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Strange Things Have Happened Here . . .

“Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where they strung up a man
They say murdered three.
Strange things have happened here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.”

– “The Hanging Tree” from The Hunger Games

Nothing like The Hunger Games to come up with a happy-go-lucky song like that, huh?  I bring it up because I think it fits politics so very well!  And not just because I pretend killed almost all presidential candidates in a virtual Hunger Games earlier.  You guyz, a strange thing happened, according to Facebook News – tagline: News for Lazy People.  No I’m not talking about how Trump said Hillary was not a victim of adultery – because she caused it.  I mean, of course she caused it!  She wore pant suits and got educated and talked and stuff.  Women should not do these things. It’s not natural.  It’s not like we could have expected poor Bill to control himself!  Wait, did Donald just kind of defend Bill Clinton?

See this is what I’m talking about – strange stuff, guys.  But there’s more.  Megyn Kelly, Fox News reporter who I love making fun of because of the Santa / Jesus thing (they’re white, white I say!), said something that made sense.  I know!  I was totally shocked too!  Not only that, she defended the Supreme Court’s right to decide on gay marriage.  I just . . . whaaaaat?  But it’s true, just like before with Santagate, I’ve got video proof!

Like, what the gosh golly gees was that, Megyn?  You just argued with the President of the National Organization of Marriage!  I mean – there’s a national organization of marriage?  How does one get to be president of that?  Another commenter on Facebook asked that question, pondering whether it was like calling dibs on the front seat.  I’m guessing probably.  I’m not sure what this guy does exactly, besides gripe about gays and pick up a paycheck . . . wait that’s what most Republican politicians do also.  But what would be the prerequisites for belonging to this organization?  Must hate gays, must love marriage (so much so you marry multiple times!), must like showing up on Fox News and stumbling around so much even Megyn can make you look like an idiot, like sharpening pencils.  Sounds good to me.

But ANYWAY, my point is that Megyn pointed out that the Supreme Court actually ruled on gay marriage and that, like, made it law.  And he complained about having to kowtow to the Supreme Court and she was like, wtf the Supreme Court has the final say on this (that’s why they call them supreme and all), and he invoked the “I don’t know crap about Abraham Lincoln clause” and then she said . . . not making this up – that presidential candidate Huckabee said “Beep you” to the Supreme Court.  Which he did!  But like she noticed!  And he said she was saying Abraham Lincoln was wrong.  And – she just sits there with this hilarious expression on her face like she wants to just beat him around some more, but why bother when he’s doing it so well himself?  And I had to check that this was indeed Megyn on real life Fox News.  Check out her eye roll.

Wait a sec, did some scales just fall from my eyes?

I am regretting some of my life choices.

So what could have happened to our Megyn?  Did she have like some Biblical moments where the scales fell from her eyes with her fake eyelashes?  Did she finally have as much B.S. from Republican blowhards as she could stand?  Did she goof up on her cue cards?  Is she drunk? I don’t know.  But I have found myself agreeing with Megyn Kelly, and as this other commenter pointed out:

“This man is a fucktard, and worse than that, he made me agree with Megyn Kelly. I hate him for that.”

Good point random person from the comment section!  See, I am agreeing with things posted in a comment section now!  Strange things are happening!  Here’s another fabulous Facebook comment:

This is perfect.

This is perfect.

Could Megyn be turning to the Dark Side (we have cookies AND Cookie Monster!)?  I tend to doubt it, but then I saw this.  Yes, she’s doing a photo shoot and trying to look like, cough, Katherine Hepburne (blasphemy!) but see what she’s wearing?  It’s a pants suit.  Sure, call it a power suit, but you just stepped over the Hillary Clinton line, Meg.  You even cut your hair.  It’s the beginning of the end for you.  Better start putting out resumes.

Two words. Pant. Suit.

Two words. Pant. Suit.

I’m almost sorry Hillary poisoned her in the games.  Strange Things.  Are you coming to the tree, er polls?