Hi. My name is Alice and I kill tiny virtual people.

There are a lot of computer and video games on the market today.  People say they lead to violence.  You know, games like Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto, or Virtual Families.  Yeah, you heard right.  Virtual Families.  Here’s a screen shot of this so-called family game.

Sure it LOOKS innocent

Sure it LOOKS innocent

But is it?  I’ll let you decide.  See, this game is basically a computer dollhouse.  If you’ve ever played the game The Sims, it is similar in nature, only with a twist.  In both games, you have a virtual dollhouse and tiny families you can manipulate to your every whim.  But Virtual Families works a bit differently.

First off, you have to “adopt” a little person, which is kind of weird.  I mean this is like a grown tiny person.  I think it’s more like, hello Goddess, here is your first subject, er, human creation.   Here is a shot of the “adoption” screen.

Far out.  This guy's for me.

Far out. This guy’s for me.

Notice your little person – in this case a teeny punk rocker – is given a profession.  They are almost always bizarre made up professions, like ketchup bottler or soap inventor, or lawyer.  I am not sure how one is a mail-order butcher.  Do you chop up meat and then send it UPS?  Weird.  Note that my little man likes peanut butter and crickets.  Interesting diet there.  I am your goddess, tiny man, and I shall call you Squirrel!

Now when you begin the game, you are given a house, which is pretty sweet, but there’s a reason this thing is free.  No normal human would ever live in it.  It’s less like “fixer upper” and more like “Chernobyl.”  Not only that, the thing is littered with what they call wrappers, or giant wads of stuff as big as their heads.  What the heck do these guys eat anyway?

Nevermind the barrels of nuclear waste over there, look at those giant wrappers on the floor!  What a mess.

He looks a little irritated with me.  See how his head turns 360 degrees.

Yes, one of the rooms in his house is holding nuclear waste.  But nevermind that, look at those nasty wrappers on the floor!  Better pick those up, man.  You want to impress the new wife when you get that email proposal.

That is how marriage is normally done, right?  An example of a virtual people marriage proposal.

Brave girl.  Good thing one of her likes is drinking.  She'll need it.

Brave girl. Good thing one of her likes is drinking. She’ll need it.

Wow, you cannot turn down that kind of proposal.  The girl makes a good salary as a glue mixer and likes to drink (I swear I did not alter anything here).  You don’t find chicks like that everyday.  Best not tell her about the nuclear waste in the house before the deal is signed.

Once you’re married, it’s time for a family.  See, this game moves along in real time, only speeded up, so while you’re away they’ll keep aging and doing – whatever it is they do when you’re not there to guide them.  But in order to keep the game going, you have to have multiple generations, which means the girl’s gonna have to pop out a baby.

Now this is a family game.  How is she gonna do this?  The way it’s always done, of course.  Jump up and down on the couch whilst throwing rose petals.  Duh.

Note that it actually says "making a baby" and that our lady is "not feeling fresh".

Note that it actually says “trying to make a baby” and that our lady is “not feeling fresh”.

Once the kid is born, the lady won’t work at her job (lazy) but you can get her to do almost anything else.  See as soon as they do their couch dance, she skips past that annoying pregnancy.  Immediately she’s got this swaddled baby she carries around for two years.  Apparently they are really into attachment parenting.  Kid doesn’t slow her down much, though.  She can still cook and stuff.  She just carries the things over the baby.

Hey, baby, hold these hot red things for sec here, okay?

Hey, baby, hold these hot red things for sec here, okay?

By now you’re probably wondering why I titled my post the way I did.  Because this game, while cute and peaceful, can get kind of boring.  And naturally, when one is bored, they think about killing things.  At least I do.  Stop looking at me like that.  I did a Google search for “how do I kill my virtual people” and got like a dozen hits.  So there.  I think it’d be better to put them out of their misery.  Check out another room in “this old house”.

Should you have the baby around the massive bee hive?

Should you have the baby around the massive bee hive?

Anyway, as their goddess, I get to do whatever I want with these people.  They depend on me for everything.  Like groceries.  I buy them and put them on the table.   You know, if I feel like it.  Manna from cyber-heaven!

If you don’t feed them, they starve to death.  But that takes way too long.  I mean, it’s so cruel.  But there are other ways of making their tiny lives miserable.  I think of it rather like that part of the Bible where God and Satan are making bets on just how much misfortune Job needs to face before he cracks.  See, these experiments date back to the Bible, you guys.

