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How to Skin a Sim: Death by Montezuma

That’s right, folks, everyone’s favorite clown is back!  Boppo!  Since we last left clownboy, Boppo’s life has not been going well.  Which is saying something since the last time we saw him I was drowning him in a swimming pool.  I was kind enough to restore the game and give him a ladder out.  And I even fed him – lots of Chinese food and pizza, cause it’s healthy, and causes massive amounts of garbage if one, say, does not happen to own a trash can. (Click to enlarge)

Last time on As the Clown Turns . . .

Last time on As the Clown Turns . . .

So garbage started piling up, which attracted flies and roaches that skittered all over the house.  Sure I could have just gotten that cheat that kills Sims right away, but where is the fun in that?  I really wanted to see Boppo’s misery for a while first.

How would he go this time?  Would the hamster in the smelly cage get hamster bite fever and bite him?  Would the flies swarm him?  What about all that spoiled food on the floor?  Surely he wasn’t going to eat that days old green, moldy piece of pizza . . . yes, yes he was.  Oh oh!

Oh, dear, Boppo has a touch of food poisoning.

Oh, dear, Boppo is never eating at Chuck E. Cheese again!

If you read the little bubble over his head, you’ll see the game is letting us know that poor Boppo has food poisoning and just needs some rest and he’ll be just fine.  So naturally I took away his bed.  And the sink.  And the shower.  And the toilet.

Fun Fact: Clown puke is multicolored and makes squeaky sounds!

Fun Fact: Clown puke is multicolored and makes squeaky sounds!

Cheer up, Boppo.  I mean sure you’ve been puking for a while, but at least you haven’t suffered any other ill effects . . . oh, wait.

Anything to declare Boppo?

So dear Boppo lives in garbage with his Montezuma’s Revenge.  I wondered how long it would take for him to die of this.  Turns out – days.  During this time, Social Worker came and took the toddler and Boppo cried for a few seconds before nagging me for a shower.  Sheesh.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Whine, moan, blah blah.  Man up, Boppo.

Whine, moan, blah blah. Man up, Boppo.

He also wanted to rest, and yet his bed had somehow disappeared.  Also, the chairs started vanishing as well.  Boppo tried to sleep standing up.  I woke him up.  He fell on the ground.  I woke him up again.  But I am not a cruel monster.  I gave him food.  Sure, it was spoiled, but he wasn’t starving!  Wee Wee the poodle was also fed well – you know how dogs love garbage!  He wet on the floor and then drank it.   Wee Wee you silly dog!

Boppo was really living up to his name.  He was sadfaced and close to death.  But first, our clown buddy plopped onto the floor and went screaming yellow bonkers.  Ever seen a clown have a nervous breakdown before?  No?  Well, you’re in luck!

Aw, poor Boppo lost his mind.

Aw, poor Boppo lost his mind.

Luckily for Boppo,  a shrink appeared out of nowhere, hypnotized him, and suddenly he was no longer quite so nuts.  I felt a little bad for him then, and gave him back his sink and toilet.  Which was awesome, until right after this, he dropped dead.  A neighbor stopped by and observed.

Death be not proud, Boppo.

Death be not proud, Boppo.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any wackier, Death appeared and zipped Boppo up, or I’m guessing down, to Clown Hell.  But then he curiously hung around for a while.  And took a pee in the toilet.  No, seriously.

Death has to take a leak too.  Who knew?

Death has to take a leak too. Who knew?

So, another death down, how many to go?  Only time and the reaches of my insanity will tell.  So everyone say bye bye, Boppo.

Byeee Boppo!

Ways to Skin a Sim: 50 Shades Edition

Last time I asked what series, if any, you’d like me to continue.  The majority (of like 3) voted for Boppo torture.  I love you guys.  But as I was considering another way to kill a clown, I remembered that Speaker 7 had made a request.  She asked “Can you please do the same thing only with Sims versions of Christian Grey and Ana Steele?”  I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea.  So I did it.

Now it wouldn’t surprise me if many disturbed women have made their own Christians and Anas, so as to repeat the horror of that story over and over in Sim form.  I’m going to play with them a bit differently, however.  As in I’m going to beat the snot out of them, just as I wanted to sooo many times whilst reading those books.  Take this, James.

First off, I made our happy couple.  Since James gave so many details (as in almost none) it was pretty easy to create them.  Christian has mussy red hair, a gray tie, and long fingers.  Well I got the hair and the tie.  Score.  Next Ana has brown hair (just like crackwhore mom’s, awww) and is wearing the plum dress she borrowed from her friend several dozen times.  I think I’d want that dress back as much as I’d want Monica Lewinsky’s.

