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That was my subtle way to inform you that I just received some stickers.  But not any ordinary Lisa Frank freaking radioactive stickers like you used to place on your trapper keepers.  Oh, no.  These were stickers with designs by a fellow blogger.


See Goldfish, a fab blogger, just opened a store on Redbubble where she’s selling her designs in various forms.  Stickers, prints, posters, T-shirts, etc.  The stickers are quite affordable, and if you buy six, they take 50 percent off.  So of course I bought six.  The Things were happy to help me pick them out.  We ordered a bunny, a kitty, an owl, a racoon, a PENGUIN OF COURSE, and a panda.

After I ordered, I waited for these bad boys to arrive.  I was patient as always.  Look in the mailbox.  Are they there yet?  No.  Look again.  Now?  No.  This went on about a week or so, but then, by golly, they came at last.  They are decent sized stickers – about the size of the palm of my hand.  I took a few shots before the Things could get hold of them and like stick them on something, like their walls or each other or whatever.

Careful.  The cuteness will melt your brain.

Careful. The cuteness will melt your brain.

The girls picked two each, which left me with two.  Mothers have to sacrifice all the bloody time.   My favorite one is this one, which the girls told me fits my blog for some strange reason.

A white rabbit?  Where have I seen that before?  Who cares?  BUNNEH!

A white rabbit? Where have I seen that before? Who cares? BUNNEH!

But it gets better, folks.  See I asked Goldfish to do something special for me and you know what?  SHE DID.  She made me a Sad Pony and he is the best Sad Pony I have ever seen, like ever.  And she’s going to make me a Squirrel to go with him.  Rad, huh?  Check out the Sad Pony design.  You can get one too, if you want.  Just go to her store here and you can find him here.

Anyway, I feel like I should share the good fortune.  So I’m going to sweeten the pot of my Sparklepony contest.  Yes, that’s right, the winner will now get not only this creation . . .



But also one of my only two Goldfish stickers, the cute raccoon.  That is blogger love you guys.  All I ask is that you help a fellow artist out.  Check out her store.  Tell your friends.  All that stuff.   Oh, and enter my contest to get one FREE from ME.  How’s that for promotion?

A fistful of CUTE!

A fistful of CUTE!

You so know you want Mr. Raccoon up there.  And Sparklepony, of course.   Good luck, and may the sparkle be with you.