Not only that, this game seems to encourage this sort of thing.  You are given two gloves in order to “train” your people.  There’s the green one that pats them on the head and makes rainbows. Bo-ring.  Then there’s the RED GLOVE.

Imagine a giant red hand coming out of the sky and smacking you silly.

Imagine a giant red hand coming out of the sky and smacking you silly.

Yeah, creepy huh?  Once you smack ’em, you see this red cloud and they run for their lives.  But it’s kind of hard to run from the GODDESS, bwahahahahaha.

Run, Squirrel, run!

You will never escape me, tiny man.

After you smack them enough times, they start to get depressed.  I guess I would too if some giant hand kept hitting me.  Not only that, you can pick the people up and drop them anywhere.  Like say, into the room with the nuclear waste.  They don’t like this very much.

Here I am dropping him into this happy place.  He'll be radioactive in no time.

Here I am dropping him into this happy place. He’ll be radioactive in no time.

Sadly, this doesn’t even affect him, save grossing him out a bit.  So how to get rid of this little guy?  Well, sometimes they get sick, I mean without your help, and there are medicines offered for you to cure them.  On the other hand, you could just inject them with the medicine and see what happens.

The giant needle one works pretty well.  Or so I hear.

The giant needle one works pretty well. Or so I hear.

Shoot him up with enough of that stuff, and he’ll be pretty weak.  Then it’s just a waiting game.  Now why would I want to torture some tiny person like this?  I mean, shouldn’t I do something productive, like say shooting at squirrels?  Nah.  Too much trouble.

This isn’t the only tiny person game I play.  As I mentioned before, I play the Sims.  I will tell more about that in another entry.  You wouldn’t believe the number of ways you can kill, er, um, have fun with those guys!  So, um, that’s my story.  Maybe there is a support group for me.

Hi.  My name is Alice and I kill tiny virtual people.

Hiii, Alice!

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  1. I’m really digging the nuclear waste room. I wonder how much it costs to get one installed.

    1. I can get you a good deal on one. It comes with a tiny little punk rocker.

      1. Larry Pufferfish | Reply

        Lol that’s hilarious

        1. This still is a funny game! And then there’s the Sims, even more death and destruction, er, wholesome play!

    2. lol, the story is funny, especially the wife part and the couch dance!

      1. Who knew making babies was so easy?

    3. Good lord, I’m glad I’m not the only weirdo who does this!

  2. Before my other computer crashed, I used to do the same thing to my Sims. My favorite method of disposing of boring characters (usually after my main Sim would get married) was to build a swimming pool with only a diving board. Unless you built the ladder, they couldn’t get out.

    The other way was to buy a guinea pig but not clean its cage. The piggie would be fine, but the Sim would get sick.

    Have I said that I am in therapy?

    1. Hey, I’m in therapy too! What a coincidink! I’ve never had a Sim get guinea pig fever. I’ve gotta try that. The pool is such a common way to kill them that the makers of the game made a joke about it in Sims 2. One of the families has a widowed mom whose husband died in a pool ladder incident. Haha.

  3. My nieces and nephews used to play Webkins. Similar concept. If you didn’t feed them, they died, or became really sick. When the kids were grounded from the computer, they were so worried about the things.

    1. Oh, crap, yes my kids had a Webkin too. Then we forgot the password. I’m guessing that little unicorn been six feet under cyberville for a while now.

    2. FYI, the Webkinz NEVER died. They do indeed get really sick, but NEVER died.

  4. What a totally weird game! Who comes up with this sh*t? The red glove/green glove reminds me of the kid’s game “red light/green light”, but with a twist…or is that twisted? LOL I am not a game player, by history, but somehow I started playing a bunch of games on facebook and now I’m addicted. I mean, I play like seven games, multiple times a day (because you can only play one game so long without shelling out real money, which I refuse to do!) I solve mysteries, travel through time, run an antique shop and am a detective at bloody crime scenes. My virtual life is much more exciting than my real one! Keep on playin’, Alice!

    1. No kidding – virtual lives are more exciting. I think that’s why I like it (that and actual doll houses). You can afford much better stuff if it’s in miniature or on a computer screen. Like I’m normally going to get a three story house? Even one with nuclear bug infested rooms is going to set you back a pretty penny these days. Those little peeps have everything.

      Time to get The Glove.

