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Art 1, Computers 0

I haz art

I haz art

The picture above was drawn with my new Wacom graphics pad and Sketchbook something software.  I was unable to download my photoshop.  It went halfway and said “heck with it.”  I’m not sure why.  I’m waiting on a computer guy.

I am always waiting on computers guys, because I am not a computer girl.  I do art.  The above art is not my best, but this came from not looking at any of the how-tos that I can supposedly find from downloaded software.  I’m assuming I can get better should I find this.  I don’t know.

I could take a computer class, but by the time I finished, I would be out of date all over again.  But we can’t be talented in everything, so I guess I’ll keep my artsy fartsy.  I hope to be able to do more blog art rather than relying on shamelessly stealing from google images like I usually do.  We’ll see.

Anyway, clearly I don’t have much to say, just a drawing.  So you know, there it is.  Oh, and um, here’s Squirrel.

Yo, 'sup?

Yo, ‘sup?

Going on in my head right now:

I’ll just check my last blog post really quickly.  Oooh, comments, must answer.  OMG, she wrote a post on that?  Better pop by and check it out or I’ll forget.  She referenced someone else.  Okay, I’m off to . . .nooooo you are at work.  Stop it.  This is taking longer than a sec.  What are you working on again?  Oh, yeah, the exhibit!  This is going to be a great exhibit.  I love doing these things. Well, parts of them.  I can do research forever but eventually I’m going to have to gather it up and make it make sense.  I think I’ll look up fashion on Google and see how it compares to fashion at the university for the last century.  I’m not sure how humans could actually wear those things.  Oh, hey, I got email.  I’ll check it really quickly.  I got more comments on my post!  Wait, that’s my comment.  Why are you telling me about my comments, WP, my memory’s not that bad.  What was I doing?  Oh, right, the exhibit.  It’s fine because it’s not due till Spring Break and it’s – crap – Friday is February?  Get to work.  Okay, so I’ve already got the pages in the yearbooks marked that I want to scan.  Hey.  Did I mark almost every page of every yearbook?  Well, they were all hilarious, er, fascinating pictures and you should include them. I can’t include all of them, there’s not enough room.  Narrow it down.  Maybe I should just try to scan a few first.  Wait, they replaced the scanner software so now after three years I have no idea how to use the scanner.  I’ll have to learn how first.  Don’t wanna.  It’s freaking scary.  I guess I could look up the directions for the scanner.  The scanner has a facebook page?  Woot!