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NaNoWri. . . Eh, Challenge, Day One!

I am pumped, people!  It’s day one of the write a post a day in October!  Wait – it’s November.  Whatever.  I also forgot the complete name of the challenge.  But that’s okay, because I am focused, guys.  I have this thing in the bag! 

Now all I have to do is write a post.  It should be interesting.  I just know I have an idea somewhere.   Now what was I going to write about?

Oh, yeah, that’s it.

I, uh, think people don’t fully appreciate nothing.  We can’t be everything all the time.  So someone or something has to be nothing.  It’s simple Physics.  Like how eventually this post must end but I don’t know how to . . . hey, look at that!  Squirrel!