      1. Yes, certainly a three story house would be nice, though I could do without the nuclear waste room even if it was a mansion!

        1. Okay, I have played this game a lot and now anytime I re-enter the game it says “Kikolo (the youngest of 6) is going to collage!” But then it kicks me of the app. I tried refreshing the app and turning power off but it keeps happing and I can’t start the new generation! So if you play long enough……….torture stirkes…..you start a new addition and then can’t play. 😦

          ………..too cruel

  5. I used to be totally addicted to The Sims and killing them was definitely a major part of the fun. In particular ‘death by flies’…looking forward to reading your further thoughts on the topic! Great read 🙂

    1. I never could get that to happen no matter how much garbage I left around. I’ll have to go back and try that again. The fire one is also amusing – the way they panic like mad and dart around the room instead of, say, calling the fire department.

  6. You are a sick, twisted little Wonder Twin and no wonder we get along so wonderfully.

    1. Indeed. You need to get this game, Mer. You can really take out your frustrations on these guys. They’re asking for it. 😀

    2. Yes, some games are messed up. There is a game called “baby factory” (just look it up on Google,Safari,Microsoft,whatever) and you make babies! (This game is meant for children) Oh stop thinking dirty! You make a baby in a factory then throw it down a tube and a stroke delivers a baby!!!!!

      What the hell were you thinking?!?!

      1. So . . . many . . . things. Where the hell was this baby factory when I was having kids? The stork sounds like he was a lot easier. I wonder if he took returns?

  7. Wow,,,,NOW I see why my kids spend soooo much time with these silly games.
    My 14yr old,,,,just loves the Habbo game and making her little guys dance all the time.
    Weird but strangely,,,,I feel attracted to this.

    1. Have not heard of the Habbo game. My kids play some game called Animal Jam. They have these animal avatars and decorate rooms and “chat” with each other but no bad words including “but” which makes it hard to make sentences sometimes.

      1. I play animal jam is a strange game

  8. I think there were a couple of nuclear waste rooms in the house I grew up in, so I have no idea why that would seem odd. I am now striving to train at home to be a mail-order butcher, though. Seems to be the only way to snag a chick who constantly complains about not feeling fresh….

    1. Your background explains so much, Squirrel. Did you recognize yourself there? I have no idea what you really look like, that was just a guess.

      Kidding, the game was listed under the name “Sad Pony” so it made sense to have Squirrel be the one tortured. It’s what Sad Pony would want.

      1. That’s OK, I sometimes torture my Rainbow Donkey… so me and Sad Pony are even…

  9. That’s crazy isn’t it? I think it’s enough to clean out my “real” crib :o) And unfortunately we killed even the Tamagotchi thingy within 12 hours :o)

    1. Oh, I had one of those things years ago. I kept it alive for a long time, and then I went to Disney World and when I came back he was a goner. Oh, well. I read where one kid would actually bury her Tamogotchis and ask for another when it died even though you could restart it.

      1. Maybe your Tamagotchi was sad that you went alone to Disney World?

  10. We all need a hobby. Yours is as good as any.

    1. Yes. When I’m in a cranky mood my husband says “Hey, Alice, go burn a Sim.” He knows me so well.

      1. Nice. I need an enabler, too. Like when I’m cranky my kids should bring me a drink. “Here, daddy. Have a beer.”

        1. I can see Baby C picking up on that and then showing it to his pre-K teacher later.

          1. Hey, bringing daddy a beer is a useful life skill.

  11. I am glad my kids play animal crossing.. but then again this seems like twisted fun

    1. It is, bwahahahaha. Thing Two and I have great fun, but then Thing One comes in and tries to heal them all and pet them and stuff. Killjoy.

    2. I play animal crossing it is quite a strange game.

  12. I thought that was the whole reason for games like that? If you are supposed to treat them nice and help them along, feed them, house them, etc… what’s the point? Don’t we already do all that in the real world? Why would we want to do it twice?

    1. Don’t ask me. I think it’s a power thing. I am Goddess, worship meeeee. No? No manna for youuu!

      Yes, I’m really sane.

      1. But I needs the manna! Like I’ve got this deep down hankering for some manna… I’ve a got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell, I mean manna!

  13. I’m a huuuge Sims fan – but I’m on the other end of the scale to you in that I’m very very fond of mine and don’t like to kill them off!

    1. It kind of depends with me. Sometimes I let them make several generations, and have the best fun. Then occasionally, one just really annoys me . . .

