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WordPress just warned me that they have a new editor planned. WHY?  I just now figured out this one and it’s been . . . a while.

Speaking of WordPress, long ago in blogland we used to pass around these blog awards and I would collect them obsessively and call them “blog bling”.  I also considered stealing a certain one, since all you have to do – technically – is copy / paste it off a more fortunate person’s blog.  That would be the Freshly Pressed award that I eventually got by insulting the editors of WordPress in a post.  There’s a bit more to it than that, but no matter now since it is passe because they have Editor’s Choice or something like that.  I don’t know much about it since I don’t have a lot of blog friends competing for it.  So big deal, cause this award’s name is not nearly as stupid, (I do not think of a mammogram when I hear it) so I reject it, unless some editor wants to give it to me.  I’m RIGHT HERE guys, and you know WordPress I noticed when you never responded to my suggestion that my booger post be given an award.  Do you not read your tweets?  I find this unprofessional, WordPress. 

I was getting somewhere, oh yeah, I was given the Liebster award by blogger anupturnedsoul.   I forget who or what a Liebster is, but this one award is super cool because it asks lots of bizarre questions  and I love answering questions that concern myself.  (You should check her blog out cause she likes me, which makes her amazing and crap.) So here goes! 


What is a question? What does asking questions mean to you? 

A question about a question?  It’s like an English major wrote this.  Or a philosophy one, since it was taken from The Philosopher’s Magazine.  

What is a question?  That’s easy.  A question is the answer on the game show Jeopardy.  What does asking questions mean to me?  Asking questions is a great way to learn something new and / or annoy another person.  Like when I asked this nun in my college class repeated stupid questions like “Do you have more than one color of habit, like for special occasions?”  She was very patient.

What is an answer?  What does an answer mean to you? How far will you go to get an answer?

Haha, I did not see this one coming.  Naturally an answer is a question on Jeopardy, which I almost never get right.  Like who cares where Monaco is, it’s like the size of Dallas or something.  An answer means someone has actually solved something, like say the Trump investigation.  There are no more answers, only questions like WHYYYYYY?  How far will I go for an answer? Wikipedia.  See above for question definition.

What would you do first in this situation?

what-would-you-do-first-from-brightside-me (1)

Each option has an interpretation attached to it which you will find by clicking over to : What Would You Do First in This Situation? The Result Can Reveal a Lot About You – there are additional questions asked by the site which are: How accurately do these characteristics describe your personality? Do you agree or disagree with all the descriptions?

This one annoyed me, because how can it be a personality test when most answers just mean you’re kinda dumb?  If you do anything besides go to the tea kettle (does anyone still have one of these?) you are risking a fire.  The baby’s fine in the crib another minute, the dog has already ruined your furniture, and the corded phone (we still had one of those until recently) call is probably a telemarketer cause those are the only people who call on a home phone.

But these guys say “If you’ve chosen the kettle, it can mean that you’re a passionate and rather quick-tempered person. You make decisions quickly without doubts, and nothing will stop you from achieving your goal.  You can quickly get bored with monotony. You care about your safety and don’t like surprises. It’s easier for you to follow a clearly defined plan without unexpected twists and turns.”

Yeah, I care about safety, like not having the surprise of a fire, though you know not having things on fire can be rather monotonous so maybe I should have let the kettle go after all.  Cause I cannot decisions to save my life, which is why maybe I should have chosen the baby because then I’m a calm and resourceful person who sacrifices myself for others (like in a fire) and enjoys quiet evenings with my family which I should note does not include a baby.  Yet if you pick the baby up first and then go to the kettle and the dog, you burn the baby and get its head chewed off by the dog.  I’m assuming you’d still be holding the baby since it’s not going to just get calmed in its crib fast enough for you to escape the fire, the rabid dog, or that relentless ringing.

It’s possible I have overthought this question.  Nah!  Okay so if I choose the dog it means I’m a material girl who doesn’t like a mess, and if I choose the phone I’m a great communicator who can multitask (not likely with a corded phone) in which case why didn’t I grab the dog, the baby, the kettle, and then answer the phone?  The answers have no questions and the questions no answers and we’re right back to question one!

How would you convince me that you are real and not in my dreams? (borrowed from Philosophy Cambridge Interview Questions)

I’m not real.  This is a dream.  Or IS IT?

alice taylor quote
I totes need this pin.

What is your favorite word?  (Q borrowed from English Cambridge Interview Questions) Why is it your favorite word?

Once upon a time, whence I covered 50 Shades of Crap, my blog’s top search word for the year according to Google was “crack whore”.  This is not my favorite word, though, nor is crap, no matter how many times I use it.  It’s a tough choice, but I think my favorite word is “stabby”, as in “I feel stabby today”.  It may not be in the Oxford English Dictionary yet, but if they added “hangry” I think they can add “stabby.”

