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Alice’s Decision-Making Flowchart

The other day, I had difficulty making a decision about whether to tough it out at work or take a sick day.  I asked for opinions on whether I should self-flagellate myself some more or give self a break.  I got many suggestions and some expressions of “if you figure it out, tell me”.  Judah had one of the best ones, which is to remember that if what’s guiding your decision is Fear or Guilt, it’s probably not a good thing.  Best to go against that, and just say “Grace”.

I said “Grace” a whole freaking lot.  Gracegracegracegracefreakingrace. But it did help.  I also made up a flowchart.  When you see it spelled out, it tends to make things a little bit easier.  Observe.  (Click to enlarge)

Look how businessey it looks!

Look how businessey it looks!

Have you got any pressing decisions to make?  Plug it into a flow chart!  Unless it’s like whether to leave a burning building or not.  Then get the heck out.  You might yell “Grace” while you’re doing it, just in case.