  14. I’ve killed countless full-sized virtual people. My favorite thing to do is run up and shoot them in the head.

    1. It’s more of a challenge when they don’t give you a gun. But the gun ones are fun too.

      How come WP is making me approve you. You’ve been here before – WP!

  15. What a horrific game. Oh, and I’m pretty sure a mail-order butcher cuts up the UPS guy.

    1. That makes perfect sense for a mail order butcher.

  16. I remember a hospital game that my sister loved when we were younger. It was quite interesting (especially because you could make patients’ heads actually explode as a method of curing them) but it kept on crashing the computer so we got rather fed up after a while.

    Given that we can’t kill people in real life, it makes sense to have some way of taking out our frustrations elsewhere.

    1. Ooh, ooh, what IS that game? I wanna make patients’ heads explode!

      1. It was something like 15 years ago when we were playing it. I’ll go see if we still have the disc. If I’m not back in 5 minutes, I’ve been eaten by the junk in my parents’ “office”…

        1. I am back. I couldn’t find the disc (you can barely see the desk in there) so I asked google. It’s called “Theme Hospital” by Bullfrog. I don’t think you can get it online tho, which is pants.

          Some of the diseases were quite cool, you’d have invisible patients who you could only see because there would be a hat, a pair of glasses and a walking stick moving around (or maybe it was just the hat and the stick).

          The current family obsession seems to be “Hay Day” on facebook, and given that I’m on rest and here to see them all, it’s driving me up the wall that as soon as we’ve stopped doing an activity, they’ve all got the phones and ipads out to play this damned game…

  17. Why have I never tried to kill tiny virtual people before? Why?! That’s it. This is going to be my new hobby!

    1. Oh, you will love it. You can change their names, too, so you can torture My Old Boss, or My Ex, or My Ex’s New Lover, or My Obnoxious Neighbor, or whatever. 🙂 It can be very cathartic.

      And with Sims, you can actually make them resemble those people, too! You’re sure to love it!

      1. I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about I mean I have never done anything like that . . . yes I have. Fun, fun. Especially the old boss one. Dance, lady, dance!

    2. It’s loads o’ fun. Might not want to tell your shrink, though. That is, if you have one. Yet.

  18. Hi, my name is Tammy, and I kill little virtual people, too. I love torturing and killing my little virtual people in Sims (all three versions), and I’ve killed little Virtual Villagers from time to time, as well. I prefer the little virtual people killing possibilities of Sims 2, which had the add-it-yourself download of the Tombstone of Life and Death, whereby you could inflict any kind of death upon your tiny little virtual people, be it Death By Satellite Smooshage, Death By Drowning On Dry Land, Death By Dirty Dishes, or what have you. It was great! Of course, the Sims 3 then introduced the Cow Plant, and with it, Death By Fake Cake (the cake IS a lie!), but they took away our Tombstone of Life and Death. Bah.

    1. I never downloaded the Tombstone of Death, but there is a Cow Plant in Sims 2. He’s great for controlling the neighbors. I tried Sims 3, but it’s just not as fun as Sims 2. All their faces are fat and they don’t do all those quirky things on their own – like when the toddler chews on his toys.

      1. The cow plant WAS in 2? I thought it was just in 3. In any case, it’s a lot of fun tortur- er, kil- er, maim- er, PLAYING WITH Sims, of whatever version. 🙂

  19. I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my time playing Call of Duty and Gears of War when I could’ve been torturing and killing tiny virtual people with this game!
    Where do I sign up 🙂

    1. You just like buy it on PC and then it’s THERE. Also in the full version you can torture up to five families at once. It’s free on the android or tablet but you only have one family and you can’t change their freaked out names.

      1. PC it is then. Torturing just the one family is hardly worth getting out of bed for 😉

  20. I don’t see anything unusual in jumping on the couch and throwing rose petals. That’s how my wife and I made our first two children. We found the other two in a cabbage patch.

  21. May I recommend the game, Pain – available for free on the Playstation Network. There’s no killing involved, but you get to fling a character into buildings, onto train tracks, into store windows and into the path of cars using a catapult. Let’s face it; if you’re going to torture tiny virtual people, why dick around with adopting them or feeding them, when you can use a medieval warfare mechanism to make them?