Also, since this is borrowed from interview questions, what kind of interview asks what your favorite word is?  Are they wondering if you will blurt out “stabby” like I just did, so they know you’re a serial killer and can casually mark through your name on their list?  I’m so curious.

What does the following illustrated story mean to you? If you’re not sure – What was the first thought which popped into your mind about it?


Oh, wise Tarzan, er Tanzan, teach me more about how to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits!  I mean, the first thought that popped into my head was “Oh like that monk is so great.” cause that’s how my mind works.  Actually, though, I think it’s trying to say that the student was worrying about the teacher mucking up his mind cause his was mucked up – ie get the two-by-four out of your eye before you pick at mine, you brat.  I count people who go through youth books line by line looking for subversive material among these.

Which god or goddess from mythology would you be and why? (Q borrowed from a comment on anupturnedsoul’s blog – Two Narcissists in a Relationship? – a personal story)

Ooh, I know this one!  Nemesis.  She’s not as well known as say, Zeus, but I like her cause she’s the Greek goddess of revenge.  Her job is to exact revenge for “hubris” against the gods, or in valley girl speak “She like thinks she is like SO GOOD.”  Some people say you shouldn’t want revenge and you should live well, blah blah, but I think that’s because they couldn’t get away with it and besides, if I was Nemesis, this would be my job.  Like, nothin’ personal.  Hey, did you just run over your neighbor’s cat and think nothing of it cause you are so special with your corvette?  Sorry, but Whiskers is going to haunt you for the rest of your life, buddy.  Turn around – Whiskers.  Go to bed – Whiskers.  Take home a date – Whiskers on the couch waiting with his red, creepy eyes.

Not that I’ve though much about this.

taylor tied to tracks
Taylor is Nemesis’s representative on Earth, I think.

 If you could be someone else, real or fictional, for a day, who would you be and why? What would you learn from being them? (Q inspired by Fandango’s Provocative Question #1)

Last question, you guys!  I would be Donald Trump. No wait, hear me out!  I would grab my buddy Mike Pence and we would travel to Antarctica to visit with the penguins and those Eskimo guys.  We’d miss the plane back – I’d only have to tell Mike that there was a woman on there if he protested.  Then I’d go back to being me, and Donald and Mike would learn to live with the Indigenous peoples until they kick them out within days and then they would learn to live with penguins.  Sorry, Donald, you don’t always get to be in the middle.  You have to share warmth like all the other Emperor penguins.  And outside people would be all “Yay!” until we get someone else stupid in office.  What would I learn?  In Trump’s brain, I’d probably have lost information more than gained it.  I am willing to take the risk for my country.

Okay, so that’s the end I promise!  Anyone still with me?  I am supposed to ask eight questions of someone else, but my brain is fuzzy.  I don’t know eight bloggers, but anyone reading I would LOVE to see answer these questions cause they are so fun.  I’m going to check out anupturnedsoul’s other nominees and their answers.  

Stay tuned as I explore the many bizarre versions of Mary Freakin’ Poppins!



29 responses

  1. That is the exact same answer I’d have given for who to be for a day! Just don’t forget to empty his bank accounts, too. Give a cool few million to a few close friends and family, then donate the rest to restore all the social services he cut from our budget.

    1. Yes! Wouldn’t they be surprised if they get back from their stay? We donated to what? Now, now, don’t worry. I’m sure you can apply for aid from one of these federal programs to get by . . . :D.

      1. I started typing about this answer, but then I got ranty and deleted it. Just time the day properly, because third in line to the presidency is the Speaker of the House. (Somewhere my U.S. History teacher just got a huge boost to his mood and he has no idea why.)

    2. You’re going to have to exchange all these Russian rubles in his accounts to dollars first.

      1. I’m sure Donald and family buy their groceries in Russian rubles all the time!

  2. That was a pure joy to read, thank you very much for playing along with me, Alice 🙂

    You’re the only one of my nominees who thus far has taken up the challenge, and you have done so with beautiful ease. Tbh, I had a bet with myself that no one would participate. I have now lost that bet 😉

    Really loved your jump to Jeopardy! Very clever and fun!

    You are truly a wonderland.

    Btw, I’m using the new editor, and I clung to classic for dear life the last time they introduced a new editor. I like new editor, you can wiggle and jiggle things around, and it’s made some things much easier to do, but a lot of bloggers seem to hate it. It has glitches, but so did all the editors and so do humans 😉

    Don’t worry about if there’s anyone else out there, what matters is who is inside. Let her shine!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. If I can’t figure out the editor, I can probably ask my 14-year-old, who solves all our computer issues.

