No Buys, Goals, Resolutions, and Crap Like That

Hindsight’s 2019, and on to 2020. Boy am I glad to have 2019 in hindsight, cause it really belongs there with the exception of my new depression treatment.  A lot of stupid stuff went on in 2019, and there was a lot out of my control, but also a few things I could have controlled a little better.  Like I could have used better coping skills with this mad, mad world, which I’m about to address.

new year 2020

Begone 2019!

Last year I started watching some No-Buy videos on Youtube and reading some articles on Google.  A No-Buy month, year, etc. is just what it sounds like – you don’t buy stuff for a certain amount of time.  I am very aware that there are people who go on these no buy larks out of pure necessity, and I have been there myself.  But most people have at least some disposable income (or take it from another category like coffee for clothing) even if they don’t have money for much else, and that’s what I’m talking about here. 

At the current time, only my husband works outside of the home. I was worried for quite a while how we would make it, but ironically with our lovely system, so much was taken out of my check before by the government which then said we had to pay more taxes because we made more money (including the money they were taking out, not what we were taking home) so – it hasn’t made as much of a difference as I thought it would.  In some ways, such as Thing One’s college tuition, it actually saved us money because now they consider us as poor as we were back when I worked, and the grants combined with scholarships for her grades paid for both her first and what looks like her second semester’s tuition.  And we did that without Bernie paying for college, though he is certainly still welcome to do it.

democratic line up round 2

At least I can pick out Bernie in this group.

Many of the people whose No Buy reports interested me had way too much makeup.  There’s even an entire Reddit about this.  I don’t have a problem with makeup. I don’t wear it that often now that I’m not working (and I stopped a while before then even).  The only time I’ve bought much makeup was when they had a special Disney line of it.  Which leads to the problem – Disney.  I collect Disney dolls, especially limited edition ones which are, of course, more expensive.  My mother collected dolls when I was younger, but I got onto the Disney kick while I was working in order to reward myself.  My Things also have their share of dolls, as you know if you’ve read my blog very long and seen us create strange posts with them.  

I am not ashamed of my dolls; I enjoy them.  Everyone has something they collect, whether it’s car parts (my husband), or makeup, or baseball cards, or cell phones (you don’t need a brand new 1,000 dollar Apple phone each year sorry), etc. etc.  I often collect when the thing represents something that matters to me, because I like to see, hear, and touch.  I’m horrible at museums.  Anyway,  Disney movies matter since they all have messages (besides make me more money). I also got into collecting Game of Thrones last year since I really enjoyed the story of Daenerys – at least until that last season but moving on.  I got into buying those figures too, and then into the world of Funko Pops.  

baby yoda pop

Quit it with those freakish cute eyes!

Be afraid.  There’s one of them for everyone, I don’t care who you are.

Since recently paying off our car, our only debt is our mortgage and medical bills.  So I’m not using credit cards (we don’t own one) to finance my problem. I have dipped into our savings, though, which is not very big and consists mostly of what we got from our last tax return.  We’ve been fortunate in that people like our church and family have aided with some of the bigger bills such as the dental one (I hate teeth).  I’ve found that buying dolls and collectibles often comes up when I’m stressed, or sad, and gives me that brief rush – only to make me feel bad later.  You see I have plenty of dolls at this point.  I even sold some last year, and I intend on selling more collectibles this year.  

But I’m hoping to first stop buying so many of the fancy Disney dolls.  One thing that has helped me is to learn more about the psychology of shopping.  It’s pretty creepy what advertisers do to lure you in, and we think we’re too smart for it, but fall for it every time.  I’ve followed a youtuber who has some interesting videos, and read some books as well.  I would like to spend this year enjoying what I have, decluttering my house of what I don’t, and just finding healthier habits than online shopping (which is how I buy most things I don’t need.).  With what I save, I hope to put money in savings, pay off bills, and buy other things that would be nice like frames for art (the Things are good artists).  My walls are rather bare and depressing at the moment.

minimalist white

For those wanting the “hospital look”, white walls are in.

So I’ve made some plans for the next year.  

Yearly Goals

goal people

Did someone just shoot at that one guy? 

Health: Be healthier overall: keep up with mental health care and other doctor appointments (like asthma etc), more exercise, actual meal plans, better self care, and losing some weight.

Financial: Less spending on dolls and collectibles, fountain drinks, and meals out.  More saving, paying off bills, improving my environment, and my self confidence (more flattering clothes, learning new stuff).

Environment: Clear out clutter, clean (and learn more about how to clean properly)

Listing them as somewhat vague yearly resolutions freaked me out, so I will divide them into months.