    Of course, as I write this, I’m absolutely horrified by a story on CNN about a man who killed his wife and posted a photo of her dead body on Facebook. Is it just me or are people becoming exponentially crazier every day?

    Fun post! Make sure you bury those tiny virtual people in very deep, very remote graves. LOL

    1. Pain. I like it. I have a playstation 2, so I’m guessing this is only playstation 3. I feel a sudden need for a playstation 3.

      Yes, the real stuff is scary as heck – just when you think Facebook can’t get any worse. Just, jeez, they shouldn’t have to make a rule that says “don’t kill people and put them on facebook”. If only those people would just play virtual games all the time, we wouldn’t have such a problem.

  22. Out of all my friends, I’m the only one that hasn’t tortured my Sims, and I’m starting to feel like there is something wrong with ME. Haha. I love this though!

    1. Have you ever had one die accidentally? Like sending a Sim to fix a TV if he has no mechanical skill? Whoops. He then has this crispy critter ghost.

      1. Surprisingly, I haven’t! I would probably be devastated. I’m one of those people who apologizes while squishing bugs. Baha! Sadly, I’m not exaggerating. Or perhaps my hormones are just WAY off. At least, that’s what I hope!

      2. Surprisingly, I haven’t! I would probably be devastated. I’m one of those people that apologizes while killing a spider. Hopefully, I’m just hormonal… at least, I hope so! Haha

      3. Posible lol ha! Love your twisted mind i think we’ll get along good 😀 💖💖

        1. I’m like that too, I feel stupid but still, I just can’t kill something on purpose. On Minecraft I Had Pet Chickens and one escaped and drowned I probably cried my eyes out! On Minecraft I know you are SUPPOSED to kill the animals but I just can’t. I’d never forgive myself for killing an innocent chicken that didn’t do anything to deserve that fate. Yes I am very messed up. 8)

        2. That’s me also. We can’t all be killers.

  23. I would reject a marriage proposal from a glue mixer – that person is essentially a professional glue sniffer. On the other hand, it’s probably because of her daily exposure to glue that she can attach any object to the baby without a fear that she’d drop either.

    1. P.S. I found today that I wasn’t following your blog, so I followed you again. You didn’t play any games that involve killing off your blog followers, did you?

    2. That IS an admirable talent.

  24. I am already in love with this game. I need it in my life now. And I have finally found out how babies are made so thank you Alice for your educational post.

    1. Yes, I am very educational. You should see all my educational book reports on why you should not ever read 50 Shades of Grey. Or watch Dora the Explorer. Both have similar plots.

  25. […] quit anytime I want to – I just haven’t wanted to yet.  Sadly, this has meant bad things for my little virtual family on a different game I told you about earlier.  I haven’t even given them a good slap in ages.  […]

  26. Abigail Loveskillingvirtualpeeps | Reply

    Haha I love this game… Do you know of any way to purposely have an oven fire? And some way to kill the pets? I’ve had 2 dogs for at least 13 generations now… Imagine walking into your house and seeing your great great great great great great great great great great grandparents’ dogs… Kinda creepy…

    1. The pets NEVER die as far as I can tell. What’s funny is how they sometimes just start scooting across the house – not walking, just scooting across on their butts. It’s funny. I did discover you can put them in your inventory, though, which is also pretty weird when you think about it.

  27. Alice your are so funny! You do realize you can fix the rooms right? I have every room decorated and built. Also if you have no time to torture I just go on settings and change the time when you come back they are lying on a bed..er..um..couch if you don’t have a bed! And then a ghost of them comes out and waves….freaky….I once…twice…killed a 8-year-old. She kept banging dishes,throwing clothes on the floor,ect. But some rooms are pretty expensive they go from like $625 to like $45,000 and on salary when they get paid I realize that it is never the real salary……like it says $230 is their salary but you really get like $60……that’s torture.

    1. Oh, yes, you can fix the rooms but it’s more fun to make them suffer. I mean, um, I hadn’t the money, yeah, that’s why.

  28. Oh my god. You are the best type of person. You can also take yours sims, get a bit of heavy furniture, put it up against the door, and just watch them run around and pee themselves.

    1. It’s so refreshing to find kindred psychotic spirits. I like how they shake their legs off when they pee.

  29. That’s mean if u kill thn thn don’t play it!

    1. If you quit being mean to grammar, I’ll quit being mean to virtual people.

  30. I love sims 2 I also made a pool with no ladder and watch my sims die im not crazy

    1. No, you’re totally sane – I say so!

  31. I’m so relieved I’m not alone I started burning the woman because she was annoying and giving her more work load then needed then she became depressed, then I needed to find out if this is normal what I’m doing and came across this.

