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This morning I was getting ready, sitting on the edge of my bed, minding my own business when my darling eight-year-old, Thing Two, who had been lying in wait under my covers, decided to leap out and yell “Boo!”

As a parent in this situation do you:

A) Smack the daylights out of your child with the hardest pillow you can find.

B) Yell at your child stuff like “Do you want to kill me?” and “I brought you into this world, now you’re going out.” etc.

C) Scream from fright because you are jumpy anyway and this didn’t freaking help, then turn around to do both A and B and see that cute smile on said child’s face.  The same cuteness that has kept mothers from every species from eating their young.  And you just sigh instead.  And then, ten minutes later, your older child asks if you’re okay, cause you screamed ya know.  Ten minutes ago.

So how was your morning?

Yes I screamed louder than this little brat.

Yes I screamed louder than this little brat.