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Snarky thoughts on libraries, books, T.V., politics, and more.  For the uninitiated, check out my FNAQ (frankly never asked questions).

Have a question for Alice?  Want to tell her how fabulous™ she is?  Of course you would.  Drop me a line.

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  1. I’m kind of wandering around here in Wonderland seeing how fabulous you are…will report back after guides perish, we eat our hiking boots, and return to civilization with scientific suppositions.

    1. I expect a written report as soon as you get home. Did you bring a camera crew with you like that those guys on Discovery Channel who are “all alone” surviving in the wilderness? I always wonder if Bear gives his crew any of his beetles or smoked snake he cooks.

      1. Yes…camera crew…my wife. That’s something that always amazed me about my student’s fascination with “reality” shows. I’ve done TV shows, and know it takes dozens, if not more, people to produce something of that quality. Plus medical staff, cooks, housing…carpenters..agents…lawyers…a whole circle of people standing around…the keyhole image is really the Roman Colisseum.

  2. […] long, long ago I was commenting on Alice’s blog and it occurred to us to write a post about leprosy or lepers. The subject has been in my mind ever […]

  3. Alice,
    Le Clown

    1. Le Clown,

      Hi! Welcome back. If you have a chance, you might check out the Beware Fairies post. It’s a parable of depression. With fairies.


      1. Alice,
        With pleasure. I might just do that today. It’s good to be back!
        Le Clown

  4. FNAQ – hilarious! love the blog 😉
    Lorna xx

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  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes | Reply

    Alice, I am SO SO GLAD I’ve found you again. Delighted.

    I don’t know what happened to you. You just dropped off (that’s OK!) and I clicked on gravatars somethings, thinking they’d lead to you but only led to grav profiles.

    Sorry to be overenthusiastic, but yes, just glad you’re around 🙂 Noeleen.

    1. Glad you found me again too!

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  9. I have so freaking fallen down the rabbit hole that is your awesomeness. Hours have passed and I am still clicking and chuckling and the sun is going down on my Sunday. Thanks Alice, it’s been a grand first date and I fear that I shall become your latest stalker. Go check out my latest attempt and maybe follow me? (yes I read Sparky’s tips to blogging).

    1. Wow, thanks, yes I am going to check out your blog for sure.

  10. Have you seen the trailers for “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland”?
    If so, are you as excited as my daughter?

    1. I haven’t seen it! I will have to look that up.

  11. Alice!

    Very happy my random blog surfing brought me to Wonderland. Great job! Glad to be a new follower!


  12. Hi Alice! I just nominated you for the brand new Imagine Award – it celebrates creativity and yours is one of the blogs I love for, among other things, its creativity and your imagination. You may or may not wish to accept it, but in any case I’ve “bigged you up” a bit on dralimanonlife!

  13. […] was the result of a Google search which ended in the most hilarious banter between my dear friend Alice and myself. I was searching flowbee, since I was going to use that word in a comment (it was funny, […]

  14. […] Alice, Merry, and I normally have a group chat going in Facebook. It’s like group therapy for us, only virtual. So, um, virtual group therapy. Or something. The things we speak of there run the gamut from very serious to very disturbing – we have sick senses of humor (I like it!). We use that space to vent and be ourselves. You all would likely be frightened by what you saw there. When one of us vents the other two play the support role and say, “there, there” and other such soothing platitudes. We often go to great lengths to make each other laugh and keep each other in good spirits. […]

  15. […] likely you have no idea who I’m talking about (Alice might), but to a pack of middle-aged librarians, these guys are the the 12-year-old girl’s […]

  16. Heya, I sent you an invite to my blog since it’s gone private. Let me know if you want in 🙂

  17. […] really have to thank Alice for the generation of this post, the 20th in this santorum festival known as […]

  18. […] Is it cold outside, or are your nips just happy to see me?  by Alice  […]

  19. Hiya! I’ve just nominated you for (another, I think you already have one/two) Blog of the Year award/star thingy. Maybe you will be the first to hit six!

  20. I think this blog of yours is worthy of The Blog of the Year Award! You can see more about it at my blog: (Be sure to find the award with the right amount of stars, hehe)

    1. Thank you! I think I”m going to grab Evil Squirrel’s – his has nuts in place of stars.

      1. Haha. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

  21. […] cartoon every December. I’m not sure that too many people actually enjoy these, but the ones who do REALLY seem to like them. And isn’t pleasing a handful of people what blogging is all about? […]

  22. […] will post an ad and comedically dissect it for our reading pleasure. These posts came to include Alice (who, coincidentally, is next week’s featured blogger), which then morphed into an entirely […]

  23. Hello Alice. Twindaddy commanded me to come over here, and I am nothing if not obedient. Plus he says you’re a Star Wars nut, and I am very down with that. Nice to meet you.

  24. OK…I swear I had been following you and….no…how? Anyway…dumb follow buttons.

  25. […] shout out to Alice, who helped me compose the list above because I really do suck at making […]

  26. You are HILARIOUS. One of the best blogs on the internet , I must say. Snark away 😀

  27. And ’cause you’re fabulous, just want you to know I shared a link to this blog in my latest post. 🙂

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