  32. I personally hate to kill them but The wife I have is so annoying I hate her maybe just because she walked away when I was trying to get a baby OVER AND OVER! But I’m just waiting for her to die. I also hate the my twins maybe just because I was hoping I’d get twin girls not twin boys but I still hate them. Although since I get to choose which one I keep so I won’t spend money killing them. I love their little brother Arrow he is so cute so I praise him a lot and slap the twins a lot especially Link. I kind of hate the husband since he threw away most of my food. It made me mad but he had done it before I could slap him.

    1. Oops I didn’t mean to put that up I was just joking around. Then accidentally put it up.
      But it’s true I will put up who I hate when the adults die and Arrow gets a family.

      1. So sorry just realized that it may sound like I hate people who do it but I don’t I think it is hilarious but I just can’t bring myself to do it. >-o- <– That's my symbol I made up for Dolphin. Just threw that in for fun.

        1. Yes finally the twins went off to college now the only kid I have to worry about is Arrow my favorite one. Yes! I am so happy.

          1. Oh my goodness my poor lab is gone guess the game deleted her. Cries then she walks in the door. Yay she’s back! I know pets are useless to others but They are the only part of the game I never ever get angry about. I have the lab I was speaking of named Apollo (I don’t believe in fake gods but the name is cute and I’ve been reading Percy Jackson books too much lately) Angela the kitten. I just thought of that one and my Long hair Dog is named Toby because it looks like my friend’s dog who’s name is also Toby. I have a notebook app and I wrote their names in that and the ones I am planning to get. I am planning to get a black lab named Artimis and a Beagle named Junebug.

          2. Get it black lab and yellow lab Artimis and Apollo. o__o

  33. That it so crazy. I like the part when you smacked him silly. I am gonna try that

  34. OH MY GOODNESS. You made my sister and I bust a gut with this entry! XDD Ok so I had played this game before, but I kind of got bored and forgot about it. My sister on the other hand still had it and played with it once in a glittery purple moon (like…never). We both recently though got back into it and while I had to start fresh, she was well into her God knows how many generation. But her people were old with no kiddies of their own. She tried to get their freak on, but when you’re like 50 chances are they’ll sooner die carrying the baby in their arms than anything else….

    Point is. She’s trying to off them and start fresh. Well that’s what I gather with her going, “DIE MY MINIONS. DIE.” xD But it’s going to slow. Far to slow for her tastes. So we tried all the basic things: depriving them of sustenance, sleep deprivation, ignoring them when theyr’e hacking a lung; and even trying that good ol’ Sim trick-boxing them in until they die in a puddle of filth and desperation hahahaha XD Sadly, it didn’t work 😦

    But it was STILL GOING SO PAINFULLY SLOW. So naturally, I googled it 🙂 Now let me tell you, it probably wasn’t the best idea to start off with, “how to kill off my family…” in the search bar. There were some pretty concerning similar inputs below such as: “how to NOT kills my family,” or worse, “how to kill everyone in my family.” O.O I can only hope they mean the virtual kind…

    And so that brings me to your post! Now only was it entertaining as heck, but also informative. I will tell my sister your tips for killing off tiny people and I will also implement them when the urge to turns from ‘benevolent provider’ to ‘she who strikes with the giant red hand of DOOM AND DESTRUCTION.’ Thank you Alice 😉

    Hi, my name is Lex and I like to (occasionally) kill tiny virtual people when I am bored muahaha 😉

  35. I did almost the same thing, but in a different game “Zoo Tycoon 2”. First, I built everything needed for the zoo such as animals, entertainment, and stands. Then, I got bored and curiosity took over me. I started putting the animals outside. Guess what? The animals will attack the people in different ways. The people also run hysterically asking for help. It’s so nice to watch. I also put the people in the water with fence surrounding it. They couldn’t do anything but swim. You can also torture the janitor and zookeeper for this one, but make sure there is no gate in the fence. Sometimes, when I wanted their money, I put them in a land surrounded by water and fence. They have no other thing to do except buying from my stand. You can also change the name of the people. I also liked to put carnivore animal with hebivore or another carnivore to see who ended up as a carcass. You guys need to try it. You can “torture” the people using your creative ways.

