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Ten Things to Do With a Picked Booger

I was just thinking – hey, I’m a Mommy and a Blogger, yet where are my Mommy craft project posts?  I have let all you guys down.  So I came up with one, with the help of Twindaddy, who is a Daddy and a Blogger, but also does not do craft projects for kids cause lazy!  Here are 10 ideas.

What to do with these boogers?  Help!

What to do with these boogers? Help, Supermom Alice!

1. Fling it at someone.

2. Smear it on a cracker as a snack.

3.  Wipe it under someone’s desk.

4.  Drop it in the salad bar.

5. Mold it into a little bunny.

6. Stick it on your cheek like a beauty mark.

7. Put it in a kleenex . . . nah.

8. Start a collection on the side of the couch. See how many you can pile on before they fall off or someone notices.

9. Stick it in your enemy’s taco.

10. Swear it is in the shape of the Virgin Mary and have people make pilgrimages to see it.

Anyone have any booger craft projects to add?