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Lucy in the Sky. With Diamonds!

Merbear has a contest, and we’re supposed to take one of the Beatles songs she listed, and make a picture or a story or something.  Well, DJ did some story but it was totes long and probably included something about a kingdom and jesters and queens and flatulent ponies.  I don’t actually know about the flatulent ponies, but I think that actually sounds cool.  He should throw that into his next story.  I would maybe read it then, if I can keep my mind on one thing at a

That wasn't me, it was Squirrel.

That wasn’t me, it was Squirrel.

Anyway, I hast entered yon contest!  I have a picture.  Well, two pictures.  You see, the only Beatles song I recognized out of the ones listed was “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”  But when I first heard it, I thought they were singing “Lucy in Disguise.  With Diamonds.”  It went something like this:

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Something something something add more words here.  A picture tells a thousand words, so that should more than finish off the lyrics to the song.

lucy disguise diamonds

Note that Lucy is wearing a disguise here (she is disguised as the Hamburglar from those old Mcdonald’s commercials.  And she’s with some diamonds.  And blue lines.  I don’t know what they are.  Maybe Lucy is on drugs.  I sort of thought that the Beatles were when they wrote this song.  Then later I learned the real name of the song was “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and it made so much more sense.  So I composed a more accurate drawing.

lucy sky diamondsSee now Lucy is in the sky.  With some diamonds.  And fluffy clouds.  I labeled everything in case you couldn’t figure out what was what.

So what do you think?  I’m wondering how Lucy got in the sky, especially with diamonds.  Did she steal the diamonds and then achieve 0 gravity?  Was Lucy raptured, but got to take along her jewels?  Is Lucy just stoned?  One could look up the song and find out the meaning behind it, but that would take time and Googling, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t already, go check out merbear’s contest.  You’ll be glad you did!