    1. OMG I must get this game now!

  36. Hi I kill virtual ppl too

    1. How do you do that if they go peacefully?

  37. This really helped I wanted to kill my people thx

  38. Ok first off this girl twisted the whole concept of this game around and made it sound awful. I play the game myself and it is nothing like the way she described. If you wanna be an evil bitch and play the game the way she did than yes it would make the virtual people look like nothing but slaves, but if you play it right and actually take care of the people it’s nothing like that. The whole concept of some of the rooms in the house being messed up is so you can fix up the house for them. You do house renovations in the game until its all fixed up and looking really nice. It just takes time. The red glove is used to scold children when they misbehave it is not for abuse. The green glove is used to teach the parents, to reward the parents when they do something good like cook dinner. Your basically their care giver and there teacher. You should actually play the game before you believe what this person said, she gave you the wrong information.

    1. I dunno “how to kill your virtual people” is a top search term for my blog. So I think others might be twisted too. Anyway, thanks for the compliments. I strive everyday on my blog to be an evil bitch that gives out wrong information.

  39. Oh my god!! i laughed so hard I started coughing and my mom stared at me for five minutes. I didn’t realise about this game- so messed up. You brightened my day by showong me there are other people out there who need as much help as I do. Thanks! Reading your entire blog now…

    1. Thank YOU! Always happy to make someone laugh. 😀

  40. ^-^ Emoji Killer ^-^ | Reply

    Oh my god, your posts are giving me life! I tried to kill of my husband, as he’s just a total retard in general, so I shot him with it and I got the achievement I cured a gravely ill sickness- I was so pissed.

    1. Haha, doesn’t that just figure?

  41. Thanks alone I tried that and it worked just like that just because to go on my second generation I boost it to August 6 2016 and bam my second generation also shoot them up with drugs that will help too .

  42. Anyone who kills tiny virtual people then they don’t deserve to be on the game so get off they made the game to have fun not to kill. If you think this is funny then you are sick and need to get of immediately.

  43. I just CANNOT get my little husband guy to die! He’s a true dissapointment to the family and an alcoholic (I accomplished this by buying a cocktail credenza and praising him excessively when he is “having a cocktail”). Now all he ever does is drink take naps. I’ve given him at least 10 of the blue shots and gotten his energy and happiness down to nothing and his health at just a tiny sliver. I locked him in the workshop by blocking it off with a couch but he escapes while I’m gone and eats and sleeps. HOW DO I FINISH HIM OFF? DIE TINY PERSON!

  44. Yah I supporting u thnx to give me that information!!!

  45. Honestly this article is kind of sad. There’s nothing wrong or evil about this game. What you do with your own little people though.. That’s completely your choice.

  46. When I saw the title of this post I just had to read it. You see I have never gotten into The Sims or any of those games. I like to play the games where you build virtual empires and then go attack fellow players. I call it my rage release mechanism. Someone pisses me off in RL, I can go log into my game and pretend I’m destroying the RL problem. And sadly I am not in therapy at the moment, but there is a level 15 that is really needing to be destroyed. They stole my dying monster away from me.
    After reading your post I am considering trying one of the virtual people games just to see how it helps cure my destructive tendencies. I hope to see your post on the Sims in the future. 😉

  47. DeerlyLuhannie674 | Reply

    Very hilarious lmao.

  48. DeerlyLuhannie674 | Reply


  49. I would like to tell you that your completely….insane ..it’s kinda freaky ..and I never that I would see someone more insane then me but the world is full of surprises

    1. Yes, it is! Thanks for the compliment. 😀

  50. Ŗ̵̹͉͔͕̖͓̹̟̬̘͚͕̼̼̩̙̠̗͎͖̽o̶͕͇̫̥̬̻̤̮̤̯̤͚͎͖̗̳̼͔̟̺̣͆̊̄̿̿̄̈́̀̕s̷̢̢̨̨̨̮̘̺̭̣̝̯̺̼̹̰͎̤̰͙̠̙̜̫͈̥̲̬̖̺̟̫̗̰̮̠̭̖͚͗̆͠ͅȩ̷̰͔̥̰͛̒͛͊͗̃̀̒̈̀̓̅̓̚̚͠ | Reply

    I like killing them too but it’s really difficult and expensive and I gave them the drugs but they just won’t die, and all my money gets spent.

    1. It is a pain, isn’t it?

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