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My winning contest entry

In case you didn’t know, ES (Evil Squirrel) is running a contest in which you get like 20 dollars worth of free nuts.  Or, wait, no, it’s free stuff from his store.  Whatever it is, I am going to win it because so far I only have djmatticus competing with me, and let’s face it, his cute little story does NOT have what it takes to win squirrel merchandise.  Not when I have this fabulous drawing here. (Click to enlarge the fabulousness.)

Suck it, dj.

Suck it, dj.

As you can clearly see, I’ve got a squirrel, a unicorn (no one said it had to be a real unicorn so I’ve got Sad Pony all dolled up) and a possum all in the picture.  All required elements.  Squirrel is in love with the possum because the possum is wearing glasses and reminds him of someone he knows.  Also, I threw in a tree filled with nuts.  I’m awesome that way.

So anyhow, now I’ll just wait for ES to award me my prize while dj goes off and cries like a little girl.

Update: Goldfish and Judah and even one of my Things have also entered as competition.  Dj is still gonna cry like a little girl.