Month One: January

january goal

Real clipart title: Unrecognizable woman adds healthy goal.

Health: 1. Continue my mental health treatment (post on that coming up)  2.Walk more – I need a specific number of steps each day.  I’m still recovering from first a sinus infection, and then the antibiotics that made me sicker.  But I did spend some Christmas money on a new tracker (gadgets!) which is coming on Friday.  Exercise is supposed to be good for body and mind, or so they say.  I’ll find out. 4. Write more.  Writing is fun, and I like communicating with you guys.

Financial: 1.No spending on dolls and collectibles.  2. Fewer fountain drinks: I’ve mostly drinking the little 8 oz cans of cola rather than getting the drinks from the drive-through.  This goes with health too, come to think of it. 3. Get a bill paying system together.

Environment: Work on my bedroom the most, especially my desk and bedside table drawers.  Cleaning out my desk will help give me a place for keeping track of bills.

I’m not sure how this is going to work.  I’ve already experienced the setback of being sick, so at least I’m prepared for that.  As the year progresses, hopefully I can keep up with my goals.  One thing that helps is not depriving yourself, which is why I’m not cutting out all pleasures (still have coke for instance).  It also helps to have someone to keep you accountable, so I have a couple of friends, my Things, and now you guys.  

Do any of you have resolutions or goals for this year?

~ Alice

11 responses

  1. I don’t have any hard promises I’ve made myself, but I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life.

    So far, I’ve decided I’m not attending college this semester, for a variety of reasons. The first one being that the schedule isn’t something I could keep up with, the second being that the gaming industry (which was where my degree was headed) and its culture have been ruined beyond repair for a variety of reasons.

    Instead, I’ve focused on improving my art skills (my latest piece: and writing (blog going strong), and intend on going to classes for that.

    I’ve also been undergoing a gradual self-reinvention for the past two years, since the latter half of the 2010s systematically destroyed me as a person. I’ve mostly moved on from a keen sense of self-loathing that an abusive ex made worse in 2018.

    Even if, right now, I have the luxury of living off my parents, I’m still looking to improve myself and make other people’s lives better in some way. My favorite thing in the world is knowing I’ve made someone’s day a little brighter.

    1. You made my day brighter with your comment! Love the art. I’m so sorry about the ex, but glad you got away from that person. It sounds like you have some plans for the future, which is a good start.
      I’ve switched majors, gotten and lost several jobs, and I’m still here. Taking care of my physical and mental health hasn’t always been a priority for me, but it should have from the beginning. It’s more important than school, jobs, boyfriends or girlfriends, or whatever anyone else defines as “success”.
      And it’s good that you are able to stay with your parents awhile while you sort things out. I’ve had many people help me through the years. I wish you luck in 2020 and do keep writing! 🙂

  2. You could reimagine yourself from a collector of dolls to a collector of dollars in your savings account, and steps in your step tracker.

    1. I’m trying, but it’s not as fun . . . lol. Part of it’s habit, though, so once I’m full well I plan to use music to help with exercise. Music is motivating, and with my head phones people don’t have to know it’s to stuff like “Fame – I’m gonna live foreeeever.” 🙂

      As far as savings, considering our president, maybe having something set aside for a possible apocalypse would be motivating.too.

  3. A great list of resolutions. Maybe you could make money by starting a Youtube channel where you showcase a special doll in every episode. People will watch kids unpackage a toy so why not?!

    1. I have actually watched some youtubers who show off their dolls. I’m not so good with youtube, but I have considered showing off some of my dolls in some future posts as a way of appreciating what I have and everything. I promise none of them projectile vomit or anything. 😀

  4. As someone who works in marketing (despite all the personality tests that scream for me to avoid it like the plague), it’s still remarkable to me how much it works. I did a no spend month last year just to see where I struggle, which quickly slapped me into the “basic” category: it was Starbucks. 🤣Ironically, I work remotely now which means I don’t leave the house very often and quickly eliminated my Starbucks trips. But it was interesting to find that it wasn’t long until it was replaced by something else – online shopping. I’m really tempted to see how I’d fair with a no spending year. Wish you all the best with your goals in 2020!

    1. I’ve noticed that I’m not buying as many fountain drinks because my daughter’s been out of school, so I’m not making that morning run. We’ll see how I fair when she starts back tomorrow. Thanks, and the same to you!

  5. Okay, I’m very late to this post. (I’m procrastinating. I’m supposed to be writing an essay.) How are you doing now we’re halfway through July?

    1. Hahahaha, yeah not so great. There was this covid thing . . . but thanks for catching up! 😀

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