Great Ebay Finds!

Ebay really is like the world’s biggest garage sale- but with a twist.  I mean, generally speaking you won’t have someone at a garage sale trying to sell you something for 10,000 dollars or more, but with Ebay there really is no limit.  Even if it’s total crap.  Oh, there are some really nice finds on Ebay, if you look hard enough.  But I’m not here to talk about those, of course.  I’m here to talk about the crap, cause that’s what I do.

Since I collect Disney dolls, most of this stuff will be related to dolls, figurines, etc.  So keep in mind that this is barely scratching the surface of crap.  There’s loads more of it.  I need a new metaphor.

Anyway, here’s just five of my favorite Ebay finds, just in case anyone has a kid (or an immature adult) with a birthday coming up in June.  Like say my Things and me.  Not that I want anyone to get me a birthday gift.  Yes I do. I want this.  You should be able to swing it with no problem.

Anybody got any spare change?

Anybody got any spare change?

I will say that one of my lovely readers DID give me a gift, just because she loves me.  Unlike the rest of you. 🙂

Meet Ringo Starr, and his basket of goodies.

Meet Ringo Starr, and his basket of goodies.

Mental Mama gave me everything but the bunny, who I dressed up with the fabulous blue bangs to look like Ringo from the Beatles.  He says the cocoa is FABULOUS.  But enough of that stuff, let’s get to the gifts that are guaranteed to make your recipients notice!

OOAK dolls (One-of-a-kind)

I’ve recently discovered the world of OOAK dolls, and may I say, I’m impressed.  Many people have great talent and easily turn out works of art much better than the original Disney molds, especially if you’re talking about dog-faced, measles infected Rapunzel.  Then there are the other ones.

1. Bride of Chuckie

First off, here is the before picture.

Clearly this girl needs some work!

Clearly this girl needs some work!

and the AFTER PICTURE . . .

I look at this and OMG OMG OMG OMG!

I look at this and OMG OMG OMG OMG!

I’m pretty sure I saw this doll staring at me last night.  All night long.  Just in case that one didn’t frighten you, here’s another picture of her for future nightmares.



Thing Two just informed me she’s apparently the sister of Balloon Boy (Balloon Girl???) from the jump-scare horror game “Five Nights at Freddie’s”,  and for only 150 dollars!  Just look at the resemblance!  And by all means, do not lose power in your house.

Oh hi there dolly ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Come playyyy with meeee.

2. Amputation and a Haircut, 2 bits

My kids were performing this artwork at a very young age.

My kids were performing this artwork at a very young age.

This doll was actually tagged as an OOAK because of her new haircut that absolutely wasn’t done by a young child or anything.  Oh and the added headband.  There are a few warnings given – in creative story form! –

“This Disney Tangled Barbie Doll got tired of her Tangled Hair so she got a Custom Cut!  She now has a cute, short, asymmetric bangs layered cut that can be held back by her purple headband.  She has such a sweet face!  Her arms move both back and forth and out to the sides.  Her legs are jointed at the knee, but she did have an accident….fell out of her tower (as she had no long hair to climb down :))….and sustained a right leg below knee amputation!  Her broken off leg is included, so the new owner can glue it back on if desired.  She does have a tiny, manufacturing “beauty mark” dot at the base of her neck as seen in the photos.  She may have very light playwear marks.  She comes dressed in her purple dress with pretty lace around the neckline.  Please view all photos carefully!”

Hey, honey, here’s Rapunzel.  What happened?  Oh, the evil witch cut off all her hair and pushed her out of her tower and her leg came completely off – why are you crying?

Tenderly Used

Speaking of amputations, these are the dolls or figurines that just need a little bit of good old TLC.  And super glue.  And likely a trash bin.

3. “Let it go” does not mean body parts

Elsa broken hand foot etc

Just a couple of items missing . . .

What’s fun about this one is that the seller didn’t bother to include the hand or the foot, so there’s no gluing back, not like with Rapunzel who could have had her lower leg glued back on.  She’d never bend her knee again, but with custom hair like that, who can complain?  But what I love the most is the explanation of the ornament’s condition.

Item has broken hands and missing foot – a beautiful ornament at a discount price!

Did they take a dollar off for each missing appendage?

