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How to Skin a Sim: Death by Montezuma

That’s right, folks, everyone’s favorite clown is back!  Boppo!  Since we last left clownboy, Boppo’s life has not been going well.  Which is saying something since the last time we saw him I was drowning him in a swimming pool.  I was kind enough to restore the game and give him a ladder out.  And I even fed him – lots of Chinese food and pizza, cause it’s healthy, and causes massive amounts of garbage if one, say, does not happen to own a trash can. (Click to enlarge)

Last time on As the Clown Turns . . .

Last time on As the Clown Turns . . .

So garbage started piling up, which attracted flies and roaches that skittered all over the house.  Sure I could have just gotten that cheat that kills Sims right away, but where is the fun in that?  I really wanted to see Boppo’s misery for a while first.

How would he go this time?  Would the hamster in the smelly cage get hamster bite fever and bite him?  Would the flies swarm him?  What about all that spoiled food on the floor?  Surely he wasn’t going to eat that days old green, moldy piece of pizza . . . yes, yes he was.  Oh oh!

Oh, dear, Boppo has a touch of food poisoning.

Oh, dear, Boppo is never eating at Chuck E. Cheese again!

If you read the little bubble over his head, you’ll see the game is letting us know that poor Boppo has food poisoning and just needs some rest and he’ll be just fine.  So naturally I took away his bed.  And the sink.  And the shower.  And the toilet.

Fun Fact: Clown puke is multicolored and makes squeaky sounds!

Fun Fact: Clown puke is multicolored and makes squeaky sounds!

Cheer up, Boppo.  I mean sure you’ve been puking for a while, but at least you haven’t suffered any other ill effects . . . oh, wait.

Anything to declare Boppo?

So dear Boppo lives in garbage with his Montezuma’s Revenge.  I wondered how long it would take for him to die of this.  Turns out – days.  During this time, Social Worker came and took the toddler and Boppo cried for a few seconds before nagging me for a shower.  Sheesh.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Whine, moan, blah blah.  Man up, Boppo.

Whine, moan, blah blah. Man up, Boppo.

He also wanted to rest, and yet his bed had somehow disappeared.  Also, the chairs started vanishing as well.  Boppo tried to sleep standing up.  I woke him up.  He fell on the ground.  I woke him up again.  But I am not a cruel monster.  I gave him food.  Sure, it was spoiled, but he wasn’t starving!  Wee Wee the poodle was also fed well – you know how dogs love garbage!  He wet on the floor and then drank it.   Wee Wee you silly dog!

Boppo was really living up to his name.  He was sadfaced and close to death.  But first, our clown buddy plopped onto the floor and went screaming yellow bonkers.  Ever seen a clown have a nervous breakdown before?  No?  Well, you’re in luck!

Aw, poor Boppo lost his mind.

Aw, poor Boppo lost his mind.

Luckily for Boppo,  a shrink appeared out of nowhere, hypnotized him, and suddenly he was no longer quite so nuts.  I felt a little bad for him then, and gave him back his sink and toilet.  Which was awesome, until right after this, he dropped dead.  A neighbor stopped by and observed.

Death be not proud, Boppo.

Death be not proud, Boppo.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any wackier, Death appeared and zipped Boppo up, or I’m guessing down, to Clown Hell.  But then he curiously hung around for a while.  And took a pee in the toilet.  No, seriously.

Death has to take a leak too.  Who knew?

Death has to take a leak too. Who knew?

So, another death down, how many to go?  Only time and the reaches of my insanity will tell.  So everyone say bye bye, Boppo.

Byeee Boppo!

Ways to Skin a Sim 2: Taking the Ladder

That’s right, folks, Boppo is baaaack!  Sorry I left him floating around aimlessly in Sim land there for a while.  I figured he needed some time to cool off, what with me setting him on fire in the last post.  So what’s in store for Boppo today?  Let’s see.  Oh, and if in case you missed the last post LINK DROP!

Let’s take a peek and see what’s going on with our little clown friend. (click to enlarge)

Why it looks like someone has dropped off a baby for Boppo!  Wait . . . what?

Why it looks like someone has dropped off a baby for Boppo! Wait . . . what?

Obviously social services is a little touched, but don’t worry, they’ll rescue baby from whatever unfortunate accidents might befall poor Boppo.  Not that this would happen, of course.  Boppo quickly gets to know baby.

Everyone's favorite sport: baby tossing.

Everyone’s favorite sport: baby tossing.

I see people do this with their kids a lot, and they aren’t even clowns.  Some of them really get those kids airborne.  I can just see their tiny brains rattling around in their skulls.  Baby is bound to get a bit nauseous too.

Baby pukes on Boppo.  Aw, poor Boppo.

Baby pukes on Boppo. Aw, poor Boppo.

Now I was tempted to just leave the toddler with him until he went insane but maybe I’ll put him out of his misery earlier.  Let’s see, last time was fire, this time – how about water?  Drown the clown!

I like how Boppo wears his face paint in the water.

I like how Boppo wears his face paint in the water.

Here’s Boppo getting ready to jump in the pool.  For some strange reason, Sims cannot just climb out of the pool on their own.  There must be a ladder.  It’s become such a common way to rub out a Sim that when they created Sims 2, the creators made a family who had lost the father in a freak pool ladder accident.  Anyhoo, take note of that ladder in the corner, cause it’s gonna disappear.

Oh, ohs!  Oh, hey, what happened here?

WTF?  It's random dude!

WTF? It’s random dude!

I forgot that one of the many expansion packs has people show up randomly when a Sim gets interested in some hobby.  Like, say, if the Sim is gardening, some garden Sim will show up.  Well, Boppo has gotten really interested in fitness (since he has to keep swimming to keep alive) so this guy just appeared and dropped right into the pool . . . and into my deadly trap.  Oh oh, spaghettios!

So now we have both Boppo and random dude (as Thing One named him) swimming around in circles.  I sped it up cause I’m a busy gal and he has a lot more ways to die.  At one point, his bladder went down so low he peed in the pool.  You can see bubbles come up – seriously!  I bet random guy was thrilled to swim in Boppo’s pee.

But there’s only so long Boppo can keep treadin’ water.

To add insult to injury, Boppo's head sticks into the pool wall.

To add insult to injury, Boppo’s head sticks into the pool wall.

Anddd death has to come again.

Boppo meets death . . . again.

Didn’t I just come here?

Notice that the dog, some random girl that showed up, and random dude just ignore the whole thing.  But don’t worry for them.  Social services came for the baby – they have this awesome way of beaming babies out of trouble – and animal control came for the poodle, Wee Wee, and the hamster of death.   So all’s well that ends well – except for Boppo of course.

At least until I bring him back to life.  Again.  And kill him.  Again.  Stay tuned for Boppo’s next torture on the menu: The Box.