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Hilarious Health Activist Nominee – me?

Hi all, it’s Alice again.

I checked my junk mail and found this little email telling me I was nominated for a health activist award.  Yeah, like, I know, right?  I’m not sure who nominated me, but I checked it out and it’s actually legit!   Research!  Here’s a little more about it:


And here’s the little blog trophy I will win in if the judges actually vote for me out of like a big old bunch of other blogs.   (ZOMG MORE BLING!)


Someone had to nominate me, and I’m thinking it was one of my awesome followers, or possibly someone who mixed me up with somebody who does a lot more advocating for health stuff (does warning people away from the stupidity of 50 Shades count as health advocacy?)  Either way, it’s very cool to get this nomination, and a reminder that you should occasionally check your junk email folder.  This is not junk – for once!

Once again, thanks to all you crazy peeps who follow my blog.  I love you guyz.


P.S. Canvas of the Minds is also nominated for an health activist award (it’s probably not the hilarious one).  There is a button you can use to endorse them.  Do ittttt!  That site totally deserves it.