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Alice Says Goodbye

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I have been writing on Aliceatwonderland since late 2011.  I have loved this blog, and my followers, and their likes and comments.  I’ve enjoyed such great discussion, and laughter.  I created a game with a sparkly pony as a prize, I read horrible books and watched stupid T.V. for the fun of trashing them, I’ve played dolls with my kids and made their adventures into posts, I’ve discussed the merits of Lysol as a feminine hygiene product, and occasionally I’ve been serious.  But only occasionally.

But sometimes you do reach the end, and it’s time to go in a new direction.  So aliceatwonderland is ending, but never fear my loyal followers, all dozen or so of you, I am creating a new blog.  A blog dedicated more to reviews – although you know, you can review anything.  I will leave aliceatwonderland here for anyone who still wants to adventure here.  But I am also starting over.

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Why start over?  Because a lot has changed for me this past year.  Today is the anniversary of my first day of ECT (electroconvulsive therapy).  I attempted this controversial therapy, which involved three months worth of multiple six hour trips to Dallas in order to pay them to give me seizures – all under anesthesia.  I did this because my depression wasn’t getting better.  I did it so I could be there for my family.  I did it to save my job.  I lost my job before my last treatment for not being there enough.  And I had family problems to face as well.  Not to mention the bills.  It costs a lot to give good seizures today.

It sounds scary, but it is really a lot like restarting a computer.  A lot of times.  And for me, it did help, though it took a while, and I am still recovering.  And during this time I have changed.  My perspective has shifted.  I am filled with gratitude for those who were there for me during this past year, and all the years before when I needed them.  My husband who took time off work to drive me back and forth every other week.  My father who took me the other weeks, and helped pay for my treatment while my mother stayed with my children.  My friends, for their emotional support when I needed it.  Our church who, in spite of me being a rather unreliable attendant, was also extremely generous with their aid, giving us money, cleaning our house, even helping with the children as well.  And, of course, those children, my Thing One and Thing Two, for showing maturity beyond their years, and for being two of my dearest buddies.

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I am even grateful to the government, for giving me disability until I am able to work a job again, however long that takes.  I am not rushing it this time, because just balancing myself and my family and my illnesses is a full time job.  It is also my wish to devote more time to writing, now that my brain is settling down.  It is my passion and my healing.  And nothing means more to me than possibly touching a few people, and making them laugh long enough to forget the many problems of this world.

I hope you will follow me on my journey.  I have little idea of where I’m going, but as the cat says, it really doesn’t matter which way I go as long as I keep walking.  If you’d like to follow me to my new blog, it’s up now and the address is  I’d love to have as many faithful followers as I can get.  I may not know you personally, but I appreciate you for turning this into such a confidence boosting, fun, and very curious ride.  Thank you all.

-Alice Forever

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