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Cute Frozen Packages Tied Up in String

These are a few of my favorite things!  I just remembered that I’ve still got more of this Gratitude stuff to do.  Like six days worth.  I can do it!  Though I might not have if it hadn’t been for blind boxes.  No these are not boxes for the blind, although I suppose they too could open them up if they wanted – I mean they’d probably be able to feel through the bag and know what it is.  But that’s the point.  You buy this thing, and have no idea what’s inside.  It could be any of – in the case of the ones we selected – one of 17 different little figurines.  They have all kinds of these surprise boxes and bags and yes it is so much like Christmas it’s actually entertaining (if you’re strange) to watch other people unwrap them on youtube.  When I first heard about these videos, I thought they were stupid.  But now I figure they are at least as important on the Important Things Meter as, say, cute kitten videos.

Who wouldn't want a bunch of random decaying zombie figures???

Who wouldn’t want a bunch of random decaying zombie figures???

So with a choice of everything from My Little Pony to The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones (right in the kiddie section of Hastings!) I chose something shocking.  Yeah I got Frozen blind boxes.  I used to be a little embarrassed about liking this Disney movie so much, especially since so many people (most of them parents of toddlers and small children) hate this movie and the merchandise with a horrible, seething passion.  I get it, I mean I had to watch Thomas the Freaking Tank Engine movie about 5,000 times, and that’s way worse than Frozen.  The train didn’t even sing “Let it go!  Let it go!” (Come on everybody, join in!  Wait, is that a sharpened icicle you’re throwing at me?)

Anyway, I’ve been having a rough time of it as you’ve gathered from some of my posts.  Sad Pony and Squirrel playing ping-pong with my brain has gotten really, really old.  So I thought I’d pick up a random box because I LOVE surprises and they were out at Barnes and Noble but they said they’d save me a few on the next shipment.  My husband went to pick them up – and came back with an entire case – 12 in all.  They cost uh so many er bucks a piece which equals – slightly more than I intended to spend.

Ta-da! Give thanks for mass consumerism!

Ta-da! Give thanks for mass consumerism!

But my husband doesn’t ask questions, he just does, so here I was with a box of these overpriced plastic things and felt kinda guilty until my big Things saw the big box and got all excited.  I told them firmly “We are just going to open up one blind box a day.”

Frozen: The Aftermath

Frozen: The Aftermath

Yeahhhhh . . . we have the self control of your average two-year-old.  We started with one a piece.  Then two a piece.  Then heck with it, mass hysteria!  It was so awesome, like Christmas morning.  I figured with my luck we would get 12 of the exact same figure and it’d be one of those freaking trolls.  But lo, we got 12 DIFFERENT ones, out of 17.  Pretty good!  Now there were like 2 grown Elsas, and 3 of the stupid snowman, but each one was in a different pose and stuff so yeah, all different!

Aren't they cute?  I even let the girls have some of them.

Aren’t they cute? I even let the girls have some of them.

We’re missing one already – lost in our Game of Frozen Thrones melee which involved one of them riding a blind bag My Little Pony wildly through the bed sheets.  There’s also one strange one we call Demented Anna cause her head is turned all the way around like in the Exorcist, which I’m not sure if Disney intended or not, but it’s hella weird.

Demented Anna

Demented Anna – she’s one in a million!

I think I like her MOST OF ALL.  Anyhoo, I was gonna obey these stupid gratitude suggestions.  They happen to fit in perfectly!

Day 9: Enjoy the people around you.  Take a moment to appreciate their unique talents, abilities and personalities

I enjoy my Things.  They have the great talent and ability of opening boxes with me and the personality to laugh hysterically with their mom.

Day 10: Pick one of your five senses to focus on each day

I picked everything but vision, until the wrapper was off.  Wheeee!

Day 11: Try to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Done!  I did it through the eyes of two children!

Day 12: Today, make the effort to live life with a positive outlook.

I’m positive we all had a good time, for at least 10 minutes!

Day 13: Pick three friends or family members you see regularly. View their actions and gestures through a positive lens . . .

Reee-petitive!  I am very positive my kids are as bizarre as I am!

Day 14: Write about how the Gratitude Challenge has changed your perspective thus far.

It gave me blog posts to write so I could tell everyone how annoying it is.  Thanks Gratitude Challenge!

And that’s the end of a rather long post (but there were PICTURES).  My last bit o’ gratitude is for the peeps who made it all the way through this post.