4. Non-Singing Singing Doll

I thought only Ariel was dumb enough to give up her voice!

I thought only Ariel was dumb enough to give up her voice!

Now this is a prize.  Sure she’s a singing doll that doesn’t, you know, technically sing.  And her arm is broken.  And it looks like her one usable arm was stuck in a light socket cause that hair be freakin’.  But other than that, I see no reason not to spend 26 dollars on her, do you?  Bargain price.

Boxes.  Just the Boxes.

5. No, really, take a look.

Doll not included.

Doll not included.

I”d heard of people selling dolls without the boxes, but boxes without the dolls?  If they’re special limited edition boxes, yes, people will pay for only the box!  And they’ll pay more for the boxes than for most dolls.  Good news for babies who have mastered their I-Pads.  They can finally get their favorite thing for Christmas!  But watch out for the collectors!

Well that’s all for now, kiddies, but let me just leave you with one little thing.  It’s under the desk.  Take a peek.

Come on, it’s okay.

Just one look.

Don’t be a fraidy cat.

Do it.

She's watching you.

She’s watching you.

Yeah you should really never listen to me.  Or go on Ebay. Scary stuff out there.  I’m waiting for “Five Nights on Ebay” to hit the video game shelves any day now.  And yes, she’ll be there.


25 responses

    1. I know. I keep asking – why – why?

  1. Balloon girl is creepy! Yikes!

  2. I think there’s a business opportunity here – buying up dolls with missing body parts and replace missing parts with limbs from other dolls. Then you could charge for them as for the OOAK dolls, because how many Elsa dolls would have Rapunzel’s arms and Belle’s legs?

    1. FrankenElsa. Actually, you’d be surprised, probably, lol.

  3. I remember seeing a listing where someone was selling the box (ie packaging) for an X-box for almost as much money as a brand new x-box.

    There is some seriously cray-cray stuff going on on ebay…

    1. Lol. Brand new Xbox – Xbox not included. You could use that to pull a horribly cruel prank on your child. Put underwear in the box. Parent of the year while he sobs.

      1. Oooh, that’s a brilliant idea for my brother-in-law at Christmas!!!!

  4. Ringo looks amazing, blue is a good color for him. And I’m glad everything arrived safe and sound. Those dolls on the other hand… CREEPY.

    1. Especially that one with the giant eyes – balloon girl. That someone actually modified it to look like that . . . it’s just so wrong. But Ringo is just so right. Thanks! And the cocoa really is delicious – I’d never tried that brand but I’m addicted.

      1. I’m glad you like it! I remembered the one day you said something about cocoa being one of the things that helps to soothe you. ❤

        1. It is! And normally I’m not a dark chocolate kind of person but this kind is just the right type – not too sweet but yummy. And soothing. 🙂

  5. I used to keep all my Transformers boxes. If only Ebay had been around back then!

    1. And if only you’d saved all the right random Transformers and GI Joes! Someone on Ebay was trying to sell a defective doll because “rare”! Like those only go up in value (for some reason) after many years idiot.

      1. I gave most of mine away when my parents moved. I should have held on to the Optimus Prime missing a leg and sold it as OOAK!

        1. In our PC world, I think there is a need to show handicapped robots. Find a thrift store and go for it!

  6. Dolls are one step away from clowns, as far as I’m concerned. If I were you, I’d make sure you don’t live on sacred Native American burial ground. Be safe

    1. Yeah, my dolls move around during the day. Good thing I know it’s the kids doing it. Little monsters. Children are one step from dolls and clowns.

      1. Makes sense since kids seem to like both. I was surrounded by dolls growing up; while I was able to sleep with their blank stares gazing at me all night, I had to bury the clown doll my mother had made me. After Poltergeist, clowns were dead to me.

        1. I hate clowns too. The other day I found an old clown bank from childhood. I was tempted to perform an exorcism, then just trashed it.

          1. Yeah, anything clown has long ago been sacrificed to Goodwill. I’ve actually heard that a majority of people now hate clowns. Bad career choice. Not a lot of clown opportunities out there. Maybe mimes will make a comeback.

          2. At least they’re silent. Wish someone would let them out of their boxes, though.

          3. I know. What’s up with that? I have never once been captured in an invisible box.

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