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Snowman Violence and Disney Politics

The search for the fugitive Snowman Olaf continues.  He was spotted briefly in this recliner before making his escape.

His rampage must be stopped.

His rampage must be stopped.

Unfortunately the snowman crime wave has led to Disney politicians tweeting.

elsa hans tweets1

Clearly this is Queen Elsa’s fault

And more tweeting

pocahontas hans tweets1

Hans forgot and used a picture from a party with campaign donors

And . . . more tweeting.

aladdin hans tweet

Making sense won’t win an election, Aladdin.


Prince Hans also took this opportunity to put up the first of sure to be many campaign posters.

It looks familiar some how.

It looks familiar somehow.

And just in time for Christmas.  This is going to be a very long year.


Update: Suspect Olaf Found!

We found him trying to scale the wall – or, um cabinet.

Busted, Olaf.

Busted, Olaf.

This actually happened after Olaf was found the first time.   Thing Two found him squashed in a corner of the entertainment center.  She swears she didn’t put him there.  But neither did Thing One, Mr. Alice, or me.  So either one of us is lying, or Olaf really did make it from the freezer to the entertainment center a few feet away BY HIMSELF.

I’m not going to think about this further.

After this incident, my husband decided he wanted to help hide Olaf as well.  That’s how he ended up so high up.  We think.  But one of the Things spotted him anyway, before he could make his grand escape over the cabinet door – which left him squashed as that was not, in fact, an exit point.  Olaf may be a bit psycho, but he’s not all that bright.

Speaking of psychos, Prince Hans has still decided to carry out his presidential ruler campaign, certain he can unseat the reigning ruler of Arendelle, Elsa, who is rather unstable herself.  But he’s not the only one.  There’s more.  The Mad Hatter was feeling bored, and figured this was a perfect time to run because why not?  Then we got more Republican candidates: Ursula (they’ve got to have one crazy woman), Jafar (Former crooked Vizier to Jasmine’s Dad), that freaky Voodoo guy from the Princess and the Frog who is possibly Satan, the pug from the movie Pocahontas, etc.  Speaking of Pocahontas, she is currently running for the Green Party, because someone must stand up for the rocks, and trees, the creatures and the wind.  Aladdin is running on the Democratic ticket and stands a good chance because he grew up poor, is really cute, and lies a lot.

Pocahontas: She speaks for the trees.

Pocahontas: She speaks for the trees.

Think Ann Coulter, with tentacles

Ursula:  Think Ann Coulter, with tentacles

Aladdin: Identifies with the common street rat.

Aladdin: Identifies with the common street rat.

This reminds me of something, but I’m not sure what.

One of you might have remembered that some of these guys were taking part in the Hunger Games earlier.  Well, it got cancelled, which is a good thing for everyone but Snow White, who remains headless.

If you have any suggestions for write-in candidates, do let us know.  And we’ll continue to hide Olaf, for he – has already escaped again.  They never did repair that cell Elsa busted open earlier.  Oops.





On the Third Day of Christmas Olaf gave to us

A bag of frozen sausage – made out of teddy bear brains!

a bag of frozen sausage!

Elsa’s other solution for Olaf’s melting problem

See my nitrates?  I think we’re gonna have to start getting more creative.  I feel like my audience is dying off.

Wait, did Olaf get to you, too?  Or was it the political candidates?  Did they have the election yet?  I don’t even know anymore.  I am  hiding in the freezer – when Olaf leaves.



On the First Day of Christmas Olaf gave to us

A dead anime in a popcorn machine!

It was Thing Two’s turn to hide Olaf first.  Thing One and I walked in to find this.

Olaf in the popcorn machine with the knife . . .

Olaf in the popcorn machine with the knife . . .

Expect more Olaf pictures (It’s Thing One’s turn next) and other Christmas posts.  I’m working on a Best Toys for Christmas list (I always find the most disturbing appropriate educational items for your little yard apes).  Expect information from the front about how Reeces peanut butter Christmas trees are clearly a plot of left wing commies (and Obama!) to destroy Christmas, and other hot political news, like whether Santa is still snowy white.  I’m also willing to take ideas if you have some.  Or leave me links to your posts – as long as they are on the “light” side because I’m not sure if I can go much deeper than peanut butter cups.  Stay tuned, and remember to say your prayers cause Santa is coming, and he knows what you’ve done.