  3. Liebster is a German term of affection. It comes from the German verb “lieben,” which means “to love.” (ich liebe, du liebst, er/sie/es

    1. Damnit.

      . . . liebt. . .” My phone got pissed at me for trying to remember German so many years later and then making it learn.

      This is way more existential than when I did questions so many years ago. Two things: I still have a kettle, and it can boil full for a long time with no fire. Just an almighty whine. Also, the monk cartoon immediately put me on a feminist rant, which is about as revealing as it needs to be. I loved your answer about people who go through children’s books (or really any books).

      1. I wondered if someone was going to question my worry about the kettle fire! I was thinking like a boiling pot or something. I also realized later that you can’t tell if the phone has a cord or not, but no one has brought that up yet. 😀 Either way, you’d probably want to silence that whine first, since no baby will calm down with that for sure!

        Lol, yes the monk was funny. I didn’t even NOTICE her boobs or butt while I carried her my young apprentice, for shame!

        I remember when Harry Potter was popular, some preacher went through it line by line. He had a lot of free time, I guess. Another preacher approved the Twilight series for promoting marriage before sex, even though Bella’s also promising her immortal soul away . . . Thank goodness there are many good religious souls to balance to weirdos out.

    2. You learn something new everyday! I lieben you, Ruby! Er lieber . . . liebes . .

      1. Like today I learned I still remember some German! Ich liebe dich. 😉

        1. (I remember German, I remember the line of succession for the presidency, but I don’t remember my new neighbor’s name. I remember her cat’s name. Surely there is a use for me somewhere.)

  4. Wow! I’m not sure where to begin! I’d be happy to answer questions for you! I’ll even do a blog post. Stabby is an excellent choice of word, very Buffyesque. Nemesis is also a very cool choice, she was Hercules’ first girlfriend in Young Hercules! I would have picked up the baby. The kettle isn’t going to cause a fire if you ignore it for a bit. If you leave it until all the water boils off and it sits there hot and dry a while, maybe. And I would ignore a yappy dog and the telemarketer. I am not a dog person, or a great communicator. My chimp brain demands all the babies be picked up and held immediately when crying. I had to learn to bite my tongue and judge silently when strangers let babies cry in their car seats in public places that aren’t cars.

    1. Yeah but as I pointed out, the baby’s not going to get quiet until you shut off the phone, the kettle, and quiet the dog, and I wouldn’t do that with a baby in my hands – but that’s just me. 😀

  5. Since there is no baby or dog or tea kettle in my house, I guess I’d have to go to the phone. But I doubt I answer it once the caller ID tells me it’s another “NEW JERSEY CALLER” or “OUT OF SERVICE” number. I can’t believe how long that damned Liebster Award’s been around… and with about ten different looking badges now. Someone get some penicillin for that bloggy VD already!

    1. This was a new and special kind of VD cause of the questions, ES! Also, now they can get the names and numbers of your friends, so you answer it and still get solicited. And not by a friend!

  6. Donald with the penguins–I love it, and all the rest of your hilarious answers!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. I feel for the penguins, though.

  7. I don’t know why baby/kettle/phone/dog is even a question – you tell the dog to fetch the phone and bring it to the baby to play with while you go have a nice cup of tea.

    1. There you go! I should gotten a dog to babysit my kids a long time ago! At least now I can get the kids to fetch while I have tea.

  8. Oh, as for who I’d be – maybe Melania Trump? I’d divorce Donald and get half of the states in a settlement – and I’d pick the best ones, of course.

    1. Hahaha! I hope she gets Texas. I mean we almost didn’t elect Cruz . . .

  9. I honestly think that leaving President Fart and his deputy with the penguins is cruelty to penguins. Unless you mean, like, The Penguin, nemesis of Batman? That could be interesting to watch!

    Have you discovered the Humans are Weird/Humans are Space Orcs/Humans are Space Australia thing yet? I have a feeling that that would be right up your street.

    1. That is true, I mean I like penguins. Leaving those two with the cast of that one Batman movie (I think it had every cheesy Batman villain ever so maybe he was in it too – I know Arnold Schwarzenegger was) might be better. The Things and I couldn’t make it past ten minutes of that movie.

      I have not discovered this, but yes it does sound like me. 😀

      1. I think it’s a Tumblr thing, but it also crops up on Pinterest. The idea is that humans are freaks who will live anywhere, eat anything and pack bond with everything from roombas to predators.

        1. This makes total sense. Just look at the current staff of our White House.

          1. I do not wish to disrespect the USA but I try not to look at the current staff of the White House. It’s scary enough looking at the staff of Downing Street!!

          2. Trump is too busy disrespecting other countries for us to complain. We just try to hide our heads. I do hear that some of your blokes are trying to imitate our Republicans.
            But that Trump blimp you guys launched was classic, though, a true triumph.

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