All Things Disney

Here you can find lots of stuff from my Disney obsession, including reviews, my daughters and me doing weird things with dolls, life after the fairytale (hint: it involves kids and mortgages and kind of stinks) and the latest – the Disney Hunger Games.  So check it out, for some truly whimsical stuff.

Behind the Fairytale: Movie Reviews

Disney Princesses Reviewed

Introduction to my snarky happy slappy reviews.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The chick with the apple and the coffin.


This is the original one with the fat-bottomed fairy godmother, not that new sexy one.

Sleeping Beauty

The girl known best for her napping.

Peter Pan

A boy who never grows up and the grown man that chases him.  Yes this is for children.

The Little Mermaid

Betrays an entire underwater kingdom for love, but she’s just so dang cute!

Beauty and the Beast

A girl, a monstrous beast, a hairy guy, enchanted furniture – what could go wrong?

The Lion King

There’s like royal lions in this.  Who eat their subjects.


A street rat, a princess, a genie, and a psychotic wizard guy.  Fun times!


Not like the actual Pocahontas at all, but no one cares, cause she and John are hot.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Holy crap, Disney!


Fun with Dolls

Barbie in the Real World

How the Things and I enjoy adding reality to the lives of Barbie and her plastic counterparts, the Disney Princesses.

The Princesses of Disneyland County: Disney Princes babysit

The Disney princes babysit – and it goes as well as you might expect

The Princesses of Disneyland County: Caption Contest Results

Readers gave captions for a pic of Merida and Pocahontas.  People are weird!

The Princesses of Disneyland County: Awkward Family Photos

Aunt Elsa tries to take a family picture for Anna – without her powers.

Frozen Disney Madness

The insanity of Frozen movie merchandising – and how I totally fell for it.

The Princesses of Disneyland County: Disney Kids Gone Wild

The Disney families rely on a babysitter again because they just don’t learn.

Frozen Lego Castle Review or Maybe I Should Stick to Duplo

I fail at making Elsa’s castle out of legos.

Snow Day! Thanks, Elsa!

The Things and I use a snow day to play with dolls

Cute Frozen Packages Tied Up in String

The Things and I go wild with blind boxes

Fun with Dolls: What was Elsa doing behind that door all that time?


The Princesses of Disneyland County: Elsa Goes Evil

Elsa tries on Maleficent’s dress and goes nuts

Disney Mother’s Day

As you might expect, not so much fun for Disney princesses

Disney Hunger Games

We stick the Disney royalty in a fight to the death.  Cause why not?

Disney Hunger Games the Interviews: Part One

Hans (of course he’s the host) interviews the candidates

Disney Hunger Games the Interviews: Part Two with t2

My daughter Thing Two takes over writing the rest of the interviews cause I’m lazy

Disney Hunger Games Final Interviews and Predictions

People guess which doll’s gonna bite it first.  Fun times.

Disney Hunger Games Begin! Finally!

The short-lived Hunger Games begin with fun Disney violence

Seven Dwarfs go to the Mall or why Snow White should not be G-rated

Who knew what went on in the minds of those little guys!

Fairytale Crime Scene

What my kids do with my dolls when I’m away.

Three Posts in One Blow

A Disney Thanksgiving and prep for an Stalker Olaf Christmas


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