Putting the “Dis” back in Disability

Am over at Merbear’s site today . . . come see!

Merbear's World

I’ve had difficulty writing lately, but I’ve been told I should get past this by just throwing something out there on paper, sort of like a Jackson Pollock painting.  My problem is that I am a bit of a perfectionist – no really – even my booger posts must have just the right amount of snot in them or I’m just all out of sorts.  Will someone laugh at booger, or should I try loogie, or snot wad?  These are the questions of a humor writer.

You could say I’ve had a somewhat difficult year.  Or several years?  Time just flies!  Just the other day I was 31 and complaining and now I am 41 and complaining.  So the depression has not been great – not that it’s ever awesome or anything.  Actually, depression status is hard to define for yourself sometimes, especially when you’ve been on various drugs and…

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  1. As always, your honesty is admirable. I’m glad the government came through for you. Severe depression can be every bit as disabling as a physical condition one can see or diagnose with a lab test. Too bad it’s the twenty-first century and that notion is still not universally accepted.

    1. Thank you. I can be honest under my humor defense shield. 🙂

      I do hope this will give me a chance to focus on my writing, but to send something to a publisher? I’ve only been published in a college magazine. Maybe one day. Not sure how I’ll market myself though – hey you wanna read this I mean just if you want to no big deal . .

      1. The marketing part is tough, no doubt. Time-consuming and uncomfortable. I hope you do get a chance to write though. You write so well. Your authenticity shines through your words, and I imagine you have a lot of emotional depth to draw from.

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