Next I had to build a house for the psychotic pair.  Just like James, I decided to make it as subtle and unassuming as possible.  Observe. (Click to enlarge)

Doesn't everyone have a helicopter in the front yard?

Doesn’t everyone have a helicopter in the front yard?

I figured Federal Fortress was right up their alley and added the helicopter pad for good old Charlie Tango (yes he named the helicopter).  You might wonder why I remember all these details from the book.  That’s only because they are repeated 5 BILLION TIMES.  James should really consider teaching the times tables or something.  The kids would never forget their math facts then. (1 buttplug plus 1 buttplug = red)

But what is Christian’s house without the Red Room (red room, red roooom?)  It’s almost normal, that’s what.  I couldn’t find whips and chains, because even Sims hasn’t gotten quite that deranged yet, so I had to make due with a trellis.  I figure Christian is creative enough to tie her up to that while also growing fresh strawberries, you know, “down there”.

You’ll notice a “toy chest” in the corner for all of Christian’s sex toys (buttplugs in every shape and size – I wish I was kidding) and a flying model of Charlie Tango that Ana gave Christipoo for his birthday.  Their bed is like something out of Martha Stewart!  And just for the hell of it, I added a spotlight and mirrors, because we’re talking Christian and Ana, and there’s nothing they’d like more.  Oh, yeah, and in the corner, there’s that roaster that took out poor Boppo.  Hmm.

Christian and Ana doing what they do best - each other.

Christian and Ana doing what they do best – each other.

You might even notice that Ana has on the matching underwear set that Christian’s bodyguard bought for her, because of course that’s what bodyguards do and OMG I will never get this crap out of my brain help meeeee.

I kept thinking something was missing, though, and then I knew.  Lilah!  Lilah, in case you didn’t read my amazing recaps (There’s only like a billion of them, what’s wrong with you?) is Christian’s crazy ex-girlfriend who unfortunately fails to successfully gun down Christian and Ana.  She’s still my favorite character so I made her a Sim.  Pretty easy – just take Ana and put her hair in braids.  Christian likes braids because MAKE IT STOP!

What’s so funny about the Sims is that you can never predict what they’re going to do.  As soon as I added Lilah to the family, she went right up to the Red Room and oblivious to Christian and Ana, started playing with the remote control Charlie Tango.

Yes, Lilah, I find the toy helicopter much more interesting as well.

Yes, Lilah, I find the toy helicopter much more interesting as well.

But here I haven’t gotten to the torturing part yet!  My apologies.  First up – morons on fire!

Zomg Christian is so HAWT!

Zomg Christian is so HAWT!

A twisted reader, Tammy, told me about something called the Tombstone of Death you could get through a cheat that allowed you to quickly kill Sims in every possible way.  I had to have it, of course, and made quick use of it.  Next up, Christian death by flies!

I like how manly he looks while the flies attack him.

I like how manly he looks while the flies attack him.  Jazz hands, Christian!

Boppo may get a post per death, but I really couldn’t wait with these two.   You can’t possibly understand how much you can hate fictional characters until you take a gander at these books.  Anyway next I had Christian get struck by lightning while peeing.  Karma anyone?

God is trying to tell you something, Christipoo.

God is trying to tell you something, Christipoo.

One thing I found funny was that after Christian turned to ash, Lilah cried for two seconds, then started plunging the toilet.  With Ana she didn’t even shed one tear, just scooped her up in the dust bin.  She might be nuts, but the girl is practical.

Ana gets some fun too, don’t worry.  While reading, how many times did I think – I wish a Satellite would fall out of the sky and she would burst into flames?  Lots.  Considering Christian failed to properly die in the Charlie Tango, I felt someone should die in a freak explosion.



While that was immensely satisfying, I felt it wasn’t quite “Ana” enough.  First I tried death by disease, and it was pretty cool to see her choking (who didn’t want to choke her at least once?) but then I settled on death by starvation, since Ana only eats about 50 calories throughout all three books.

Sadly Christian asks for room service a little late as Ana, dramatically of course, dies.

Sadly Christian asks for room service a little late as Ana hams up her death.  Perfect.

That’s all I have.  Though I could have done this dozens more times, you get the picture.  Or pictures.  This is the best we can do until the fabulous movie comes out.  Good news, one actor was selected for Christian, got a whiff of the script, and ran screaming.  I’m thinking they should get Macauley Culkin.  He needs the work.  I’d say Hugo, but he has way too much class.

Will I watch the movie?  Of course I will.  And I’ll review it – eventually.  I still haven’t managed to get more than 15 minutes through Eclipse, though, so it might be a while. After reviewing the first two Twilight movies, I had to let my stomach rest.  Also, I had the Things to help me with those two reviews, and I’m pretty sure people might consider that child abuse. I know they did.  So next time I’ll be on my own.

Unless I get CRC.