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Up Front and Alice

I thought I should share a bit of honesty with you, my old familiar fab peeps and you my new peeps and why did people start calling friends peeps?  Was it a chicken thing?  I need to check out how that slang got started sometime.

I have been struggling for a while with Sad Pony Syndrome.  Some people know this as Depression, but that sounds too Debbie Downer to me.  This is a humor blog, and generally humor is the best way to deal with this crap.  But some times are harder than others.

I'm hanging with the pony.

I’m hanging with the pony.

I have no reason to be down, which is a frustrating thing.  Now if someone stole my identity and had like way better vacations than I do, that would be sad.  Or if a big dog ate my cat, that would be sad.  Especially if I had a cat.  And of course the saddest thing I can think of is being a contestant on the Bachelor.  Thank goodness I turned down that invite.

Yet here it is, and it doesn’t have to make sense, it just is.  Anyway, I’m not changing this blog to the Alice is Sadfaced Blog.  But I think I’m going to make a few changes to make this easier on me.  One thing is to change up my 50 Shades recap contest.  Oh, I’m still going to recap it.  I’m on the last book, and it is so not going to defeat me!  Or something.  But turns out it takes a while for me to count up comments and figure out who is Valedictorian (for all you new people, yes I did this.  I’m weird.)  Also I think everyone should win.  I’m a big weenie that way.  Participation medals all around!

So I’m going to change that part. I’m not adding up points for comments and taking Roll Call.  Oh, I will still give pop quizzes – that’s too much fun to pass up.  And I will continue to highlight my favorite comments because you guys crack me up.  I would advise anyone to read my comments section if nothing else.  These are really funny people.  Not quite right in the head maybe, since they’re here reading, but very cool nonetheless.

And I’m going to keep doing the Wednesday “Make a Smaller Alice” posts because it turns out eating better and exercising do help with the sad.  I know, it flipping annoyed me too.  So that will stay.  Not sure what else.  I feel an utter lack of creativity sometimes, like a headache with no pain, just cotton stuffed in my head.  Perhaps I will be all up tomorrow and have a flash of awesome ideas that just come spilling out of me.  That’s kind of gross imagery.  Or maybe not.

Anyhoo, that was possibly a lot of TL; DR but I thought I’d throw it out there.  I’m hanging in there, and I encourage anyone else who is dealing with similar stuff to do the same.  You can hang out here anytime, or visit the Canvas of the Minds.  I’ve done a few posts over there, but there are tons of other great blog authors posting on all sorts of mental health issues.  If you’re lost in the bad side of Wonderland, I encourage you to check that blog out as well.

Thanks as always for being awesome,