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My Hurricane Post

Well it seems like everyone else has written on Hurricane Sandy (btw all you people out there who happen to be named Sandy – sucks to be you, huh?) so I figured I should as well, so I don’t look like a jerk.  Then again, this is several days after the Hurricane, so I’m not helping much.  Not that I could have helped anyway, being in the Panhandle of Texas and far away from any water of any sort.  At all.

We do have tornadoes here, though, and once one blew over us (it helps to be in a giant hole) so I can totally identify with the hundreds of people displaced by Hurricane Sandy.  That’s like someone (say a Senator) saying he can identify with childbirth because once he stubbed his toe.  It was scary, though.  It was just a couple days after the birth of Thing Two, and my husband was out of town working and I was recovering at my parents.  Thing One was four and to her this was the most Awesome Day of her entire life.  She got to play in the hallway with pillows and flashlights and the whole family had to join her!  Wheee!

But this – this was enormous.  I saw some of the pictures, and I have to say that people who live on the coast are amazing.  There are some courageous people out there.  On the other hand, like with everything else, there are also a few that make ya go facepalm. 

Wow, look at that wave . . . arghhhhhhhhhh!
*photo from weather.com

People.  Hurricane means GO HOME. 

I do wish everyone who rode out this storm well.  May your normal lives (and Internet) return soon.