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Le Clown through the ages

I thought for my final entry in Le Clown on Fire’s contest (this IS the final entry, right?) that I would review Le Clown through his various incarnations of horror.  Rich Full Life (RFL) you gave me the idea for this one with your resurrection of Gymbo, so this is partly all your fault.  Here we go.

Le Clown in Medieval Times.  I’m not sure if he was Punch or Judy.  Let’s go with Le Judy.  The great thing about this pic is that I can also use it in my 50 shades of grey recaps.  It’s nice to kill two clowns with one stone.

Early marriage counseling, clown style

Le Clown haunting my childhood (early ’80s).  Anyone else remember Bozo and his GRAND PRIZE GAME?  Well, now you do.  You’re welcome. 

But I don’t like Canadian clowns . . .


Speaking of Le Bozo, anyone else notice his uncanny resemblance to another Le Clown incarnation?

Bozo Le Clown


It Le Clown








Coincidence?  I think not.

Finally, we have Le Clown haunting the childhood of my children.  Just as a reminder, this is all RPL’s fault.  That’s right, folks.  We’re talking Le Gymbo.

Oh, the horror.  Have you no shame, Le Clown?  I’m never shopping at Gymboree again.

So there you go, Le Clown through time.  There were probably a few other incarnations in there, but I think that’s enough for our psyches for one day.  I hope you’re happy, clown.

– Alice


A Contest! With Le Clowns!

Hello, Fair Readers!

I have an announcement to make.  Le Clown- if you don’t know him, he’s a clown, and French, I guess.  Or French Canadian.  Or Brazilian.   He’s fereign, kay?  Anyway, he has a contest about who gets to be on his blogroll and the blogrolls of his other personalities.  I think I deserve a shot because I have three personalities so far.  So anyway, if I post this, I get bonus points!  For a blog roll!  Which is almost as good as not being freshly pressed.

As I stated in my original entry in this contest – the contest can be foundhere- I, my inner goddess, and my subconscious all want to be on the blog roll.  He’s going to have to choose one of us.  I guess he’d need to choose Alice, since the other personalities are sort of parasites.  Or something.  So my loyal readers, go over there and vote for me and I will interview the fictional 50 Shades character of your choice in a future blog post.  How is that for a reward?  Oh, also, you can see Le Clown’s blog which is really disturbing   interesting.

Finally, and this should go without saying, but I thought I’d point out that Hugo supports my nomination.  He has a lock of my hair at this very moment that he’s doing strange things with in a locked bedroom.  If that doesn’t mean love, I don’t know what does, people.

Edited to add: You have to like me on Le Clown’s page under my nomination (the link that says “here”), people, or no countsies, okay?  I’m contestant #5.  There is scrolling down involved.  But also a cookie.  Thanks.  I’ll try to put a damper on the insanity after I get my likes.