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Disney Hunger Games!

The Things and I were playing with Disney dolls and they decided to bring in the Hunger Games dolls.  An idea was born.  Intro by Thing One.

The Disney world was enjoying their happily-ever-afters when a new corrupted Disney executive came up with the idea of having the royalty fight to the death to bring back their popularity and get more money for the Disney Empire.  Now the princes and princesses (mostly) find themselves facing life or death as they are chosen to fight in the new Disney Hunger Games.  There can be only one survivor.


District of Arendelle

kristoff and anna

Kristoff and Anna

Pro: Kristoff can cut ice and command a reindeer.  Anna can punch.

Con: Both are so gosh darn adorkable.

District of French-ish town

ballroom scene beauty

Belle and Beast

Pro: Beast can toss around wolves.  Belle has book smarts

Con: Beast is confused because he was a prince then a beast then a prince then a beast again. Belle might trip over ballgown.

District of Neverland

peter and tinkerbelle

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Pro: Peter can fly and sword fight.  Tinkerbell can fly and is willing to murder her competition.

Con: Peter will never grow up.  Tinkerbell can be taken out by saying “I don’t believe in fairies.”

District of Appleton

snow white three

Snow White and Prince Dude

Pro: Snow White can summon cute animal creatures.  Prince Dude can wake dead with kiss power.

Con: Snow White is the most gullible person in the universe.  Prince Dude is kinda creepy.

District of Narcolepsy

sleeping beauty

Phillip and Aurora

Pro: Aurora can also summon woodland creatures.  Phillip can fight a freaking dragon.

Con: Aurora is very sleepy.  Phillip had to have fairy help with the dragon.

District of China-ish town

mulan and li shang picture

Mulan and Li Shang

Pro: Mulan and Li Shang can kick butt

Con: Their sequel sucked.

District of Blue Corn Moon

john smith and pocahontas

Pocahontas and John Smith

Pro: John Smith can jump off ships and climb mountains.  Pocahontas has leaf powers.

Con: John Smith got taken out with one little bullet.  Pocahontas steals cubs from bears.

District of Agrabah

aladdin and jasmine1

Aladdin and Jasmine

Pro: Aladdin familiar with running for his life.  Jasmine can act.

Con:   Jasmine can’t even grocery shop.  Aladdin lies and steals and – wait that’s a pro.

District of Atlantis

mermaid boat ride

Ariel and Eric

Pro: Ariel is willing to risk lives for her own cause.  Eric can impale a sea witch.

Con: Ariel still mastering the walking, talking thing.  Eric is cute but falls for hypnosis way too easily.

District of Clan Dunbroch

merida and brothers

Merida and Triplet brothers (count as one)

Pro: Merida can kick butt.  Triplets can cause havoc.

Con: Merida not the most strategic planner (mom becomes bear).  Triplets can cause havoc.

District of Disneyland Kingdom

cinderella bachelorette

Cinderella and Charming

Pro: Cinderella can handle a broom and command mice and birds.  Charming can, um, dance well?

Con: Cinderella is way too nice.  Charming can’t figure out his dream girl without a shoe.

District of Hairland

rapunzel and flynn

Rapunzel and Flynn

Pro: Rapunzel good with a frying pan.  Flynn familiar with running for his life.

Con: Rapunzel obsessed with lanterns.  Flynn lies and steals and – wait that’s a pro right?

Who will go out first?  And how?  Will the couples kill each other?  Who will form the first alliances?  And most importantly – who will be the one survivor?
Please give your guesses in the comments below.  They are as good as ours.
                                                               . . . To be continued . . .