you, there may come a time some people would have nothing thanks to the government.

      1. Here in the UK, we’re already in that time. If someone arrives late to an appointment at the job centre, their money gets stopped for 4 weeks. Next time it goes up to 3 months, and increases up to a maximum of 3 years. Or someone who has been signed off by their doctor because of a heart attack would be deemed fit to work by the government’s “qualified health professionals” because they don’t meet the criteria for that particular benefit. See if you can find the film I Daniel Blake. You will need tissues. It’s really horrible here at times.

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